What Are Bone Spurs?

Not many people are familiar with bone spur, a condition that develops on the bones and at times on the spine.  Numerous findings have indicated that bone spur is among the severe bone diseases that have attacked many people all over the world. Bone spurs start when bony projections start developing along the bone edges.

This condition that is also referred to as osteophytes, mostly develops on the surface where two bones meet. But it can also develop on the spine bones. Doctors have stated that the main cause of this condition is the continued wearing and tearing of the bones tissues and ligaments. They further maintain that this happens especially when there is osteoarthritis, a disease that is infamous for causing wearing and tearing of the bone muscles and cells.

Unlike other conditions, bone spur is no painful and there are no proven symptoms that are associated with it. In fact, people who are suffering from this condition many at times take many years before this condition is detected. In addition, the condition doesn't need any form of treatment as compared with other diseases and conditions that have attacked man from time immemorial.

Nevertheless, doctors have insisted that the treatment for this condition is to a great extent dependent on personal choice. Many people have ignored this condition and they have lived with it for many years. All in all, there are at times when bone spurs can develop on certain locations which require them to be removed.

What Are The Causes Of Bone Spurs

There are a number of causes that are attributed to this condition. As stated earlier, this condition develops extra bone projections. This happens whenever the body is repairing itself   through building extra bones. Basically, bone spur develops whenever the body is responding to pressure or other type of stress that the body can be subjected to overtime.

The other major cause of bone spur is aging. During the process of aging the bone tissues that are located between bones and joints, start wearing and may finally wear out completely.  In addition, the spongy ligaments that are supposed to cushion bone tissues and cells are also vulnerable to breaking down due to age.  Consequently, one starts experiencing pain and swelling and in extreme cases bone spurs starts developing on the edges of these joints. It is worth noting that when the bone spurs develop due to aging, then they are more likely to be formed on the joints that are located on the spine and the feet.

The other cause of bone spur is the pressure that is caused by a variety of activities. Activities such as dancing or running can put a person at higher chances of developing bone spurs. This is partly because of the fact that, pressure exerted by these activities is deemed to cause the wearing and tearing of the ligaments and other tissues that are located on the foot. It is due to this that the bones of the feet will try as much as possible to recollect them, in order to stand this pressure. Consequently, this will lead to the developing of bone spur along the feet bones.  Apart from these activities that are perceived to cause pressure on the feet, other conditions such as being overweight have also been attributed to bone spur. Similarly, when one has gained a lot of weight then this will automatically lead to the more pressure being exerted on the feet bone. In return this will be responsible for the wearing and tearing of the ligaments of the feet, In return the body will move to counter this scenario, which will definitely lead to the formation of bone spur along the bones of the feet. Wearing tight shoes too, have been linked with the development of bone spur on the heels and other places that are pressed by the shoe.

Bone spur can also develop on the bone shoulders, when a lot of pressure is exerted on the shoulders. This pressure can result from carrying heavy objects for a long period. It is therefore widely known that people who are accustomed to carrying heavy objects are at a higher risk of developing bone spur on their bone shoulders as opposed to their counterparts who rarely carry heavy objects on their shoulders. It is due to carrying heavy objects that make that ligaments and other bone tissue to wear out drastically. Eventually, these ligaments and bone tissues will wear out on each other thus leading to the development of bone spur.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bone Spurs?

Just like the other diseases and conditions that have continued to attack man. Bone spur too have its own symptoms. Among these symptoms includes.

  • Pain-Most of the symptoms of bone spur are linked to pain. Doctors have pointed out that one general symptom of this condition is foot pain. This in return causes that victims of bone spur experience difficulties while walking, thanks to the pain that they feel in the bottom of their feet.  In other cases when there is heel spur, victims complain of horrible pains that also hinder them from walking with ease.
  •  Numbness-This is yet another symptom of bone spur. For majority of the people who are attacked by this condition, they experience acute numbness in their spine and other areas that have high concentration of bones. This numbness also contributes to the pain and feelings of weaknesses, along the areas that there feeling numbness.

Doctors and other health specialists have pointed out that, there are some unique types of bone spur that don't have any specific symptoms.  This is especially common with the bone spurs that have developed as a result of past accidents and other related injuries.  This call for x-ray tests, which are meant to detect such spurs. It is also worth noting that the fact that bone at times are difficult to test , doesn't amount  to their in ability to causes suffering just like other diseases and conditions.

Therefore, those that have shown any symptom of this disease should ensure that they have sought medical attention from doctors and other specialist that are conversant with bone spur treatment.

Home Remedies For Bone Spur

There are a number of ways that have been used to counter this condition. Nevertheless, doctors have insisted that no treatment of bone spur can take place if a patient has not developed any symptoms for this condition.  This is because no one can be able to tell whether one has this disease or not. In fact, it can be mistaken to other diseases that are similar to it. For this reason, one cannot be given any medication that is prescribed for healing patients with these diseases. Therefore one can end up having been given medication that can have negative effects on their health.

All in all, the treatment for this condition is designed to reduce the inflammation that is associated with bone spur.  Moreover, treatment is necessary for it helps in avoiding the re-injury that is attributed to this condition. There are many types of home and herbal remedies that can be used to treat bone spur, depending on the severity of the bone spurs. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies yourself!

  • Pads- Apart from medications, there are special pads that can be used to heal bone spur, depending on the location of these spurs. These pads are deemed ideal for treating bone spur that is formed on the feet of the victims of this condition.
  • Linseed oil- This should be applied on the affected area on daily basis. It works very well in relieving pain emanating from the bone spur. It has been used for many years by people from different parts of the world.
  • Dimethyl sulfoxide- This is a colorless oily liquid extracted from lignin. It is the substance that bonds cells found in trees jointly. It should be applied on the spur especially when the pain emanating from them become intense.
  • Omega 3 oil- Fatty acids from omega 3 oils help in relieving pain and healing the spur. The person with a spur should take approximately 1000mg at least two times in a day. These fatty acids have been used by many especially when the spurs become irritating.
  • Massage- Massaging the spur gently helps in relieving pain resulting from a spur. This should be done when the pain becomes intense. When pain emanating from the spurs becomes unbearable, take a bath, rest and then have a gentle massage on the spur.
  •  Friction cream- A cream containing capsaicin offer relief to a person experiencing pain on the part that has a spur. This cream has ingredients similar to those of hot peppers. Therefore, it has a stinging feel on the part where it is applied but it is effective in relieving spur pain.
  • Horsetail and rose petal- These are also exceptional herbal remedies for spurs. A concoction made of 5ml of horsetail and rose petal in one cup of warm water can be very effective in treating spur. A person suffering from spurs should drink this concoction on daily basis for faster and effective results.

Other herbal remedies for bone spurs include cabbage covering and Epsom salt. All these herbal remedies have been used by many people with bone spurs and proven to work.

Diet For Bone Spur

Doctors and other health specialists have maintained that. Those people that have been diagnosed with bone spur can help in reducing the development of the spurs. They have urged such people to refrain from eating foods that might be containing toxins. This is partly due to the fact that there are some types of foods that are known to accelerate the growth of bone spurs.  Among these foods includes hydrogenated fats and other processed foods. People who are suffering from this disease are also urged to consume foods that are deemed healthier and natural. Fruit juices are also recommended for those people who are suffering from this condition. Juices have been proved to reduce chances of developing bone spurs.

Prevention Of Bone Spur

Just like the saying goes by prevention is better than cure, so does preventing bone spur better than curing it. One of the ways that one can use in the prevention of bone spur is to practice regularly. This will be key in ensuring that one doesn’t add weight that is responsible for the tear and wear of ligaments and bone tissues, thus prompting spurs to develop at along these areas where ligaments and bone tissues are destroyed.

Other ways of preventing this disease is through refraining from wearing tight shoes and other foot wears. This is because tight shoes are responsible for the development of bone spurs along the foot areas. One should therefore ensure that they are wearing shoes that properly fit them.

It is also important for one to seek medical attention, whenever they think that they are in the process of developing bone spurs. This way, they will have prevented the condition form becoming more severe.