What Is A Hangover?

Frequent consumers of alcohol only know the feeling too well. A hang over can simply be described or better defined as a prolonged constellation of very unpleasant and often painful symptoms brought about by consumption of too much alcohol. It is that irritating feeling that will always find its way the morning after a whole night of drinking. With an extreme severe headache you will feel like vomiting all over the place but all in vain. It is expected that your mouth will be very dry so you might struggle to quench it out but as soon as you get up and start moving, you will be forced to get back from the dizzy annoying feel that you must experience. Some will have stomach upsets too which makes one feel very uncomfortable.

Due to that uneasy state that a hang over will keep you in; you will tend to look for possible postures that may reduce this. The more you try to get comfortable the higher you hang over will fight back. More often than not, many will try the bed, the sofa, the floor, take a shower, bask a little, and have some ice cubes but none of these works for them. A hang over can prove to be really stubborn especially when you are trying to get over it.

What Are The Causes Of Hangovers?

Some often feel very hungry but the moment they try to put anything edible in their mouth the sooner they feel like vomiting. You can hardly eat or drink every thing all you feel like is being every where aimlessly. We could say that it takes you to a confused state that you cannot explain what you really want to do. There are very many different types of alcohol existing today than in the past ranging from wine, spirits and beer. They all come in different alcohol content and flavors that one is able to choose what works best for them .Every one has a different reaction to alcohol and so does hang over vary with different people. There is no limit amount set that could cause hang over; some people believe that if you take alcohol along with water, chances are that you might not be a victim of hang over the morning after. The hang over you get is relatively equal to the amount of alcohol you took or take.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hangovers?

Every condition or state in the body has to have some signs of some kind.  Hang over might vary from the normal symptoms of diseases. Symptoms of a hangover could come in two phases; direct or indirect. Direct symptoms of a hang over in someone can be well explained by two major factors;

  • While taking alcohol, there are so many reactions that take place in the body and in the mind too. Alcohol has a diuretic effect that reacts with the body leaving the drinker dehydrated. This very common with those who are used to taking spirits anytime they go out to drink. If this happens you will notice that the victim will consume a lot of water without immediate satisfaction. It is actually the most common symptom of a hang over.
  • The probability of alcohol to toxi9cate the drinker is almost 100%. Rarely will you drink and escape this from any type of alcohol you consume. This toxic effect is more or less of a poison to your body system. As you walk around observing addicted drinkers, you will not fail to notice that their weak bodies or the general difficulties they have in performing their daily duties than before.

The second phase which is indirect is common but not very many people know it as symptoms;

  • When taking alcohol some metabolites are produced along with other chemical reactions. This causes a hangover when one withdraws alcohol mostly via vomiting. In most cases many will vomit and pass out for immediately for a couple of hours.
  • Chemical that are used to manufacture alcohol are likely to affect someone health wise. Waking up in the wrong state brings about some sort of confusion and discomfort. This could be a possible symptom of a hang over.
  • Some people drink to pass time with friends and families (this is common with mature and older persons). Teenager or those of a middle age are likely to take alcohol out of stress or anxiety. If this happens, there is a possibility of chaotic behaviors or something related to that. The way one behaves or the personal characteristics that are involved while drinking could be another symptom that causes hangovers.

As much as it is a popular way many seem to prefer spending their leisure time, excessive consumption of alcohol can be quite dangerous to the extent of threatening ones life. If you are a frequent consumer of alcohol you can be sure of risking to suffer; liver failure, failure gastrointestinal system, your nervous system could also fail and the brain which plays a major role in your body system. Other external effects that one can be subjected to include lack of concentration and your body rhythms could be disrupted and so on. There exists unfounded myths on how to alleviate these kinds of symptoms but they do no do much of helping the situation. Following some traditional practices could even make matters worse since there is no professional aspect in either of them.

Hangover Home Remedies

Now to the big question that every victim will not seize asking until they get an answer; how and when will this hangover go away? The ultimate cure that one can ever get for their hang over is never getting one. If you have to take alcohol, limit the amount you are taking every day. After all alcohol takes time to expire and the manufactures work extra hard to make sure that alcohol is never out of stock.

 A habit is a disease; some people especially heavy drinkers are always a victim of swearing against everything that they can never drink again. They do quit for some time but after a while they find it very difficult to operate without few glasses of alcohol. If someone has this kind of behavior it shows alcoholism or least, it could be alcohol abuse. Peer pressure could also be blamed on such behaviors. If one the friends feels like they want to quit taking alcohol worst when they give a hang over as their major reason fear of appearing stupid and so old fashioned will not allow them to do so. This is a very common case among young people who mind a lot about what people say and they usually have a sort of a leader who they all look up to.

 One who gets a severe hang over especially for longer hours, the next statement you hear from them is they will quit taking alcohol. Experience is the best teacher and one who has had a hang over will surely never want to have it again; so when you feel you have had enough, quitting is the best route to take. Do not mind your peers because they too never escape hang over.

There are some hangover home remedies that you might want to try.  These include the following: Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies and herbal remedies yourself!  Here are some of the home remedies and herbal remedies that you can try.

  •  Take a Nap- Most people take a nap for some few hours. A nap will systematically do away with the dizzy feeling and discomfort that one is experiencing during the hang over. However, this is not a confirmed remedy for hang over since there is a lot of restlessness that comes along with it. It is possible that one may not get into a sleep rather they will keep turning on every corner of the bed. One would wonder why manufacturers do not give a remedy for a hang over yet when you buy a machine or any item there are usually instructions to repair in case of breakdown. It is so unfortunate that event the best doctors ever existing, do not seem to have any clue on a hang over remedy. The search for this remedy can as well be termed as old-age challenge.
  • Drink Water- Another tactic that one could possibly apply is taking a lot of water. This caters for the dehydration that was caused as one was drinking. Water is life so this is likely to bring back your system to its normal function.
  • Eat Fruit- Take plenty of ripe fruits. Fruits contain a unique type of natural sugar that burns alcohol really fast. The best way to consume this fruits easily is by making yourself a fruit salad or pudding.
  • Bouillon Salt- Get bouillon salt and take it in plenty to recover the potassium ans salt lost.
  • Ginseng Root- The extracts from Ginseng roots are high in fructose-up to half of its composition. This high sugar content is regarded as what is perhaps the best remedy for a hangover, helping to improve your body’s ability to digest any alcohol left in your system by catalyzing its metabolism process. Many juices actually contain fructose, so instead of going for that vodka filled bloody Mary, just skip right to the juice.
  • Honey- Honey is also another naturally occurring substance that provides a rich source of fructose, so boiling up a hot cup of tea; lace it with a spoon full of honey to help you battle your hangover.
  • Prickly Pear Extract- Prickly pear extract is also a very effective hangover remedy. It is known to reduce nausea, appetite loss as well as the resultant dry mouth. These extracts deal directly with the symptoms, and serve to reduce these symptoms. They can be taken several hours before your ‘night out’, giving them plenty of time to work their way into your system.
  •  Ginger- Ginger also helps to reduce gag reflexes, as well as any underlying nausea symptoms. It also serves the purpose of helping the occasional upset stomach, making it a very potent remedy for hangovers. It is also quite useful as a substitute pain killer. Ginger has been known to be effective in battling headaches, as well as stopping diarrhea.
  •  Ginkgo Biloba- Ginkgo Biloba is a highly effective herbal remedy that increases blood flow to the brain, hence relieving headaches. It also helps improve your concentration gradient which is usually lost during hangovers. The improved blood flow results in increased brain activity, which is, in principle, a very effective way to battle a hangover.
  •  Green Tea- Green tea is also a highly recommended hangover remedy, and has been known to get rid of queasiness, and, as well act as a natural analgesic.

Prevention Of Hangovers

Sticking to one type of alcohol may make you body adopt to it. Your body will always react to any new environment introduced to it so maybe having it used to one type may not cause any alarm every time you drink. This is just but a natural way that one could save himself from this unnecessary condition. Remember there has never been a standard remedy for hang over so anytime you indulge into excessive drinking, you are doing it at your own risk. Do not reduce or quit drinking for the sake of hangovers, there are enough and  more crucial reasons to do so.