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Goldenseal, whose scientific name is Hydrastis canadensis, is a perennial herb that has been used as a herbal remedy for a number of medical conditions. It is known by several common names among them Golden Seal, yellowroot, eyebalm, orangeroot, ground raspberry, Jaundice root, yellow puccoon and Indian dye. Goldenseal is native to the rich, moist soils in the edges of forests in Northeast America. This is because it thrives well in acidic soils exposed to partial sunlight or just shaded areas. The herb grows to just about 30 cm and is renowned for its bitter taste and strong odor. Before you start using Goldenseal as a natural remedy, it is important to go through the following guide.


Medicinal Uses

There are nearly as many herbs out there as there are conditions to be treated. This means that keeping track of all the conditions treated by a given herb is never going to be easy. To prevent you from getting confused, here are some of the medicinal uses of Goldenseal:

  • To begin with, the herb has been widely used in conjunction with echinacea to treat a number of respiratory complaints. These include sinus problems, stuffy noses, hay fever as well as bronchitis. This is what makes it very popular among cancer patients.
  • Goldenseal is increasingly becoming popular in the treatment of diabetes. This can be credited to the fact that it increases the production of insulin. Furthermore, the herb works through different pathways to tone down the amount of sugar in blood.
  • Golden Seal also boasts crucial anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This has been exploited by herbal medicine in the treatment of skin irritations caused by bacteria and fungus, acne being a good example. It is very effective as well against mouth ulcers like canker sores and any irritations on the mouth's mucous membrane.


Dosage and Administration

Clearly, Goldenseal is one of the more versatile crop of herbal remedies. This only means that you have to be extremely careful regarding the dosage since each different condition could demand its own dosage. Even if your friend is taking the herb, do not try to copy the dosage as it often varies depending on the condition in question. 


Goldenseal is available in oral forms – tablets and capsules – that can be taken as per the manufacturer's instructions. You can also make a mouthwash or skin wash using powdered extracts. This can be prepared by adding 2 teaspoons of dried Golden Seal root to 5 ounces of boil water for about 10 minutes. This mixture should be used for a maximum of 4 times in one day.


Parts Used

One herb can have both poisonous and life-saving parts. This is why it is very important to know the exact part of a plant that is used to make herbal remedies. As for Goldenseal, the roots are the most commonly used parts in preparing herbal treatments. However, the use of leaves is also gaining popularity.



The importance of Goldenseal does not just end with the medical uses. Here are some more health benefits that you will enjoy when using the herb as a home remedy:

  • If you are suffering from flu or common cols, taking this herb will be very advantageous. This is because it is effective in treating the symptoms associated with these conditions.
  • Yeast infections have have earned the loathe of patients and doctors alike due to their resistance to common treatments. This is exactly where Goldenseal can be of great help. It is also effective in treating stubborn yeast infections such as athlete's foot.
  • Goldenseal's effect on blood vessel tone has been utilized to regulate internal bleeding and excessive menstrual bleeding. The increase in tone also makes it ideal for stopping incessant external bleeding.
  • It could be effective in treating diarrhea since it contains alkaloids such as berberine that possess antimicrobial properties.


Side Effects

The best part about Goldenseal is that it is natural and therefore very well tolerated in the human body. However, doctors warn that it could trigger emotional changes and feelings of nausea. In as much as it regulates blood glucose, it could result in a rise in blood pressure in diabetes patients. Pregnant ladies are warned against using Goldenseal due to its uterine contracting abilities.


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