What Are The Causes Of Back Pain?

There are many causes of back pain that you should look at in order to understand this conditiion to you level best. These causes can be classified as a symptom of a medical condition but not a diagnosis itself. There are also the risk factors that cuase back pain that you should also look at. The medical conditions that cause back pain include the following:-

  • Mechanical problems

Mechanical problems are associated to the way in which the spine moves or the way you feel when you move your spine. The most common cause of back pain can be intervertebral disc a situation that means that the vertebrae of the spine are breaking down slowly as you age. Hence as you age, these bones lose their cushioning ability leading to pain especially if the back is stressed or strained. The other mechanical causes of back pain are muscle tension, ruptured discs and spasms.

  • Injuries

Back pain can also be caused by injuries. There are many injuries that may affect the functionality of your back and the include spine injuries such as sprains and fractures. These injuries in most cases cause short-lived and chronic back pains that may affect ones lifestyle. Sprains are known to occur when the ligaments of the spine tear especially from improper lifting and twisting. On other hand, fractures are due to osteoporosis- a condition that causes the bones to weaken and become porous.

  • Infections and tumors

There are also ceratin infections that can cause back pain especially if they involve the vertebrae. Tumors are also another cause of back pains but they are much rare causes. In most cases, tumors begin in the back mainly if you have cancer and also spread to other parts of the body.  Another condition that you can associate with back pain is osteomyelitis that involves the vertebrae.

  • Aquired conditions and diseases

There are many medical conditions that are experienced on daily basis that can also cause back pain and the comom ones are scoliosis, arthritis, spinal stenosis, kidney stones, endometriosis, fibromyalgia and spondylolisthesis among others

There are other causes of back pain that are classified as the risk factor that increase the chances of developing pain on the vback and they include the following:-

  • Being overweight-putting extra weight also put extra pressue on the spine and this may lead to pain in the back.
  • Smoking-it is another factor that leads to pains in the back and can cause tissue damage due to harmful chemicals contained in the cigarettes.
  • Pregnancy-being pregnant also increases the risk of back pains due to the excessive weight of carrying the baby.
  • Stress and depression-it causes tension on the muscles of the back and with time, it can cause pain. Those who feel depressed can experience weight gain that may lead to severe pains in the back.
  • Long term medication-there is long term medications that are known to weaken the bones and these can affect the spine leading to conditions such as corticosteroids.

What Are The Symptoms Of Back Pain?

Many people experience pain in the back sometimes in the life, but not many understand or identify the main symptoms of this condition. These signs of back pain include the following:-

  • You may experience persistent stiffness and aching within any part along the spine and it is much common a long the base of the neck to the tail bone. It may be more persistent during the night.
  • Localized and sharp pain in the neck, lower back and also upper back. This is common especially if you lift heavy objects or engaging in any exhausting activity.
  • Chronic pain and ache when you stand or sit for a long duration. This pain is experienced in the middle and lower back.
  • Back pain that spreads out from the low back to the buttock area and down to the back of the thigh and into the toes.

Other red flag symptoms of back pain are inability to pass urine, numbeness around your genitals or buttocks, loss of bowel control, swelling of the back, loss of bladder control and inexplicable weight loss. Hence, if you have any of these symptoms of back pain, you need to visit your physician.

Home Remedies For Back Pain

There are many ways that you can employ and get rid of back pain that may have been affecting buyou for many days or years. Many people are into modern methods that are also effective but there are great home remedies that you can always go for and take care of the back pain. These remedies are effective if you experience aching and tight muscles or even strain among other symptoms. However, if you are experiencing severe symptoms like loss of bowel or bladder control or number of legs, you need to visit a doctor immediately and get assistance. Here are the home remedies to go for. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies yourself!

  • Ice the painful area- It is a great idea to ice the painful area within 24 hours of an injury as you will be able toi keep the inflammation to a minimum and also ease any discomfort that you may be feeling. You need to place the ice cube in a plastic bag and then place them on the affected area.
  • Take a hot bath- Ice is not the best remedey when 24 hours have passed and so you need to go foir an alternative method and that has to be taking a hot bath for about 20 minutes. This will helo lossen the elasticity of the muscles and you will feel much relieved. If you are pregnant, you should not sit on the hot water for tool long.
  • New mattress- If you are ready to loss back pain, you need to invest on a new mattress. If you use a soft, sagging mattres there is likelihood that you will experience pain in the back. Therefore, getting a new and high quality mattres that will fit in your budget is a great idea.
  • Relaxation- Emotional tension can cause your muscle to tighten and ache. Therefore, you need to learn and practice a new technique of relaxation. You can try deep-breathing exercise and also meditate a little bit. Hence, you can try and remain positive and you will recover faster and also avoid any long-term pain in the back.
  • Devil’s Claw- The Devil’s claw is an indigenous African root that has been used for pain relief dating many hundred years. If mixed with water and boiled, it is consumed or used to wash and massage the affected areas. It reduces muscle pain and all kinds of inflammation.
  • White Willow Bark Extract- The extracts from white willow have been used for many years to remedy normal headaches, lower back pain, muscle aches and arthritis. Nowadays, it is available as 240 mg salicin extract. Though powerful, it should not be used with children less than five years.
  • Arnica Montana- This is a kind of herb that is grounded and made into a cream or oily gel which is then rubbed on the affected area. Daily massage reduces back pain. It has also been made into a pill that is taken slowly by dissolving with the saliva under the tongue.
  • Herbal tea- Herbal teas and their extracts have been used to improve blood circulation that eases back muscles. Chamomile tea can be brewed or steeped or taken as a daily supplement to relieve from pain. Other herbal remedies for back pain are pepper, black haw, cramp bark, peppermint and ginger.
  • Jamaican Dogwood- Jamaican dogwood is specifically effective if there is a combination of sensitive nerve pain and tight muscle constriction.  When the tincture of Jamaican dogwood is applied topically, it produces a topicl and aesthetic pain which leads to super action and aesthetic effect that soothes the pain. The dosage is usually 5 to 20 drops.
  • Sweet clover- Both yellow and white sweet clover can be used to treat pain and especially when the headaches emanate from spinal nerve injuries. For sufficient treatment, 5 to ten drops of the sweet clover extract should be poured on the back and used to lightly massage it.

Diet For Back Pain

Many people wonder whether there are foods that can help one fight back pain and the most appropriate answer should YES. There are a few foodstuffs that you can take and fight any pain that you feel in you back and they include the following.

  • Food rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, sardines and walnuts among others.
  • Olive oil
  • Soy
  • Green tea
  • Fruits Vegetables and
  • Plenty of water and fresh juice.

Watching what you eat is a great idea to protect your back. Taking the right foods will not only help you maintain a healthy weight but you will also prevent back pain or injuries.

Prevention Of Back Pain

Back pain can be prevented easily. You need to exercise often and keep your muscles on track. You also need to maintain healthy weight and loss some if you have to. Hence a healthy balanced diet can help. Lastly, you need to lift heavy things in the right manner that will not strain your back. You always need to keep your posture in mind before you perform any strenuous activity.  And if symptoms of back pain persist, you need to visit your physician and get help before you even try any remedy.