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Geranium (Geranium maculatum)


Geranium is a powerful astringent herb. It contains tannins, gallic acid that make it a good laxative, its is astringent and anti inflammatory herb that treats a wide range of diseases. It is used in the treatment of diarrhea especially in children and elderly persons. The herb is an infusion plant that can be used on its own or in combination of other herbs. Its properties such as atonic issues help to clear off discharges, ulceration of the digestive tract and mucous membranes. The herb is also styptic and offers the most impressive results when used with demulcent herb. However, it should not be used in the event of internal bleeding. The herb is chiefly an excellent and trusted tonic astringent with amazing alterative properties. Therefore, it influences mucous structures by enhancing their normal functions and their tone.

Medicinal Uses

  • The root of the herb is rich in tannin. It contains 20 percent of tannin hence, highly astringent. It is antiseptic and helps to treat wounds and stop bleeding because it is antihemorrhoidal.
  • It has anti inflammatory properties therefore, helps in treatment of mucous membranes.
  • Treats kidney problem and related infections.
  • It contains medicinal properties that help in treatment of stomach ailments.
  • Helps to relieve irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Used in the treatment of dysentery and related conditions.
  • When suffering from kidney problems, the herb helps to clear off infections and underlying symptoms.
  • Helps to stop bleeding including nasal bleeding.
  • It can be applied externally to clear off vaginal discharges, thrush and inflammations of the mouth.
  • Treats Crohn’s disease and peptic ulcers.
  • Effective in the treatment of rosacea, acute bowel disorders, mucosal inflammation, promotes formation of solid stool and ulcerative colitis.
  • Geranium helps to alleviate symptoms of phthisis pulmonalis. This is based on the fact that its constituents enhance general tone and helps a patient to overcome night sweat. Additionally, it treats any condition caused by tubercullar bacilli.
  • The herb is effective in the treatment of chronic dysentery caused by enema. It induces colic, does not lead to excessive secretion of gastric juices and suspends peristalsis.
  • It tones mucous lining and enhances general intestinal tract health.
  • Treats liver cirrhosis and ulceration of the duodenum.
  • It also helps in treatment of habitual menorrhagia and gastric cancer. It is one of the most trusted and effective treatment against incipient gastric cancer.
  • Used in the treatment of chronic bronchitis and upper respiratory tract infections. This is because it has condensing action that helps to relax bronchial membranes. It also relieves coughs and expectoration and offers energy that a patient needs.
  • Offers instant relief to passive hemorrhage compared to other agents and herbs.
  • Treats typhoid fever, prevents excessive discharges including sanious and feacal discharges. It is quite valuable because it prevents dehydration.

Dosage and Administration

Geranium is available in different forms and composition therefore, its dosage and administration vary depending on the form you settle for

  • 15 to 30 grains of the herb
  • fluid extract should be taken ½ to 1 drachm
  • 1 to 3 grains of Geranium
  • Geranium infusion of 1 OZ
  • Geranium tincture after an hour to attack subsides -twenty drops a day
  • Drops, oral. 1Dh of geranium maculatum
  • granules, oral: 1dh of geranium
  • Globules, oral: 1dh geranium

Parts Used

Leaves, root, fruits and flowers


  1. Offers instant relief to chronic diarrhea. Ten drops of the herb after every 2hrs helps stops diarrhea and offers a relaxing feeling.
  2. Eliminates night sweats and slows symptoms of phthisis pulmonalis
  3. Geranium can be administered as an injection to treat menorrhagin and in treatment of postpartum hemorrhage.
  4. Offers instant relieve to pain caused by gastric ulcers and cures the condition completely
  5. It is effective, efficient, palatable and does not have unpleasant side effects
  6. relaxation of the ulva can be treated by applying Geranium
  7. Geranium also treats leuchorrhoea, hemorrhoids and excellent in treatment of nasal related conditions by injecting them with the tincture
  8. It is also essential in relieving symptoms of chronic dysentery, spony gums, catarrhal ophthalmia, mercurial salivation, sore gums, sore mouth, dry tongue.
  9. Stops excessive menstrual bleeding
  10. It is edible and highly nutritious. Can be used for culinary purposes especially if you want a desired texture and flavor

Side Effects

  • Geranium maculatum does not have any known side effects. However, you may feel weak after using the herbs especially during the initial stages of your treatment.


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