What Are The Causes Of Bloating?

There are many causes of bloating that you should know and understand before you even visit a doctor. The main cause of bloating is fermentation that leads to production of gases that make your stomach feel full. Fermentation mainly occurs when certain foodstuffs are not digested well in the small intestine. These foods are not digested very well due to lack of appropriate digestive enzymes. And this is possible if you over cook the food or your diet is not balanced in a way that you don’t have adequate vegetables and fruits in you diet. Some foods are not digested properly because there are not combined in a balanced way. Hence, you need to learn and know the kind of foods that combine appropriately.  Many people do not swallow their foods thoroughly and these may lead to fermentation that will produce the unwanted gas and cause bloating. Whereas, many people don’t tyake enough water on daily basis and this can cause bloating if you eat wrong foods.

There are many other causes of bloat8intg that you should also look at and they include the following.

  • Antibiotics

Antibiotics are known to disrupt the normal bacteria flora in the small intestines and so they lead to productioin of excessive gas that lead to this uuncomforable and awful feeling in the stomach.

  • Food intolerances

Bloating and production of gas in the stomach can be due to easting ceratib foodstuffs and you need to know some of these foods. Daily products are the common foods know to cause bloating. Lactose intolerance is always high in many people who take dairy products and it can range from mild to severe if proper care is not taken. Apples and bears are types of fruits that contain a lot of fiber and you need to eat them in small amount. Beans are also foods that are known to cause bloating and you need to eat them in small amount to avoid production of the unnecessary gas. Others foods to avoid or take in small amounts are salty food, cabbage, asparagus and fatty foods among others.

  • Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxierty always walk hand to hand when it comes to medical community. Their link with intestinal functions is always powerful as it has diverse effects to the human beings. Researches have shown that they have great impact when it comes to digestive system.

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

This is a non-inflammatory condition that affects the intestines and is known to cause bloating and abdominal pain or carmping and also changes in the bowel function.

  • Gastrointestinal infection

Gastrointestinal infections are also known to cause bloating especially if there is presence of parasites in the stomach

  • Other causes of bloating are visceral fat, diverticulosis, menustration, celiac disease, food allergy and aerophagia to name but a few.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bloating?

Bloating can vary with time and intensity and the same can happen when it comes to its symptoms. It is for this reason that, you need to know this symptoms and understand them to your level best as bloating is a common condition that affect almost every one in the society. There are a number of bloating signs and symptons that you should know. These symptoms are mostly caused by foodstuffs rich in oil and fats as they are hard to digest. Here are easy to notice symptoms of bloating.

  • Excessive gas production

There is always abnormal gas production when you take foods that are not easy to digest and you are likely top experience bloated stomach.

  • Distended stomach

This is another possible symptom that you should look at. This means that someone who is suffering from bloating will have an expanded and hard stomach. Hence, the produced gases are accrued in the stomach causing expansion of the intestine walls.

  • General discomfort

General stomach discomfort is another sign of bloating. It mainly occurs if you take a lot of hard to digest foods. It will be accompanied by restlessness and difficulty in breathing.

  • Abdominal pain

It is the common symptom of bloating that many patients talks of. This pain can range from mild to severe if proper medical attention is not provided. However, it in most cases occurs after heavy meals.

  • Varying gut size

It is a normal thing for the gut to change after eating, but if the scale of the lower abdominal changes during the day, you need to take action as this is a sign of bloating.

  • Flautence or increase in burping

This is another notable sign of bloating and involves frequent passing of gas which has unpleasant odor that you will definitely notice.

Other notable symptoms of blaorting include diarrhea, cramps, aching stomach, lower back pain and belching to name but a few.

Home Remedies For Bloating

When you want to treat or get rid of bloating, you will come across different methods of taking care of the situartion. You may go for the home remedies or visit a physician and get more inventive remedies. Basically, many herbal and homeopathicremedies have been introduced in the market and you should always know the best and most appropriate remedies that you can go for and take care of the condition. You will come across herbs like sweet Fennel [Foeniculum Vulgare] and Pulsatilla Vulgaris [Pasque Flower] will help take care of bloating naturally.

Other bloating home remedies that you can go for include the following. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies yourself!

  • Ginger- Eating freshly acquired ginger roots and ginger tea can help in dealing with bloating. You can also add fresh or dried ginger to food or even take a teaspoon of grated ginger before your meals can also help in relieving gas in the intestines
  • Fennel seed- Chewing fennel seeds and making tea with crashed seeds can help in relieving gas from the stomach. The compound found in the seeds and the one found in the dill seeds and anise helps in relaxing digestive tract muscles. This results to relieving of the gas trapped in the intestines.
  • Caraway seeds - Caraway seeds can be added to the meals that cause gas accumulation in the stomach. Caraway seeds stimulate proper digestion as well as easing gas, cramping and indigestion.
  • Parsley- Adding parsley to diet can help in relieving bloat. You can add dried or freshly minced parsley into the food. It should be added to foods that cause bloating problems.
  • Probiotics- Adding Probiotics to food or taking supplement of this product can help relieving gas from the digestive tract. Probiotics like pineapples help in replenishing beneficial bacteria in the intestines. It also keep colon in good working condition.
  • Garlic- Adding garlic while preparing food can also work as a remedy for bload. This should be added while preparing food that cause bloating.
  • Hot Water- Drinking hot water (not too hot) is another effective remedy for bloat. Water should be taken regularly and eventually the accumulated air in the intestines will disappear. 
  •  Peppermint oil- Peppermint oil can also help in in treating bloat. It should be added in foods that thare popular causes of bloat. It can also be added to meals of bloated persons.
  • Watch your sugar and salt intake- You need to watch your sugar and salt intake.
  • Peppermint oil and Tea- It’s a great idea to also get a peppermint oil and tea take them and you will get rid of the excessive gases in the stomach.
  • Cut down on the intake of tea and coffe - You also need to cut down on the intake of tea and coffe as caffeine irritates stomach in most cases.
  • Exercise- It is also a great way to exercise extensively in order to keep your body in the best shape.
  • Fruit and Vegetables- You also need to include fresh fruits, vegetables and refined foods in your diet.
  • Water- Water always fits in every home remedy when you want to take care of various digestive problems that affected many people.

There are other alternative medicines that you can alwayts get in the market and prevent bloating, but you always need to combine them with your lifestyle changes and you will take care of bloating.

Diet For Arteriosclerosis

Eating the right food for your body can help you reduce the effects of bloating. However, not many people know the best diets that they can go for. Here are the best diets that you can go for wghen you want to treat and get rid of bloated stomach.

  • Low-gas producing foods

Due to the fact that blaoting is caused by foods that produce a lot of gas, you need to know these foods and try to avoid them. Some of these gas producing foods are beans, cabbage, potatoes and artichokes among others.

  • High fiber

High fiber is another great way of stopping bloating. Lack of fiber in your diet can lead to build up of undigested food in your colon and this may lead to a bloated stomach. Eating high fiber helps the bowel movement and you will be able to eliminate waste very easily. These high fiber foods include vegetables, gain carbohydrates and fruits.

  • High protein
  • You also need to eat food rich in proteins as they are easily digested but you should remember to eat low-fat protein has it offers more benefits. You can take fish, Oliver oil and lean protein.
  • Lastly, you need to eat lactose free foods.dairy products are known to contain lactose and when they ferment, they are likely to cause bloating. Hence, you should try and avoid them.

Prevention Of Bloating

They say that prevention is better than cure and so should happen when it comes to bloating. It is very easy to prevent bloating.You need to do a few things in order to prevent bloating.

  • Eat high fiber
  • Eat slowly
  • Get tropical
  • Drink plenty of watet and
  • Chew les gum

It is very easy to prevent bloating, but if the condition becomes complicated, you always need to visit your physician and get assistance and you will be able top get rid of the bloated stomach.