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Cornsilk (Zea Mays)


Cornsilk or commonly referred to as Zea Mays, is a popular herb that belongs to Graminaceae plant family. Zea Mays originated from South America and it was first used by the native Indians for curbing different ailments. Zea Mays is the silky growth that is found at the top of the maize cob

Ever since it was discovered by ancient Indians hundred of years ago, many communities allover the world has continued to use Zea Mays for various medicinal uses. Among these medicinal uses of Zea Mays includes.

Medicinal Uses

  1. Kidney stones– Zea mays have provided cure for kidney stones, which is among the many kidney ailments that it has been used to counter. The main property that gives Zea Mays the ability to heal kidney stones effectively is due to its inflammatory properties, which plays a role in preventing the formation of kidney stones. In addition to healing and preventing the formation of kidney stones, Zea Mays has also been used for healing the symptoms that come along with kidney stones. It has also been used for relieving pain that is attributed to kidney stones.
  2. Urinal tract infections– Zea Mays have also been used as herbal remedy for different types of urinary tract infections and urinary system disorders. This is because it has significant potassium content that gives it the ability to soothe and relax the linings of both the urinary tract and the urinary bladder. This in return helps in relieving the irritations and the pain that come along with urinary tract and urinary system infections, therefore helping in improving the flow of urine. In addition to healing urinary tract infections, Zea mays have also been used for curbing frequent urination, which is a common urinary bladder disorder.
  3. Ancient herb– Zea Mays has been used by many native communities as a herbal remedy for many ailments. Due to its inflammatory properties, Zea Mays has provided cure for boils, swellings and sores. It has also provided an ideal cure for various skin conditions that are prevalent in many places of the world.


Dosage and Administration

Just like any other drug or herb that is used for the purpose of treating various ailments, Zea may should also be administered in certain dosages whether fresh or dried. For those ailing from urinary tract infections, they are urged to take one cup of Zea Mays herbal tea thrice a day. For those that are embarking on using Zea Mays as a herbal remedy for both sores and wounds, they are required to take a decoction of its meal  in order to provide a poultice for these wounds and sores. For patients that are suffering from cystitis and other eye infections, they are urged to use Zea Mays as a tincture by taking 50 drops thrice a day.

Parts Used

The main parts of Corn silk that are used for healing herbal remedies are the stamens of the corn plant. They can be used in either dried and powdered form or when they are still fresh.  The active compounds found in these stamens include allantoin, sterols and saponins.


There are a number of health benefits that are linked to Zea Mays. Among them is that it has a number of compounds that can be used for the purposes of curbing obesity, bed-wetting and clearing boils.  Due to the inflammatory properties of Zea Mays, it has become the ideal herbal remedy for countering prostate disorders and edema.

Zea Mays has also provided an ideal cure for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Zea Mays also helps in lowering the amino acid content that is found in the blood vessels, therefore enhancing the flow of the blood to all parts of the body. Cornsilk is also ideal for lowering the chances of having a heart attack. Studies have further show that, people who regularly use Cornsilk have a lower risk of getting liver cancer as compared to those that don't use Zea Mays.

Side Effects

There have been no scientifically proven side effects of Zea Mays.  Doctors and other health practitioners have termed Zea may as among the safest herbal remedy for various diseases. Nevertheless, Zea Mays can have side effects on those people that have corn allergies. In addition, doctors have recommended that those that are having severe kidney and liver diseases not to use Zea Mays. Kids and pregnant women are also among those that are not supposed to use Zea Mays.


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