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Devil's club, whose scientific name is Oplopanax horridus, is a huge shrub that is native to the moist and cool forests towards the west of North America. This plant is extremely easy to identify thanks to its large palmate leaves and woody stems adorned with brittle spines. When fully grown, it stands at about 1.5 meters though those in rainforest gullies can be as tall as 5 meters. It is known by a number of common names depending on location, such as Devil's root, Bois Piquant, Fatsia and Garrote del Diablo. If you are interested in using this herb as a home remedy then read through the following review.


Medicinal Uses

Devil's club, just as the name suggests, has been associated more with spiritual uses rather than medicinal ones. However, this does not mean that the herb has nothing to offer when it comes to the field of medicine. In fact, this herb has been lauded as the most valuable medicinal herb native to the Northwest of the Pacific. Here are some of the uses it has been put to:

  • Appetite stimulant: If you have been having issues with appetite then Devil's club will be a very important herb. This is because it has been scientifically proven to possess an appetite stimulating property.
  • Arthritis and rheumatism: This herb is also a gem to patients suffering from arthritis and rheumatic pain. Significant reduction in pain was noted in patients placed under the herb as opposed to those on placebo.
  • Childbirth and menstruation: Devil's club could prove to be a gem to expectant mothers and ladies suffering from menstrual complications. The extract from this herb can be taken to expel afterbirth, regulate the menstrual cycle, resume post-partum menstrual flow and reduce cramps.


Dosage and Administration

Devil's club is one of the herbs with a good number of medicinal uses. However, you should never be tempted to copy the dosage from a friend or folk since it varies depending on the severity of the condition that is being treated. It is therefore important to consult a qualified medical practitioner to get the most suitable dose. Other factors such as age and medical history also have to be considered.


If you are taking the decoction, ½ to 1 cup thrice a day should be enough. If it's the tincture, you will need 15-30 drops the same number of times daily. You could also opt for 3 g of the powdered herb in your tea, 3 times a day as well. Remember that your doctor is always at liberty to alter this dosage depending on your response.


Parts Used

When using any plant as a herbal remedy, it is important to be very sure about the part of the plant that should be used. This is because one part could be a cure and another a deadly poison. As for Devil's club, the bark of the root is the most commonly used part in herbal medicine. However, the bark of the bottom 12 inches of the stem is also becoming popular in treatments.



 If you thought the importance of Devil's club ends with medicinal uses then think again. This plant has been used by the natives of Northern America for both protection and witchcraft. However, here are some benefits that could also be of great help to you:

  • The herb is very effective in the regulation of blood sugar levels. This is why it remains one of the most sought after herbal remedies for diabetes.
  • Devil's club is also effective in inhibiting a number of respiratory viruses. This is what makes it a good remedy for coughs, colds and several other respiratory ailments.
  • Extracts from this herb have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can be leveraged for treatments of conditions such as dandruff.
  • Devil's club can be used to cure common joint and lower back pains as well as stiff necks.


Side Effects

Being a natural product, Devil's club is very much tolerated in the human body. However, pregnant and lactating mothers are warned against using the herb without widespread medical consultation. No serious side effects have been directly linked to Devil's club so you can assume it is a very safe natural remedy to use.


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