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The caraway herb is 2 feet tall and has feathery leaves with white flowers. The flowers bloom very early in the summer. The herb has a strong aroma that helps to stimulate as well as calm the uterus and the gastric tract. For respiratory complaints, it can be used as an expectorant.

The main active ingredient that can be found in the herb is carvone. The seeds contain stomachic properties while the oil has antimicrobial and spasmolytic properties.

Medicinal uses

The following are some of the medicinal uses of the caraway herb:

  1. It can be used to treat stomach disorders. When you make tea using the herb, it can help to ease flatulence. The tea should be taken three times a day for the most effect.
  2. It has detoxifying properties. This is because the herb helps to increase the action of the kidney and activate the glands. The leaves, roots and seeds of the plant help to do this.
  3. Warm the caraway seeds in gauze and warm them up. Apply the poultices on the child’s stomach. This is one sure way of eliminating worms in a child.
  4. The caraway seeds help to stimulate the appetite. The powder should be mixed with honey and ingested. This mixture is guaranteed to stimulate the appetite and in turn improve digestion. The powder mixture can then be taken to stop diarrhoea by mixing it with mint fruits.
  5. The oil from the seeds can also be used to treat toothaches and eye infections.

Dosage and administration

The herb should be administered four times when taken in the form of tea.

Parts used

The parts that are mostly used are the seeds although the leaves could also be used.


The following are some of the health benefits of using caraway:

  1. Mothers that are lactating can use caraway oil to increase milk production. The oil can be mixed with honey. In addition, to improving the quantity of milk, the quality will also be increased. The baby that ingests this milk will also be free of flatulence and colic.
  2. The oil from the herb can be used as anti-histamine. Histamine is the main reason behind most coughs. Due to this, some people may cough continuously until they are literally out of breath. In some instances they might even collapse. Caraway oil can be quite helpful when it comes to being anti-histamine.
  3. The oil can be used as an antiseptic and helps to cure some common infections such as urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, digestive and colon infections. It can also be used prevent infection of wounds by fighting away fungi and bacteria. It also helps o protect wounds from tetanus.
  4. It provides the body with cardiac health by regulating the heart beat. It also helps to strengthen the heart muscles and prevent the veins and the arteries from hardening. In addition, cholesterol levels are blood pressure are subsequently lowered.
  5. It can be used to relieve muscular spasms and help to relieve pain from muscle pools.
  6. The herb is an ideal diuretic because it increases the frequency of urination. Thus those that want to lower their blood pressure, want to loose weight and have obstructed urination can use the herb.

Side effects

The following are some of the side effects of using the herb:

  1. It could cause heartburn in those that use it. This is because it induces the gastrointestinal tract to produce excessive gas. This shows that in addition to relieving stomach discomfort such as constipation, it may also induce heartburn.
  2. The carminative effects of the herb can also lead to belching in excess. Sometimes the belching can be accompanied with an odour that is not pleasant.
  3. When the caraway oil is taken in large doses over a long period may cause the kidney and the liver to fail.
  4. Pregnant women should not take the herb because it might cause a miscarriage or might lead to premature labour.
  5. Because of its narcotic properties, it should not be taken any time only when necessary. This means that it can ultimately lead to addiction. Other narcotic side effects include drowsiness, nausea and mental clouding.


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