What Are The Causes Of Ear Infection?

There exist a vast number of occasions that could lead to an ear infection. Below are some of the common instances reported to be possible triggers of ear infection:

  • Flu, also known as cold can lead to building up of fluids in the interior parts thus exposing Eustachian tube to infections. When this tube is blocked it allows pressure to build up inside the ear since flow of air in and out is interfered with. This enables the germs entering into the ear to multiply considerably laying a good foundation for an ear infection.
  • Weather conditions such as low atmospheric pressure and low temperatures are boosters to existence of moisture in the ear more so with the small children. This increases vulnerability of ear infections.
  • Admission of a nasal drip into the inner ear also plays a role in causing an ear infection as it tamper with the Eustachian tube in one way or the other
  • The tendency of leaving the ear wet after taking a bath is also a key contributor to this infection. The liquid left behind is unclean and proves to be extremely disastrous to the Eustachian tube as it introduces a favorable environment for the existence of germs in the interior of the ear.
  • The mucous that pops into Eustachian tube in the event of nose blowing causes mounting up of the mucous fluid hence an ear infection could occur as a result.
  • Mostly the causes of ear infection in childhood are bacterial with just few cases reported to be viral infections. The longer the Eustachian tube the higher the capability of getting rid of the germs in the interior ear. This is the reason why children are vulnerable to bacterial ear infections since their Eustachian tubes are not long enough to keep the germs away from the ear.
  • Viruses are mainly known to infect adults. The bad thing with viral ear infections is that they are a bit hard to get rid of. However, ear infection is not a communicable condition that can be passed from one person to another.

What Are The Symptoms Of An Ear Infection?

There are some symptoms which even a lay man do not need attention of a physician to know that something is not happening they way it ought to in his or her ear. These are:

  • Your ear temporarily stops to hear anything from the surrounding.
  • Your feel like something is blocking your ear from inside.
  • You start to feel dizzy and experience signs of fever.
  • An awkward pain striking you from inside of your ear. 

Ear Infection Home Remedies

The treatment of an ear infection is strictly based on whether it is caused by viruses or by the bacteria. Either way the conditions are curable with the treatment of bacterial cases being simpler than its viral counterpart. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies yourself!  Here are some of the home remedies that you can try.

  •  Hydrogen Peroxide- Putting  hydrogen peroxide drops into each ear helps in curing ear infections
  • Try This- Introducing a warm juice extracted from either onions or garlic could serve the same role as an ear drop.
  • Try This- Some types of oil are applicable in curing ear infections. For example; lavender, chamomile, tea tree and almond oil drops are known to reduce inflammation and prevent existence of bacteria in the ear.
  • Try This- Using a warm wet cloth on the external part of the ear will not only boost circulation but also get rid of any wax that may cause blockage. Heat from the cloth is also known for reduction of earache
  • Electric Blanket or Heating Pad- An electric blanket or a heating pad helps handle ear infections. This boosts body heat thus gets rid of internal dampness.
  • Echinacea- Echinacea is a great herb that you can go for in order to prevent ear infections. It is also a well known immune booster. It generally reduces the effects and life spans of the condition.
  • Herpar Sulph- Herpar Sulph is another herbal remedy for ear infection that is available in both tablet and liquid form. It is a known remedy for clearing any discharge from the ear.
  • Holy Basil- You can also use drops of Holy Basil juice to prevent and cure ear infections. This herb juice is effective as it has great cleansing and disinfecting properties.
  • Olive Oil and Castor Oil- Olive oil and castor oil can also be used for preventing and treating ear infections. You just need to warm a little oil on the spoon and drip it into the affected ear and reduce the pain. But remember to plug some cotton to prevent the oil from dripping out of the infected ear.
  • Try This- You can ease pain and pressure that is caused by ear infection through a combination of Mullein [Verbascum densiflorum] with garlic infused oils. These oils are great in a way that they kill pain and get rid of bacteria.
  • Try This Juice- A combination of juice extracted from mango leaves with garlic can also be a helpful remedy for ear infection and earache.
  • Ginger Root- You also need to make use of the ginger root as it is a great herb for treating and preventing ear infections. You can have the Ginger root juiced together with carrot and apple to reduce ear pain.
  • Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Honey-You can also combine garlic with apple cider vinegar and honey and get rid of ear infections.
  • John’s Wort- Lastly, an infected person can also reduce inflammation by using the St. John’s Wort oil as it has anti-viral properties. It will also a great relaxant and will help reduce ear pain.

Diet For Ear Infection

Most interior ear infections are reported to attack children since during the development process children are usually cold and weak due to energy deficiency thus internal body heat makes them vulnerable to effects of both internal and external dampness and cold. Below is a brief insight into how diet affects ear infection.

  • The heat comes from blood circulation, food digestion and body movements all of which are supported by proteins, fats, blood and other nutrients in the body.
  • Digestion supplies most of body heat which then goes up to other parts like nose, mouth, throat, lungs and ears. Little heat is reported to be supplied in the event of a weak digestion which results into low body temperatures. This in turn causes internal dampness which as it condenses results into mucous in the body parts we mentioned earlier.
  • Diets characterized by high starch, low protein, and low fats exhibit weakness thus not recommended as far as ear infections are concerned as they lead to weal digestion.
  • An average diet with spices included is advisable since they boost digestion and curb dampness.
  • Hot soup and stew since they feature protein and fats boost body temperature thus dry internal dampness.
  • Dairy products and cold drinks damp the body so they should be avoided.
  • Garlic and peppermint oil are recommended as they can be used to cure ear infection as they get rid of dampness.

Prevention Of Ear Infection

Prevention of ear infection depends on whether it is on a child or adult. On adults its easier. That is:

  • Recommended to chew a gum made with xylitol. This releases pressure inside the ear and stops bacteria from reaching the interior ear parts.
  • Using nasal spray to get rid of bacteria or any other cause of ear infection or build up. Xylitol in the spray keeps off bacteria before building up on nasal tissues.
  • Focus on diets that are recommended. Look at the dietary remedies above.
  • Immunization plays an important role when it comes to prevention of ear infections. It helps get your body functioning properly thus help keep some ear infections triggers at bay.