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Dandelion (Taraxacum officinalis)


Dandelion or popularly referred to as the common Dandelion is herbaceous plant that grows in temperate regions allover the world. It is most common in areas where there is moist soil and many communities allover the globe considers it among the weedy species. It has rosette leaves which emerge from its central taproot; and it also has yellow flowers. There are also other species of Dandelion that have orange flowers.  Dandelion has for long been used for both as a medical herb and for the purposes of food preparations.


Medicinal Uses

 Apparently, there are several medicinal uses of Dandelion, which give this herb the ability to treat various diseases. Among these medicinal uses of Dandelion includes.

  • Treating diuretic: Dandelion has for long provided an ideal herbal remedy for diuretic.  The main reason that makes this herb the best for countering Dandelion is due to its high levels of potassium. In return, this potassium salts that are contained in this herb help in replacing the potassium salts that are lost while by the body after urination.
  • Healing different types of infections: Dandelion has also provided an ideal herbal remedy for different types of infections.  When its leaves are dried and used in powdered form, Dandelion can be used to treat yeast infections including other types of bacterial infections that attack people from all parts of the world every year.  Dandelion can also be used for treating a number of skin infections and skin conditions.
  • Treatment of gallbladder disorders: Dandelion contains latex that in return helps in fighting a variety of gallbladder disorders.  Among the many types of gallbladder disorders that Dandelion has the ability to heal includes gallstones, jaundice and cirrhosis. The herbaceous plant also has antibacterial properties that help in countering the growth of bacteria which cause the inflammation to occur along the gallbladder. In addition to healing gallbladder disorders, Dandelion can be taken inform of tea and in return help in healing the urinary tract infections. The herb also has the ability of healing bladder infections, which hinders one from passing the urine with ease.
  • Used for making beverages: Dandelion has also for long being used for making beverages. The good thing with making beverages using Dandelion is that, such beverages contain medicinal values that are apparently absent in other types of beverages. Dandelion wine is among these beverages that are made from the flower heads of this herbaceous plant. In addition to making Dandelion wine, its roots can be used while dry in order to make a coffee substitute. This trend was common during the second war, when importation of coffee was hindered by the war.


Dosage and administration

The powdered leaves, flowers and roots of this flower can be dried and powdered and then mixed with tea, water or any other beverage and administered orally. However, there is need for one to use Dandelion in its proper dosages just like the other types of drugs and herbs that are used for the purposes of healing various ailments. One should therefore mix one teaspoon of Dandelion with one cup of water, tea or any other beverage.


Parts used

The parts of the Dandelion that are used as herbal remedies for various ailments include leaves, roots and at times flowers. These parts can be used while fresh or dry and mixed with different types of beverages.



There are a number of health benefits that have been linked with Dandelion. Among these health benefits is that, it has the ability of treating liver and kidney diseases with ease. In addition, Dandelion offers the ideal solution for digestive disorders by reducing intestinal gases.  It also offers cure for different types of skin conditions that have being attacking many people.


Side effects

Although the use of Dandelion has, for long, being considered safe, there are some medical reports that points out that, Dandelion has some minor side effects. Among them is that, it might result to diarrhea and stomach upsets if used in large quantity. There are also some people who are allergic to this herbaceous plant, and it might affect them significantly if they used it for healing various body diseases.

Doctors have also maintained that, people suffering from chronic gallbladder infections should refrain from using this herbaceous plant, for it might lead to more complications. It is also recommended that, one should seek medical attention in case Dandelion is futile in treating their ailments.





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