What Are The Causes Of Bed Sores?

There are a number of factors that are attributed to this painful condition that has reined of the old and bed ridden people. The first cause of bed sores is the continued pressure that is exerted on the skin of these bed ridden and old people. It is due to this pressure that there is a failure in the circulation of blood to the skin and its cells and tissues. This therefore causes the skin to develop these sores.

The other factor that is deemed to have a hand in the developing of skin sores, and which is closely related to pressure the mobility of limited mobility of the skin. This in return prompts the skin to develop these sores. In addition, this makes these sores to continue enlarging and they finally become big wounds that are painful and more septic.

Doctors and other health specialists have pointed out that, there are three factors that are deemed responsible for these scars. Among these factors include.

  • Sustained Pressure-It is widely understood  that whenever the skin and its underlying cells and tissues are caught between the  bone and other hard surfaces for instance beds, the will be great pressure being exerted  and which can be more that that of the pressure exerted when the blood is being circulated to blood vessels. This therefore means that oxygen and other nutrients that are needed by the skin will not be transported to all parts of the skin. This therefore means that skin cells and tissue will finally die.  As a result, this will lead to the development of sores on those areas that are lacking oxygen and other key nutrients which are needed by the skin. Apparently, these sores are believed to develop in the areas of the skin which are not well padded. Among these areas that are at a higher risk of developing bed sores includes among them shoulders, spine and elbows. This is partly due to the reason that there parts are not padded either by muscle or fat. In fact they lie on hard surfaces such as the bones. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that other parts of the body where the skin is less protected form pressure are also likely to develop these sores.
  • Friction -Friction has also been attributed to the development of bed sores. This friction occurs when there is resistance to motion by the people who are bed ridden. Friction is perceived to occur when bed ridden patients changes their position. In other cases, a major cause of friction can result due to the dragging of the skin on hard surfaces. For instance, when a bed ridden patient is dragged on rough beddings then this will result to pressure. It is due to this continued pressure that the skin will eventually develop bed sores that will become wounds if not given the necessary attention. Worse still, the friction exerted can lead to bigger bed sores if the skin of the bed ridden is moist. In addition, friction is also perceived to be more severe when it happens between skin and other rough surfaces.
  • Shear-Shear too has been rated as the other cause of bed sores. It takes place whenever two surfaces are moved in opposite directions. For instance, when there is elevation of hospital beds at the head of patients, then this may result some patients sliding down in the bed.  It is due to such unprecedented motion that the skin is subject to wearing out.  In return, this leads to the destruction of the skin tissue, cells and other blood vessels. Apparently, this will lead to the development of sores on areas of the skin that will have destroyed tissues and cells.
  • Moisture -Moisture is also the other cause of bed sores for bed ridden people. This partly because of the fact that whenever the skin is moist, then it is more prone to getting pressure and sheer. In addition, some moisture can emanate from acidic fluids such as urine from the bed ridden patients. Therefore such fluids have the potential to corrode the skins of these bed ridden people. In return, they will lead to the development of sore that have the ability to become bigger and septic.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bed Sores?

Bed sores just like any other condition also have its own symptoms. Their symptoms comes in stages namely

  • Stage one-This first stage that takes place in the development of these sores. Among the fist symptoms is that the skin of patients with a light skin, will start appearing red. This will also be accompanied by pain.
  • Stage two-In the second stage, the red sites that appeared in the first stage becomes open wounds. This forces the damaging of the skin layer and its underlying tissue and cells.
  • Stage three- At this stage, the open wounds become deep and starts to get septic. The damaging of the skin extends to other layers of the skin. If not taken seriously, this skin can lead to the death of the patient.

Home Remedies For Bed Sores

There are many home and herbal remedies that are available for all people that are attacked by bed sores. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies yourself!

  •  Clean the wounds- This is key in ensuring that these wounds do not become bigger and more septic. This will also play a role in the prevention of infections, to other parts of the body where there are no bed sores.
  • Rhubarb and beet root- The juices of these herbs are extracted and mixed with honey.  They are then mixed thoroughly, preferably with a shaker. The mixture is applied to the bed sores and covered for some time. The bandage cover for the bed sore wound should be changed on a daily basis. The solution works better if it is thick which also gives you ease bandage handling
  • Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera has been used as a medical relief for many conditions. Cream made from Aloe Vera is applied once or twice per day on the bed sores. Aloe Vera can be substituted with Calendula and they both soothe the sores and quicken the healing process
  • Hazel solution- Another proper remedy for bed sores is Hazel solution which can be substituted with cucumber juice, sugar poultice, turmeric, myrrh and goldenseal. Sponge soaked in these solutions is used to wash the bed sore areas. The effect of these solutions is to remove toxins from the bed sores and initiate the healing process
  • Wheat Germ- Wheat germ can be used in substitution with comfrey and guana leaves. A paste is made that consists of any of these in combination with slippery elm in equal parts for the best holistic treatment of bed sores.
  • Golden seal- This has been used as a natural antiseptic for vey many years. A paste is made from the goldenseal herbs or obtained from chemists. The mixture can be added to olive oil to make it easier to apply. It is then applied 3 times a day to the affected area.
  • Calendula- Topical calendula can also be made into a cream and is easily available in most chemist shops. It is also available as ointment, gel or cream and is effective in healing bed sores

Diet For Bed Sores

There are a number of diets and supplements that have been prescribed for people who are suffering from bed sores. Among them includes calories and proteins, which are deemed as ideal for enhancing the healing of bed sores. For this reason, those that are suffering from this painful condition are given food supplements that contain high level of protein and calories. In addition, there are other foods and supplements that are prescribed by the doctors.

All in all, people who have been attacked by bed sores are urged to eat fresh foods while refraining from eating refined foods.  One should also make an appointment with their doctor, so as to be guided on the best diet that they ought to take.

Prevention Of Bed Sores

As the going goes by, prevention is better than cure. Similarly, it is better to prevent bed sores than treating them. The good news is that, bed sore too can be treated just like many other diseases and conditions. The first step towards prevention of bedsores is ensuring that bed ridden patients and old people are well positioned in bed or on the wheel chairs. This will be key in ensuring that they are not subject to pressure that is responsible for causing bed sores. The other way of preventing bed sores is through cushioning. There are a number of cushions in the market that are specifically made to cushion bed ridden patients from pressure. In addition, they ensure the proper positioning of the body hence avoiding the chances of developing bed sores. Skin care is yet the other way of preventing bed sores. It is key in ensuring that the skin remains dry and clean all the times. This helps in ensuring that there are no fluids on the skin, thus reducing the chances of pressure to the skin. Doctors have also recommended that people suffering form this condition, should reduce their mobility. This therefore calls for the changing of position regularly.

Apart form these preventions; one can also seek the help of a doctor or other specialists who will help in giving the information on how to effectively prevent bed sores. Having done this, there bed ridden patients and old people will have less chances of developing this condition.