What Are The Causes Of Chafing?

There are various causes of chaffing which make it prone to all people regardless of their ages. Taking the necessary measures in ridding off this condition is a perfect thing to do as it will prevent sores from taking place. Here are some of the major causes of this condition.

  • Intense Heat: When the heat is too intense and you are either walking or exercising, you are likely to get this condition. This is because your skin will tend to rub together especially around the thighs due to reduced airflow.
  • Tight Synthetic Fabrics: There are some people who have a tendency of wearing tight synthetic fabrics especially when they are walking or exercising. As such, these fabrics trap moisture in and this in turn reduces any airflow required to susceptible areas. Tight fabrics made of synthetic are major causes of chafing as they create friction.
  • Lack of Hydration: This is another perfect example of a cause that can lead to chafing. There are some people who do not drink water as required throughout the day. This in turn makes them not to perspire freely resulting to formation of salt crystals on the skin which aggravates the condition.
  • Obesity or Overweight: Having excess skin that tends to rub together is a major cause of this condition. Excess skin results to lack of air circulation and increased friction. It is for this reason that most people are advised to undergo weight loss so that there can be a reduction on the size of your thighs.

What Are The Symptoms Of Chafing?

When it comes to chafing, there are few symptoms that are associated with it. This means that the symptoms are not as many as one may think. Some of them include the following:

  • Irritation: When this condition takes place, one will experience intense irritation on the thighs especially when they rub against each other. The irritation may become uncontrollable thus forcing an individual to experience some discomfort.
  • Pain: As the irritation occurs, one will experience excruciating pain that may not go away easily promoting you to take necessary measures.
  • Blisters: When the condition worsens, there are some people who may get blisters along the way that are very painful and extremely uncomfortable.
  • Redness: When irritation persists, some redness will be spotted on the skin. This is a clear indication that you have the condition already.

Home Remedies For Chafing

Chafing Home Remedies

When it comes to chafing, its remedies come in handy. This means that there are several remedies that one can use in order to cure this condition. Keep reading to learn more about the remedies some of which are home based. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies yourself!

  • Echinacea- This is an anti-fungal and antibacterial herb and it should be taken in accordance to the instructions provided on the package in order to avoid infection on the affected areas. It is one of the highly effective herbal remedies.
  •  Calendula- In this case, you are supposed to use oil from the herb since it has some antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. An infusion of calendula can be used for the purpose of bathing the area affected.
  • Manuka- In this case, you are supposed to use the honey and oil from the herb because it penetrates the skin and also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which are effective in controlling chafing.
  • Comfrey- By applying the oil of comfrey on chafed skin or the salve, you can get relief from the pain and it also keeps irritation at bay. In addition to this, it also heals the skin completely and quickly.
  • Plantain- This herb should be added to oil or salve and applied to chafed skin. It not only soothes the skin but also ensures that it is healed fast. In addition to this, it can also blend well with comfrey, calendula and chickweed in order to speed up healing of the chafed skin.
  • Aloe Vera- Apply it on the affected area liberally and let it sit for ten minutes in order to experience irritation relief.
  • Evening Primrose Oil- This is an essential oil and especially, for the purpose of nourishing the skin and it also helps treat chafed skin by ensuring that you recover fully. It should be applied as needed for the purpose of relief.
  • Ground Ivy- This can be made into an ointment or oil and applied on affected area. In addition to this, ground ivy also helps with reduction of inflammation caused by chafing. The oil or ointment should be applied as needed.
  • Lubricating your Thighs: One of the best remedy behind getting rid of this condition is by lubricating your thighs.  The main objective of doing this is to make the thighs slide past each other instead of simply rubbing raw on each other.  All you need to do is to purchase petroleum jelly and apply it on your thighs on regular basis.
  • Wearing Long Pants: It is highly advisable to wear long pants that will cover your thighs entirely and this will in turn prevent the skin from rubbing against each other.  However, the pants should not be too tight or even too loose. Keep off nylon fabrics and polyester as they only retain moisture on the skin resulting to chafing.  Strictly wear fabrics that are made of 100% cotton or rayon as these will help keep off moisture buildup.
  • Medicated Cream: Using a medicated cream is considered to be the best remedy especially if the region affected feels irritated. All you need to do is to purchase a medicated cream e.g. Cortaid and apply it gently on the affected area. The cream will help in reducing inflammation and at the same time providing a soothing feeling on the affected area. 
  • Applying Powder: Even though using powder as a remedy to chafing is not considered to be effective since it is short lived, it helps a little bit. It acts just like petroleum jelly and all you need to do is to apply the powder e.g. talcum powder in areas that you know are quite prone to this condition. This will in turn help in absorbing moisture which gives thighs a smooth pass especially when you are walking.
  • Drinking Plenty of Water: It is important to ensure that you take plenty of water throughout the day. This is highly advisable as it will give you an opportunity of perspiring freely. Lack of enough water will result to formation of salt crystals that may make the condition to worsen.
  • Using Elastic Bandage: Take an elastic bandage and wrap it around the thighs and even legs especially if you engage in various exercises or other play sports. This is a perfect example especially if you are overweight as the bandages will act as remedies to chafing during the various activities. In case you have sores caused by this condition, you are advised to wrap the areas in adhesive bandages as this will help in protecting the skin from getting chaffed further.
  • Homemade Lubricant: There is a homemade lubricant that one can come up with. It is a simple remedy whereby you are required to mix vitamin A and D ointment with Vaseline. Select vitamin E and aloe vera cream that will help to ease pain along with other blisters formed from chafing. This lubricant is considered to be very important as it also helps one from developing chafing in the future.
  • Supplements: The best remedy for chafing is eating foods that have enough supplements such as vitamin A, C and zinc. All these supplements are considered to be the best remedies as they aid in the healing process.
  • Antibacterial Ointment: The other remedy that you can use to cure this condition is by using an antibacterial ointment. This will help in clearing the inflammation caused by this condition.
  • Engaging in Exercises: This is a perfect remedy especially if you are overweight. This is because people who are overweight are considered to be prone to this condition. This is because they tend to have superfluous skin that rubs together when they walk or do other activities.  It is therefore imperative for overweight people to engage in exercises as this will promote weight loss and reduction of thigh size.

Diet For Chafing

Eating a healthy diet is a perfect thing to do especially when you are affected by chafing. Your diet is supposed to have all the supplements that will speed up the healing process. In most cases, sores caused by this condition will not easily go away as you will be required to take a healthy diet that will promote their healing. Here are some of the foods that you need to include in your diet in order to speed up the healing process.

  • Your diet should include fruits and vegetables which are perfect when it comes to the healing process. It is important to ensure that each serving made has equal amounts of both fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day.  This will in turn help you [in healing fast and within a short period of time, you will be able to resume your activities once again.
  • The diet should be healthy by ensuring that it has all the supplements needed are included such as vitamin A, C and E.  All these supplements should be included in your diet in equal measures in order to help in facilitating the healing process.  It is important to include zinc as well as it will help in speeding up the healing process.  Additionally, these supplements are important as they help in relieving pain and inflammation as well.

Prevention Of Chafing

There are various preventive measures that you can use in order to keep chafing at bay. Read on to learn more about the prevention.

  • The first prevention is by ensuring that your skin is completely dry even if you are the sweating type. Keep off clothes that you know can easily create more friction one you wear them. Go for clothes that are made of one hundred percent cotton and use talcum powder to stay dry.
  • Choose clothes that provide you with a perfect fitting such as shorts as these will not cause any friction keeping chafing at bay.
  • If you purchase clothes, ensure that you check all the seams as much as you can. It is believed that seams that contain rough edges tend to cause irritation and as such, you can prevent this by checking out the seams before making a purchase first.