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Cayenne (Capsicum Frutescens)


Native to Zanzibar, Central and North America, cayenne is a perennial plant that is currently grown in several parts of the world. It is a plant that takes the shape of a shrub and grows to a height of about 24 inches. It has got elliptical, leathery, smooth leaves that are dark green in color. Its flowers usually produce seed pods that are pungent, flat and white in color. The pods are what most people refer to as pepper. The pods usually have green color before maturity, purple after maturity and either yellow or orange when they are ripe. Cayenne can be cultivated in gardens or even tins. Cayenne produces a sweet hot smell that makes it easily recognizable among various plants.


Medicinal Uses

Cayenne is among the herbs that have got strong medicinal properties. In fact, it can be used in the treatment of a variety of health conditions. However, when looking at the medicinal uses, you need to take note that the plant is not recommended for use by women who are pregnant or even those who are breastfeeding. The main reason why Cayenne is a great herbal remedy is the presence of the pungent substance, Capsaicin. The substance has got the ability to alter certain body compounds hence healing various health conditions. Below are some of the medicinal uses of Cayenne:


  • Stimulating the circulatory system through regulation of blood in the body.
  • Cayenne can also be used in enhancing digestion and eliminating toxic wastes from the body.
  • The plant is also an effective pain reliever.
  • It can also be used in administering first aid to people.
  • Curing cluster headaches.
  • Cayenne can be used as a stimulant against colds.
  • Treatment of herpes.
  • Prevention of edema.


Cayenne can also be combined with other ingredients for other various medicinal uses. The other thing that you should know about the administration of Cayenne is that it is mainly recommended for internal treatments. However, there are also certain specific cases whereby it can be used in external treatments.


Dosage and Administration

When looking into the dosage and administration of Cayenne, it should be noted that for it to be effective, it must be used in the recommended quantity. Failure to consider the dosage and administration Cayenne may lead to several unpleasant effects. However, the dosage of Cayenne depends on the health condition to be addressed among other aspects that may be noted by the doctor or the person who is administering it.


One of the ways through which Cayenne can be administered is through its liquid extract. After extracting the liquid from Cayenne through smashing it, place a few drops in a little water and take in the dosage of between one to four times per day. However, Cayenne can also be used in grounded form. When using it in this from, ensure that you get specifications on the quantity to ensure that you come up with the right remedy to your condition.


Parts Used

The parts of Cayenne that are used include the pods that have got seeds. These can be effective irrespective of whether they are dry or fresh. The pods secret Capsaicin which is the basic compound with healing properties in Cayenne; the parts of Cayenne that are used also contain Vitamin C and capsanthine that give the plant the healing properties.



There are several benefits that can be derived from the use of Cayenne. However, it has to be noted that for one to be able to experience the benefits of Cayenne, they have to use it in the right way and for the right purpose. Below are some of the significant benefits of the plant:

  • Cayenne has got antiseptic properties that make it useful in preventing infections.
  • When used in small doses, the plant can stimulate appetite.
  • Helps in the elimination of toxic substances from the body.
  • Cayenne is also an important herb for supporting digestion.


Side Effects

Different people use Cayenne in various forms; there are those who use it just orally as it while there are also others that use the industrial products with it as the main ingredient. However, it should be noted that despite the form in which one uses it, the only significant side effect that can be experienced is mild headaches. In case you are experiencing any unpleasant symptoms as a result of using Cayenne, it is advisable that you visit a doctor immediately.




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