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Echinacea (Echinacea Spp.)


Echinacea is a great herbal plant that grows in the western United States. It grows in grasslands, hills and also in sandy soils, although you can find it cultivated as a garden plant. It is very similar to daisy and it is widely recognized for its large flowers with very large disc and long ligules and it is sometimes thorny. It is made up of acids such as ferulic acid, chlorogenic acid, syringic and caffeic acid, alkaloids, starch, pectin, fiber, sugar, vitamins and essential oils.

Medical Uses

Echinacea (Echinacea Spp.) has been used to treat many conditions affecting many people in the world and on daily basis. Some of the common diseases treated and prevented by using Echinacea include the following:-

  • Respiratory diseases- Echinacea is a great herb for treating and preventing respiratory infections as it has effective antiviral and anti microbial properties. It can be used to cure respiratory diseases such as flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, cold, swine flue, pharyngitis and sore throat among other conditions.
  • It is also acts as a great remedy for vaginal infections. You can use this herb to treat vaginitis, vaginal itching, vaginal flow or vaginismus among others.
  • Echinacea is also helpful for treatment of urinary tract infections as it acts as a natural antibiotic. You need to take a certain amount of the herb to cure urethritis or cystitis.
  • You can also use this herb to treat earache or otitis as it helps improve the immune system preventing further infection of the ears.
  •  It is a great remedy for sexually transmitted infections, as it helps stimulate the immune system due to its anti microbial properties. Some of the STDs that you can treat using Echinacea are gonorrhea and syphilis.
  • If you have cancer, Echinacea is a great herb that you can consume and take care of the infection. It stimulates the immune system and gets rid of the dangerous cancer cells.
  • Other medical uses of Echinacea include treatment of inflammations, acne, burns, mouth sores, digestive infections, gingivitis, herpes and many other infections.


Dosage and Administration

Echinacea is an excellent herb that helps cure many infections and it is also tolerated by many people. However, you need to be very meticulous when using this herbal plant. In essence, you need to know how it is administered and also learn more about its dosage. When it comes to dosage and use of Echinacea Spp, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • 500mgs of the Echinacea extract should be used by healthy people on daily basis.
  • You can use 500mgs of the herb during the night or morning when exposed to a certain infection
  • It is recommended to use 500mgs every three to four hours if you have severe signs of cold, fever or flu.
  •  You can use 15 to 30 grains of the herb powder for three to six times a day
  • For the tincture, you need to add 10 to 60 drops of the herb and lastly
  • For the fluid extract, you van take ½to 1 teaspoon of the herb for three to six times a day.


Parts Used

Before you use Echinacea, you need to know the specific parts that are used and ones that make it the best herbal remedy to go for. You should not rush to using the herb without knowing the most effective parts of the plants. It is advisable to use the roots mostly, but you can also use the seeds and flowers of this herbal plant. Additionally, the roots are the best part of Echinacea that you should use as there are slightly sweet, aromatic, and strong and they also have a tingly feeling to the tongue with majority of the species.


There are several benefits of using Echinacea and they include the following:-

  • Echinacea is a powerful immune booster if properly used.
  • It is a great anti-viral remedy that helps increase the amount of interleukin, interferon and many other chemicals. Hence they prevent the spread of viral infections.
  • It is a powerful remedy for fever that affects many people on daily basis. This is possible as it stimulates the body to produce important interferon.
  • Echinacea also offers great cancer-preventing properties.


Side Effects

There are a number of side effects of overdosing or using Echinacea wrongly and they are:-

  • Stomach upsets,
  • Dizziness and nausea,
  • Allergic reactions such as swelling and rashes,
  • Increase in signs of asthma,
  • Liver problems and
  • Decreased functioning of the immune system among others.






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