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Elecampane (Inula helenium)


Commonly referred to as horse-heal, Elecampane is herbaceous plants that is common in the UK and parts of Europe. It is also prevalent in Asia and parts of North America.  It has large and toothed leaves with lower stalked leaves, while the rest of the leaves embrace the stem of this plant. Elecampane has yellow flowers which have several rays. Elecampane has from ancient times been used for the medical purposes, thanks to the fact that it has several medicinal uses. Among the medicinal uses of Elecampane includes.


Medicinal use

  • Remedy for digestive disorders: Elecampane has been used by many communities allover the world for treating different types of digestive disorders. Key among the reason that has made this herb is the best for treating digestive disorders is due to its chemical, alantolactone. This chemical plays a key role in eliminating worms and other parasites that are found in the digestive tract, and which are among the major cause of digestive disorders. When taken minutes before having a meal, this herb has the ability to boost the absorption of both vitamins and minerals. In addition to countering digestive disorders and boosting the absorption of minerals and vitamins, Elecampane also helps in stimulating appetite.
  • Remedy for respiratory disorders: Elecampane has the ability to treat nearly every type of respiratory disease. This is because it has unique oil in its roots, which have inflammatory properties that in return enables in breaking up the congestion that is in respiratory tracts, alongside calming coughs.  It also has the ability to cure acute bronchitis and healing severe cases of asthma.
  • Help in stabilizing blood sugar: The roots of Elecampane provide an ideal cure for diabetes. Its roots are rich in inulin that is completely different from insulin. Numerous studies have indicated that, inulin plays an effective role in stabilizing blood sugar. In addition to stabilizing blood sugar, inulin also improves the absorption of mineral and nutrients after consuming food. 
  • Skin remedy: Elecampane also provides ideal remedy for various types of skin conditions. This is due to the fact that, its roots have anti-inflammatory properties which in return plays a vital role in relieving eczema, among the many skin disorders that are caused by the inflammation of the skin.  Elecampane is also rich in chemical alantolactone, which is responsible for the healing of the skin. All that one is required to do while using Elecampane for healing various types of skin disorders, is to prepare a wash of Elecampane, by simply diluting the its roots decoction.
  • Pain reliever: Elecampane has also been used as a pain reliever for many painful ailments that has been attacking man from the time immemorial. It was used by ancient communities for relieving pain that come along with toothache.


Dosages and administration

Elecampane also ought to be administered in required dosages. Its one tablespoon of powdered roots is supposed to be mixed with one cup of water, tea and other beverages. Thereafter, one is supposed to take the decoction thrice a day. While administered in form of a liquid extract, one is supposed to take 2-3 milliliters of Elecampane thrice a day.

Parts Used

Apparently, not every part of Elecampane is used as a herbal remedy for different types of ailments that people allover the world have been suffering from. The only part of Elecampane that is used for medicinal purposes are the roots. They are used to make decoctions that are used for treating a variety of ailments ranging from coughs to digestive disorders.


Just like other types of herbs that are used for treating various diseases, Elecampane also has its own benefits. Among these benefits is that, in addition to being used as a medicinal herb, Elecampane can also be used as a flavoring agent for various digestive liqueurs. Elecampane has also been used as anthelmintic, thanks to its bitterness that helps in killing roundworms, tapeworms and hookworms, among the many worms that Elecampane has the ability of killing. Elecampane has also been used in the field of veterinary medicine and has offered veterinary doctors cure for skin diseases that affect many livestock. In ancient Greece, the herb was used by Greeks for curing a wide range of diseases. Among the many ailments that Elecampane has been used to heal in ancient Greece includes dropsy, digestive and menstrual disorders.

Side effects

Even though Elecampane has been considered among the ideal herbal remedies for various diseases, it also has minor side effects. Among them is that, it might results to allergies for people who are allergic to this plant. In addition, doctors have maintained that it should never be taken by pregnant women and people who have severe diseases.




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