What Are The Causes Of Head Congestion?

Head congestion can be a result of several events that one comes across in their day to day activities;

  •  The most common factor that could lead to head congestion is stress. It is very easy to identify an individual with stress; they seem to be present physically but their minds are way far from the normal world. They often hold their heads with a little rubbing to try and calm the situation.
  • Clogging in the head can also be caused by  changes that occur in air pressure; as much as it could be so easy for some to adapt into new environment, some people are very much affected with air exchange to the extent of getting head congestions. It is expected that when one is under pressure, they are likely to have some tension in them. They seem not to be comfortable with anything that surrounds them. In most cases they cannot clearly explain what they feel in the head.
  • Allergies are very common cause for nasal congestion. Most allergies are brought about by allergens like dust which one is bound to come into contact with every day. Allergies are at a better position of causing nasal congestion due to the clogging of mucus brought about by allergies.
  • Seasonal rhinitis with common symptoms as itchy eyes, throat and ears stand a great chance of resulting to nasal or head congestion.
  • A common cold could get persistent and the end result is usually a nasal congestion.
  • Head or nasal congestion are highly affected by level of mucus production in the body.  Cystic fibrosis happens to be a dangerous disease that affects mucus and sweat glands. This type of disease is genetically passed in families. Mucus tends to thicken blocking the airways tubes that are responsible of transferring air in or out of the lungs.
  • Drug abuse is another possible cause of this disease. It is a very chronic disease that leads to one seeking drugs every now and then.
  • Whooping cough is a respiratory infection highly caused by bacteria. Whooping is contagious so all should be careful especially in a crowded environment.
  • Measles have high fever as one of its symptoms. If the fever persists with no immediate or fast action, the nasal congestion is likely to take advantage of the situation.
  • Deviated septum; your nasal cavity is divided by a cartilage and a bone which due to some sort of complication it could get crooked or go off center. When this happens, your breathing system is automatically interfered with so that one cannot breathe normally. Experts say that it is mostly brought about by an imbalance of the breathing passage which most people have.
  • Cluster headache; recurs over some period of a short time getting worse with every episode. It causes congestion which could really get irritating to the patient.

What Are The Symptoms Of Head Congestion?

  • Minor aches; they mostly come and go depending on the cause or the state of an individual. If the congestion is out of stress are likely to appear and disappear very frequently.
  • Headaches; a real headache could be constant especially when there is no effective effort to reduce the nasal congestion.
  • Nasal congestions. This occurs in the nose where there is some sort of clogging that brings the feeling of discomfort to the nose especially during bad days.
  • Cough coughing could be associated with many things even inhalation of dust or something of the sort.
  • sinus congestions
  • Sore throat can be brought about by the amount of mucus
  • Sneezing along with a running nose is also related to dust or humidity that one can hardly avoid especially in bad weathers.
  • Tumors of nasal passage. Though they are a rare cause they still exist as one of the symptoms.
  • If an individual is using the decongestant spray longer than it should, this could be a sign of nasal congestion. Decongestant sprays are normally used for 3 or less days.

Head Congestion Home Remedies

There are a number of head congestion home remedies that you might want to consider.  Some of the head congestion home remedies and herbal remedies include the following:  Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies and herbal remedies yourself!  Here are some of the home remedies that you can try.

  • Cat’s Claw- Depending on the cause of the head congestion, you can use cat’s claw which is an effective remedy for fighting inflammation and viral infections from flu. It is an indigenous herb found in South and Central America. It can be taken as a pill or as added to water. It also helps to boost the immune system.
  • Astralagus- In order to help the body to eliminate bacterial infections, you can add astralagus to boiled tea.
  • Try This- If the head congestion is due to mucus or breathing problems, you can use pungent and aromatic herbs which will help to clear the nasal cavities. Some of the herbs can be placed on the body but care should be taken not to cause an irritation to the skin.
  • Scotch Pine Oil- Scotch pine oil is excellent for treating fevers and colds. If the cause of your head congestion is a fever or colds, then you ca use the oil. However, it is important to obtain the herb from a specialized herbalist who is certified in order to avoid an over or under dose.
  • Camphor- Camphor is also good for decongesting the sinuses. The oil comes from the camphor tree. This is attained by steaming the bark of the tree in order to extract the oil. The oil is known to decongest the nasal passage as well as serving as an antibacterial. The oil however should only be used externally because it is poisonous.
  • Try This Head Congestion Home Remedy- Another remedy for herbal congestion is to take ginger mixed with a glass of hot water, lemon and honey. If the head congestion is caused by the common cold, then this mixture is likely to get rid of the cold and help you to recover appropriately.
  • Steam- Additionally head congestion can also be reduced by natural steams from some hot water. A patient with head congestion could take sometime at a steam bath maybe at home or in a recreation center with such services. This helps to relax the body nerves which are currently under pressure and a lot of tension. If they cannot access a steam bath, they could as well breathe stream from boiling water which works in seconds. Still, one could pour hot water in the bathroom sink cover themselves with a towel and sink in the tab. The purpose of the towel is to trap all the steam that is being produced.
  • Try This Head Congestion Home Remedy- Spices, herbal tea and also chicken soup could do marvelous in fighting this condition. With spices for example garlic, one could smell them for some few minute till they star feeling some change in their breathing system. It is very instant considering that garlic has a very strong and kind of choking smell that is is bound to react to as soon as they smell it with or without the infection.

Prevention Of Head Congestion

The best way that one can prevent head congestion is by avoiding all its causes in every way possible. It is important to avoid bad weather and keeping healthy through out one's existence.