Alcoholism also known as alcohol dependency or alcohol abuse is used to describe a situation whereby one shows signs of physical addiction to alcohol. It should therefore be differentiated from alcohol abuse, since alcoholism is when someone who is addicted to drinking alcohol proceeds to drink alcohol despite the social, financial, mental and health problems that one is likely to experience such people are therefore controlled by alcohol in whatever they do.

On the contrary, alcohol abuse is whereby alcohol drinking causes problems, rather than physical abuse. Consequently, those that are suffering from alcoholism are more likely to have more problems than those who are regular abusers of alcohol.

Causes Of Alcoholism?

Numerous studies have indicated that nearly 75% of the world population takes alcohol for various reasons. In addition, alcohol abuse is prevalent in men than it is in women. It is estimated that about 10% of alcohol abusers suffer from alcoholism, which puts them into more risk of falling sick, losing jobs and experiencing struggling relationships with their friends among the many side effects alcohol has in store for its abusers.

It is therefore worth noting the various causes of alcoholism before going deeper into understanding how the society can help these people who are suffering from this pathetic condition.  As stated earlier in this article, alcoholism is caused by continued consumption of alcohol, for along time. Many doctors have termed alcoholism as a mental condition that continues to manifest itself in excessive alcohol abuse. In this regard, doctors and other specialists have noted that alcoholism is caused by many factors all of them being linked to alcohol abuse for a long period of time. Among these factors that have been attributed to alcoholism includes among them.

  • Genetic Predisposition-Numerous scientific researches have pointed out that people whom their parent or grandparents where once addicted to alcohol, are more likely to indulge in alcohol abuse as opposed to those people whom their parents or grandparents refrained from drinking alcohol. In fact, one way that doctors and rehabilitation centers use in tracing alcoholism, is assessing the genetic predisposition of victims of alcoholism.  Even though children who hail from families that are accustomed to taking alcohol are not necessarily likely to take alcohol, there have a medical history that indicates their likelihood of indulging in alcohol.
  • Psychological-The psychological factors have also been attributed to alcoholism. It is widely known that individuals that could be suffering from stress, depression and inferiority complex are at a higher chance of drinking alcohol as opposed to their counterparts who doesn’t have any of these psychological issues. Consequently, such people are at a higher chance of suffering from alcoholism. This is largely because of the fact that many people drink alcohol to relieve stress and depression. In return, they get hooked to excess drinking. This excessive drinking is the one that eventually leads to alcoholism.
  • Age-Age has also been attributed to alcoholism. This is partly because young people are at a higher risk of getting alcoholism as compared to their old counterparts. When one starts consuming alcohol at an early age, there is a high possibility that they will become addicts within a short time.  They will not realize that they have become addicts until they start depending on alcohol. This will therefore signal that they have started suffering from alcoholism.
  • Drinking Intervals-The rate of alcohol consumption is also another factor that has been attributed to alcoholism. This simply because of the fact that regular drinking of alcohol can lead to alcoholism as opposed to occasional drinking. Similarly, regular alcohol drinkers are at a higher chance of acquiring alcoholism as opposed to their occasional drinker’s counterparts.
  • Sex- Sex has remained to be among the leading factors of alcoholism. This is partly because men are known to consume alcohol, more than their female counterparts. This doesn't mean that women don't take alcohol, but there are fewer women who consume alcohol as compared to men. This therefore puts men at a higher chance of becoming alcohol addicts than women. In return, men have a higher chance of getting alcoholism as compared to women.
  • Law -In some countries, alcohol is legal while in others, it remains illegal.  This implies that in such countries where it remains illegal. There are minimal cases of alcoholism. This is opposed to countries that have legalized alcohol.

What Are The Symptoms Of Alcoholism?

There are many symptoms of alcoholism that one can detect on those that have fallen victim to this pathetic condition. As stated earlier, the main cause of alcoholism is over dependence on alcohol.  There are however a number of home remedies that can help with alcoholism.  Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies yourself!  Here are some of the home remedies that you can try.

  • Negligence of duty and activities-People who are suffering from alcoholism are subject to neglecting their duties and responsibilities. This is due to the fact that most of their time is spent in drinking alcohol. Therefore, they fail to work and have time for their families.
  • Persistence use of Alcohol-This is one of the major symptoms of alcoholism, that is prevalent in all its victims. Those suffering form it continues to abuse alcohol, despite their knowledge of the potential dangers that are in store for them.
  • Withdrawal syndromes -This is yet another symptom of alcoholism that is evident in many of its victims. When those suffering from alcoholism quit alcohol, they develop withdrawal syndromes such as vomiting and feeling nausea.

Home Remedies For Alcoholism

Even if alcoholism is prevalent in many global societies, there are some remedies that can be done to  stop it from taking its toll. It is worth noting that alcoholism is treatable, just like any other conditions and diseases. Therefore, there are numerous programs that are geared at helping victims of alcoholism in recovering from the whims of this pathetic condition. However, it is worth noting that there is no proven medical cure for this condition. Among the programs that have been devised, all with the sole aim of helping victims of alcoholism includes among them

  • Alcoholism Support Groups-they remain to be one of the oldest remedy to alcoholism. It involves the coming together of men and women who have suffered from the whims of alcoholism, in order to solve the problems that they have experienced due to alcoholism.
  • Kudzu- this is an effective herb mainly found in Japan. The root of the herb reduces the urge to consume       almost all types of alcohol and should be used regularly despite its effects (restlessness and fatigue) on the body.
  • Igoba- it is found in central Africa and is effective in treatment of alcoholism. It should be taken regularly for the best results within a short span of time.
  • Black peppers- fresh black peppers are excellent sources of vitamin C and it reduces your craving for alcohol. They are also antioxidants and can be taken raw or cooked. Include peppers in your daily diet to treat alcoholism effectively.
  • Broccoli- it is one of the most effective treatments for alcoholism. The vegetable is an excellent source of vitamin C. A half cup of broccoli provides up to 89.2mgs of vitamin C and is helpful in reducing your craving for alcohol. Include broccoli in your daily diet to treat alcoholism and enhance your general health.
  • Grapes- grapes are used when making different types of alcohol including wine. By consuming grapes regularly, say, two servings of the fruits for 30days at 5hr intervals, your craving for alcohol will reduce drastically. Grapes can be used during early stages as well as advanced stages of the condition.
  • Oranges- they are some of the best sources of vitamin C. Take oranges in plenty as whole or make orange juice at home to treat the condition. Take oranges on daily basis to enhance effective treatment.
  • Passion flower- it is a valuable herb that treats the condition. Take passion flower regularly to enhance quick treatment of alcoholism.  Passion flower also helps to combat withdrawal symptoms including trembling, shaking and headache.
  • Diet- A well balanced diet is also excellent in the treatment of alcoholism.

Diet For Alcoholism

One side effect of excessive consumption of alcohol is that one develops many side effects among them being lack of appetite and feeling nausea all the time. Upon quitting alcohol, one also experiences some withdrawal syndromes that may hinder one from eating. However, there is a nutritional guidance for people who are recovering from alcoholism and which are supposed to be a treatment for alcoholism. In addition, this nutritional guidance is perceived as a therapy for those people that are embarking on maintaining sobriety.

All in all, the nutritional guidance doesn't recommend on specific foods that a person, who is recovering from alcoholism, ought to eat. What these guide does is offer insights on how to counter loss of appetite and feelings of nausea, which are common in all victims of alcoholism. In addition, this nutritional guidance help victims on embracing good feeding habits that are responsible for giving the body immunity to fight other disease that are attributed to alcoholism. Among these diseases includes hypertension, high blood pressure, among many ailments attributed to this condition.

Prevention Of Alcoholism

As the saying goes by, prevention is better than cure. It is therefore necessary to prevent alcoholism than to curing it from scores of people who fall victims to it. For young people, one can prevent the long-term effects of alcoholism by resisting being a victim of peer pressure. This way, they will not be prone to taking alcohol and there after developing alcoholism. This therefore calls for the parents to be on the look out of the type of people that their children are socializing with. This is key in ensuring that there children are not blindly lend to consume alcohol. As revisited earlier in this article is the fact that many parents who consume alcohol, risk influencing their children to take on the vice. This therefore calls for parents to take the first step in being a leading example. They should, therefore refrain from irresponsible consumption of alcohol. For the governments, they all ought to come up with initiatives geared at sensitizing people on the need to refrain from drinking excess amount of alcohol. In addition, they ought to effect legislations geared at controlling the consumption of alcohol. This way less people will fall victim to this pathetic condition, which claims many lives every year. It is also worth noting that the duty of fighting alcoholism is for every individual.