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Arnica (Arnica Montana)


Arnica is a persistent herb that is commonly found in North America. It is normally used to produce a tincture used mainly for the treatment of sore muscles, bruising and other complications. What is more, this herb has become popular among drug manufacturers and it is possible to buy it over the counter in capsule form. You can also find it in stores that sell natural health products. Research has shown that this herb is extremely effective in treating bruises. Many medical professionals recommend it for various medical uses. It is also worth noting that arnica comes with a couple of associate species that are effective in producing tinctures.

Medicinal Uses

There are numerous ways to use arnica for medical purposes. This herb has been found to treat a broad range of medical conditions including sprains, muscle pain, bruising, healing wounds, joint aches, superficial phlebitis, and other skin inflammations. You can also use arnica to get rid of swellings caused by broken bones. This herb can be prepared using homeopathic methods to treat painful muscles, bruising, and a host of other conditions triggered by overexertion or wound.  Homeopathic use of this herb is basically regarded as safe if they are used internally. Arnica is effective in relieving rheumatic pain.

Dosage and Administration

Arnica is use in the production of topical creams as well as ointments. It mainly comes in form of tincture, which forms the foundation for compresses. Its oil can be used in the preparation of topical remedies. A couple of homeopathic medications are available for use. They come in various forms including pills, topical, and, more.

When you are using this medication it is important to ensure that you do not take overdose. Also, never use this herb internally without proper medical supervision. The only time that you can take arnica orally is when it is diluted and prepared as an herbal remedy. If you are using arnica in its capsule form it is important that you follow the instructions provided. You should also seek advice from your homeopathic expert. Your doctor may give you homeopathic concoctions by injection. And if you intend to use this herb topically, it is important that you avoid applying it to open wounds without the knowledge of your doctor. This helps to avoid serious side effects. It is advisable not to use large quantities of arnica because you might end up hurting your body further.  

Parts Used

The most important part of arnica is its flowers. These flowers are fragrant and bitter, and are very effective in stimulating the immune system. This astringent herb is also effective in stimulating the heart and relieving pain. Arnica flowers contain properties that are important for dealing with different inflammations and clearing fungal as well as bacterial infections.

It is also notable that arnica flowers contain anti-inflammatory properties such as sesquiterpene lactone, flavonols, phenolic acid and more. Its oil contains thymol, azulene, and thymolmethylether that are effective in treating skin inflammations and other injuries.  


  • With this astringent herb, you can achieve so many things. For instance, you will be able to stimulate the development of granular tissues and therefore accelerate the therapeutic process. Arnica also helps in the elimination of micro-organisms and prevents bacteria and the pathogenic fungus from reproducing.
  • Another important benefit of using this herb is that it will help you treat your pale skin. Also, if you have wounds and burn that seem to damage the quality of your skin, then arnica is the best remedy. But it is important to note that even though arnica flowers irritate when used locally they are harmless.
  • Other remedial uses of arnica include dealing with lung virosis, kidney infections, hypertension, headaches, coronary, cerebral trauma, semiparesis and more.     

Side Effects

For starters, the safest period of using this herb should not go beyond 15 days. The proper dosage depends on severity and kind of complication you want to treat. It also varies from one individual to another. Overdoses can cause severe side effects. For instance, if you use the herb in large quantities when you are pregnant it can lead to miscarriage. You might also experience serious abdominal pain, vomiting, depression, and nausea. Therefore make sure to see a qualified doctor in case of serious side effects.

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