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Catnip (Netepa Cataria)


Catnip tea is a plant that is mostly found in several parts of Europe and Asia. However, it is currently been grown in other parts of the world. The perennial plant falls into the family of plants that is known as Lamiaceae. One of the features that can be used to describe this plant is its smell that makes it attractive to a variety of animals including cats that often eat the leaves. The leaves appear hairy and heart shaped allover both from below and downy. Catnip tea grows at a height of about two inches above the ground. When it matures, the plant produces a cluster of white or lilac flowers.


Medicinal Uses

Even though there are various wild animals like lions that feed on Catnip tea, it should be noted that it is believed to obtain some medicinal properties that makes it an ideal herbal remedy for various health conditions.  Even in the ancient times when the plant was discovered, it was mainly used as a herbal treatment for various ailments. Below are some of the medicinal uses of Catnip Tea:

  1. The plant can be used in the treatment of anxiety
  2. Quelling digestive disturbances
  3. Stimulation of menstruation
  4. Inducing colds and flu
  5. Controlling measles in children
  6. Inducing sleep


Apart from just the above mentioned, this plant can also be used together with other ingredients in the treatment of other health conditions. Besides, it is also very useful to the animals that fall in the cat family. Cats eat the plant whenever they feel that their bodies are intoxicated.


Dosage and Administration

Since Catnip Tea can be used in the treatment of a variety of health conditions, it has to be used in dosages. However, it must also be noted that despite it being a herb, it may turn out to produce certain side effects in case the user does not follow the indicated dosages. The best way through which you are able to determine the right dosage is to visit your doctor before using it. The doctor will be able to examine you and recommend the right dose based on your condition. Remember that dosage may at times be based upon the health condition that you are faced with at any given time.


Catnip Tea can be administered orally in dried or ground form. However, when using the flowers, they are supposed to be ingested in tea form. In order to prepare tea using the herb, it is advisable that add 10 tablespoonfuls in a liter of water. Leave the infusion to sit for about twenty minutes then seep until you remain with a fine solution. The tea should be taken in the dosage of three cups daily.


Parts Used

The parts of Catnip Tea that are used in making the brew are the flowers and leaves. The main reason for this is because the leaves and flowers are where the secretion of the healing properties of the herb is done.



As a result of the healing properties of Catnip Tea, there is no doubt that it is one of the most beneficial plants. Below are some of the benefits of this herb that you should know about:

  • It helps in the preservation of Women's health because of its ability to stimulate menstruation.
  • It is an intoxicant in cats and is the main reason why most of them feed on it.
  • Catnip is an effective herbal remedy for calming the nerves
  • This plant is also a great digestive aid.
  • In some cases, Catnip Tea can also assist in sedation


Side Effects

There are also certain side effects that may be experienced by those who use Catnip Tea. When looking at the side effects, it is important to note that each and every form of treatment has side effects and it does not mean that Catnip Tea is not a good herbal remedy.  Below are some of those side effects:

  • Mild sedation
  • Stomach upsets
  • Mild Headaches


The side effects may not be experienced by everyone who uses Catnip Tea. They are based upon several factors including the amount taken, age among others. However, in order to contain the side effects, it is advisable that you just use the Catnip Tea as you are instructed by the doctor. In case the condition persists, see a doctor immediately.

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