What Are The Causes Of A Body Rash?

Body rashes developing on your skin’s surface could mess up your self confidence and self esteem more so if it happens to attack your face. It is therefore of great importance to identify possible causes that could lead to body rashes so as to avoid them in any way possible. Body rashes do not choose a certain age but they may implant themselves anywhere the causing factors are available. Below are some of the possible causes:

  • Accumulation of toxins

Most inflammations in the body occur as a result of accumulated toxin, which occurs in the event of failure of the cleansing system in the body. These toxins build up considerably thus adversely affecting human beings health. Since the skin is a major excretion organ, the adverse effects of the accumulated toxins in the body are easily noticeable as skin disorders, or body rashes.

  • Poor hygiene

A dirty environment is ideal for occurrence of body rashes. The sweat and grease building up on your skin as dirt, blocks the tiny skin pores which are used as breathers. This leads to irritation on the surface of the skin

  • Climatic condition changes

With some people, a change in climate can result in skin rashes which disappear immediately after they return to the climatic condition they are used to. For instance some people develop body rashes during cold season and hot season as weather changes during the day.

  • Allergy brought about by certain types of food

A number of people are known to be affected adversely by some sorts of foods that their bodies are allergic to. For instance some people develop itching body rashes in the event of eating either meat or wheat. The best remedy for such a condition is seeking a doctor’s attention with immediate effect and thereafter adhering to the corrective orders given on the types of foods your body is allergic to.

  • Use of beauty products as cosmetics

Some skins are made up of a very sensitive coating which reacts adversely to the use of cosmetics, beauty creams and lotions. This ends up resulting in body rashes which look bad and could be quite irritating. The best thing to do in this case is to see a doctor as continued use of skin care creams to cure the rashes could be harmful to your skin's health with the rashes getting worse.

  • Dry skin and effect of heat

Dry skins are more vulnerable to body rashes as the natural skin oils that keep the skin moisturized are not present in this case. This enables the possibilities of skin inflammation thus resulting in skin conditions such as body rashes. Moreover, heat could also have an adverse effect on the skin. A person that is enclosed in a hot and moist place which is scarcely aerated could be susceptible to body rashes.

  • Medical disorders

Occurrence of body rashes could just as well be triggered by some diseases which attack internal body organs such as the kidney, liver or even develop cancerous cells within our bodies. In the event of such situations, the body rash depicts a certain medical disorder happening within the body, which cannot be traced from outside. This is a bit tricky to notice since ignoring the body rash could prove to be disastrous.  As time goes by the internal disorder continues to worsen just as the rash worsens.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Body Rash?

Signs and symptoms of body rashes vary greatly, with each signifying a certain disorder or disease. For example:

  • Signs of diabetic body rash

These body rashes tend to be dark by nature and slightly raised. They are itchy and irritating with no sure way to cure the pain. This is a good reason to be alarmed that diabetes has infected your body and you need to take caution before it starts affecting you.

  • Signs and symptoms of tick bite body rash

These can be seen with a close look. They are itchy and irritating as the blood cells beneath the skin is poisoned with the tick bite infection.

  • Symptoms of human parasite

The signs are more or less same to those of the tick bite body rashes

  • Symptoms of body yeast infection

These feature very small rashes and they are mostly due to the effect of internal body heating. They are also irritating and itch considerably.

  • Signs of AIDS body rash

These are darkening, bumpy rashes that are raised above the skin all over the whole body from the chest, face, neck to the back. For the light colored skins they tend to get reddish brown.

Home Remedies For Body Rash

The treatment of body rashes could be prescribed by a physician depending on the cause of the condition.  Some body rashes simply require a home remedy to do away with the rushes, while others call for the attention of doctors and are signs of a hidden disease that is much more severe than just a body rash. For instance diabetes or AIDS body rashes cannot be cured at home as the cure requires some deeper attention by the doctor.

If the cause of the body rash is not that complicated, there are home remedies which can help.  Examples of these home remedies are. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies yourself!

  • Chamomile tea- Washing part of the body that is infected with the rashes using chamomile tea can help greatly in treating them. You can use chamomile on the infected skin part at least once per day as well. Continued use of chamomile over a few days will see skin rashes start disappearing.
  • Honey and cider vinegar- Applying raw vinegar from apple cider can help in treating body rashes. It can be mixed with honey for fast and effective results. You can take a tablespoon of honey and cider vinegar thrice per day to realize effective results. It is important to ensure that honey is obtained locally to ensure it is of good quality.
  • Poppy seeds- These can help in treating body rashes when crashed and mixed with water. Crashed poppy seeds should be mixed with lime juice to realize better results. The mixture should be applied on the infected part on daily basis especially after taking a bath.
  • Oatmeal- Taking a bath with water mixed with oatmeal can help in treating body rashes. A cup of oatmeal should be poured in the water then soaked properly before bathing. It is important to note that oatmeal should be used in bathing and not cooked.
  • Olive oil- Olive is known to feature therapeutic pigments. These help cure body rashes by easing the itching effect and reducing the inflammation caused by the body rash. With olive oil it is applied directly to the affected spot on the surface of the skin and it has a soothing characteristic.
  • Oils with Vitamin E- This is a unique home-made remedy for body rashes. It helps heal body rashes by soothing the affected and itching skin. This is proven to work effectively as it softens and moisturizes affected skin areas.
  • Oil from cod liver- This is such a wonderful extract which although very stinky by nature provides an excellent cure for body rashes from home. It is known to considerably reduce the itching of a body rash by soothing the surface of the skin affected.
  • Oatmeal- No one usually believes that such a boring meal can come to his or her rescue in the event of a body rash. However, it does help greatly in getting the condition healed by reducing the itching and resolving the skin inflammation.
  • Almond- Almond leaves are another effective treatment for body rashes. Smash almond leaves then apply the solution on the affected body part. Smashed almond should be applied on the skin part with rash infection on daily basis for effective results.
  • Vitamin C- Eating food rich in vitamin C can also be used in treating body rashes. You need to ensure that your food is rich in vitamin C by including foods such as cauliflower, brussel sprouts, bell peppers, parsley, strawberries and lemon juice among others.

These are just some of the most common home and herbal remedies for body rashes. Others include; holy basil, cold liver and vitamin E.

Prevention Of Body Rash

It is advisable to consider preventing a condition rather than waiting to cure it.  The process of treatment could be more bothersome than you ever thought it could be. Below are some of the helpful tips that could prevent you from getting some of the different forms of body rash.

  • Avoid allergic foods that are known for bringing about irritations.
  • Consider increasing the intake of foods rich in vitamin C as they are known to consist of an anti-oxidant feature, which is required to fight conditions such as body rashes.
  • Keep the skin surfaces that are already affected aerated as much as possible to avoid effect of heat on the body rash, which can boost itching and irritation.
  • In the event of washing the affected skin areas, make sure that you use water that is warm and avoid rubbing it after cleaning it.
  • Take caution with beauty products which are widely known to adversely affect many people who have used them before.  This could cause an immediate allergic reaction on the areas you apply them. Also avoid using any kind of cream or lotion on the area affected.
  • Lastly, avoid in any way scrubbing the affected area or exposing it to direct sunlight as this could increase the inflammation caused by the body rash.