What Are The Causes Of Cholera?

The causes of cholera are well-known to several people especially for those who have been affected by the disease. However, if you have no clue of the causes, you are in the right place as this article will provide you with some of the best causes of cholera. Read on to learn more.

  • Cholera bacterium - One of the major causes of cholera is cholera bacterium which is known as vibrio cholerae scientifically.
  • Drinking Unboiled Water – When you drink water that is unboiled, you are likely to get this disease. Ensure that you drink water that has iodine or chlorine treated to keep off from getting cholera.
  • Eating Uncooked salads - There are some people who have a tendency of eating uncooked salads that have been washed with untreated water. This is a major cause of cholera and should be avoided at all costs.
  •  Undercooked Fish – Eating undercooked fish or anything that comes from the sea is a major cause of cholera.  Ensure that you eat cooked food period to prevent you from getting infected by this disease.
  • Handling food with unwashed hands – People who have a habit of handling food with unwashed hands stand a high chance of getting cholera.  Once you have visited the toilet, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent any infection.

What Are The Symptoms Of Cholera?

There are some symptoms that are associated with cholera and cannot easily be avoided. It is important to lookout for the symptoms so that you can get the best treatment there is at the right time. Keep reading to learn more about the symptoms.

  • Vomiting – This is one of the most evident symptoms that will show you that you are suffering from cholera.  There are some people who will vomit especially after eating or putting something in the stomach.
  • Nausea - The other symptom of cholera is feeling nauseous. The feeling comes and goes and at one particular time you may end up vomiting all what you have eaten.
  • Muscle Cramps – A person who has cholera infection will tend to experience muscle cramping which is as a result of essential loss of salts in the body due to dehydration.
  • Shock - There are some people who will tend to have shock especially if the disease is too severe. A person having this infection will tend to have low blood volumes which in turn will cause an individual to have less oxygen reaching the tissues. When this happens, oxygen will not be enough and can result to a person dying instantly.
  • Dehydration – A person with cholera will easily become dehydrated leading to loss of body weight.  Dehydration is mostly caused through vomiting and through diarrhea.
  • Shriveled Skin – Most people who have cholera will tend to have a skin that is shriveled. This is a symptom of this disease as it may as well make the skin to become very dry to touch.
  • Watery Diarrhea – Once the cholera bacterium has been incubated in the body system, watery diarrhea will develop and can be quite severe.  This happens either 1-5 days and will be painless at the beginning but the most severe thing is that, a lot of fluid is lost.

Home Remedies For Cholera

There are some of the best remedies that are readily available in curbing cholera so as to prevent it from causing unnecessary complications. It is important to put all the remedies into use as they will in turn help you in speeding up the healing process once you have been infected by this disease. Since the remedies are quite many, it is important to identify with the remedies that will work perfectly for you then put them into use. Here we go with the remedies. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies yourself!

  • Lime juice- Feared by most people due to its sour taste, lime juice is an effective herbal remedy for cholera. It helps in keeping the body well hydrated. Besides, it also has got the ability to kill the cholera bacilli which leads to the infection. The patient should take the juice twice a day till the symptoms disappear.
  • Bitter Gourd and Onion Juice- Cut small pieces of onion then chop to produce a juice. Take a half glass of the onion juice and add into another half glass of Bitter Gourd juice. Place a few drops of lemon juice in the mixture and mix them well. To elevate the symptoms of cholera, you can drink the mixture of the juices just in a considerable amount. Do not take too much of it since that may not go well with your system.
  • Mint Juice- Prepare mint juice and ensure that you take it on a daily basis in order to tone down the effect of the symptoms. The juice is effective in fighting vomiting and nausea which are some of the symptoms of cholera.
  • Onions and black pepper- Grind a few onions together with seven black peppers. This will give you an infusion that the patient should consume in an interval of between two to three times daily.
  • Rice Water- Rice water is an effective remedy that can be used in inhibiting diarrhea that is among the main symptoms of cholera. The patient should drink a bowl of the rice water.
  • Holy Basil- This is also another herbal remedy for Cholera that is known to some people as Tulasi. In order to come up with an ideal herbal remedy out of this herb, you should prepare a decoction of it by placing the leaves into boiling water. After boiling, the patient should be given the decoction to drink.
  • Eating Cooked foods and vegetables – The best remedy that you can use in curing cholera is by eating both cooked foods and vegetables thoroughly while they are still hot.  In case you are interested in eating a fruit of any kind, ensure that you do the peeling yourself.
  • Boiled and Treated Water – Stick to water that has been boiled and treated with iodine or chlorine period. Alternatively, if you want to drink tea or even coffee, ensure that you use the same treated water to prepare them. Keep in mind that there is no limitation when it comes to drinking soft drinks as well as other bottled drinks that are carbonated as long as you keep off taking ice. Be careful when consuming any beverage that is too hot!!!
  • Taking Oral rehydration salts – There are oral dehydration salts that have been designed with an aim of providing you with electrolyte support immediately once you contact cholera.  This will in a big way help in curing this disease without any hassle.
  • Natural herbal teas - Natural herbal teas are considered to be the best remedies when it comes to curing cholera.  They are of different types e.g. oregano, mint and ginger among others. These herbal teas are important as they help in easing painful symptoms that are associated with cholera.
  • Taking red pepper and honey pellets – Here, you need to prepare the pellets first by mixing them in equal parts. All you need to do is to take powdered red pepper as well as honey and roll them gently into paste in order to form small pellets.  Take a waxed paper and set the pellets to give them a chance to dry completely before you can commence taking them with clean water 2-3 times regularly. This is considered to be a natural remedy that is used to combat physical weakness that is caused by cholera.
  • Taking Cucumber juice - Since the symptoms of cholera will not easily go away without doing something, the best remedy you can use is by making fresh cucumber juice. This juice is important as it will help you in alleviating all the painful symptoms of this disease. In addition to this, the juice will help in replenishing all the acid that has been lost and required in combating the bacteria.  As this is not enough, the juice will help you in quenching the thirst severely caused by the disease.
  • Lemon Juice- Ensure that you have added lemon juice you the water you are about to drink especially if you live in areas that are cholera prone.

Diet For Cholera

It is important to stick to a healthy diet that will provide you with all the strength that you have lost. All you need to do is to be careful with the foods that you prepare so that they provide you with all the nutrients needed to promote quick recovery. Read on to learn more about diet.

  • It is important to eat a light diet that comprises of foods that can easily be digested e.g. soups, natural yoghurts etc.
  • Ensure that your diet consists of a slightly cooked onion to each meal that you prepare in order improve your blood circulation.
  • Your diet should include potassium, sodium and chloride as they are vital nutrients that are lost when you experience muscle cramps.

Prevention Of Cholera

Some of the best prevention measures of this disease include the following:

  • Keeping of any seafood or fish that is undercooked.
  • Strictly consuming foods that are prepared from the restaurants or even hotels instead of from street vendors.
  •  Eating foods and vegetables that have been washed with treated water. Additionally, drink water that has been treated with chlorine or iodine.