What Is High Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is the waxy and fatty substance that is used by the body in regulating its functions normally. It is located in the cells and their membranes. It is also prevalent in other body parts that includes among them brain, skin and the liver.

This substance is used by the body in producing hormones, vitamins and the bile juice. It is worth noting that the body requires just a little amount of cholesterol to carry out its function.  Nevertheless, there are instances whereby there is high amount of cholesterol in the body. This in return translates to a scenario whereby the excess cholesterol is deposited in body arteries and other blood vessels that are used for circulating blood to other parts of the body. High cholesterol can therefore be defined as the situation whereby there is high amount of cholesterol being deposited on arteries and other blood vessels.

This continued depositing of cholesterol is fatal and can have negative implications on the functioning of the body. It is responsible for the narrowing and blockages that take place in the arteries and other blood vessels.  Consequently, this hinders blood supply to all parts of the body.  High cholesterol has also been attributed to the blocking of leg arteries and veins. This in return triggers the onset of claudication, the condition whereby, one experiences a lot of pain in the legs. Overtime, this condition can develop to stroke.  High cholesterol is also responsible for coronary heart disease. This is partly because of the fact that, this cholesterol causes a lot of fat to be deposited in arteries that are responsible  for supplying the heart with  nutrients and oxygen. This therefore hinders the heart from supplying blood to all parts of the body.

What Are The Causes Of High Cholesterol?

There are a number of causes that have been linked to high cholesterol. Key among them includes

  • Weight- Doctors have maintained that gaining weight can lead to high production of cholesterol. They further states that the amount of cholesterol is high in people who have more weight as opposed to those that have less weight.
  • Age-Age too has been linked with high cholesterol. Research has indicated that the level cholesterol is high in people who are 50 years and above,as compared to younger people. Cholesterol is also prevalent in women that in men. This is partly due to the fact that women secrete a lot of hormones as compared with their male counterparts. Majority of these hormones have been deemed responsible for causing the rise of cholesterol level in the blood.
  • Physical Activity-People who are physically active have a lower chance of getting high cholesterol, than those that regularly engage in exercises and other activities. This is due to the fact that exercise leads to burning of the body fat, which has also been perceived to have a major contribution to the rise in the cholesterol level in the blood.
  • Genetics-Genetics has also been terned as the other cause of high cholesterol. This is partly due to the fact that genes have a role to play, when it comes to body metabolism. People who hail from families that have relatives that are having high cholesterol are at a higher risk of getting this condition, as opposed to those that hail from families that have no cases of this condition.
  • Alcohol And Drug Abuse-Drug and alcohol abuse have also been linked with high blood cholesterol. Doctors have maintained that increased consumption of alcohol can lead to one getting a higher level of cholesterol. In addition, alcohol and drugs can lead to the destruction of the liver and the heart. This in return can cause high levels of cholesterol in the body.
  • Stress -Research conducted by doctors and other health specialists have indicated that, stress is a major cause that triggers the rising of blood cholesterol levels. At times, stress may also suppress the eating habits of some people. They might end up eating too much fatty foods, hence contributing to the rise in cholesterol level.
  • Poor Eating Habits-Poor eating habits have been termed as the key cause of high cholesterol in the blood. Majority of the people take on eating habits that prompts them to consume foods that have a high level fats and starch. These fats and starch are among the major contributors to the rising of the level of cholesterol in the blood. If one continues consuming these types of foods for a long time, then there is no reason as to why more and more cholesterol will not be deposited in the arteries and other blood vessels that are used for circulating blood.
  • Lifestyle-Lifestyle also plays a part in prompting the rise of blood cholesterol in the body. Some people may adopt a lifestyle that will only lead to the continued increase in the cholesterol level. Among these lifestyle habits that one may pick include eating junk foods, drinking alcohol and failure to exercise.

What Are The Symptoms Of High Cholesterol?

Doctors have implied that there are no specific symptoms that can be used to tell whether one has high level cholesterol or not. They have further maintained that, high cholesterol can only be detected by medical examination. This will be key in determining the level of the cholesterol in ones body.

All in all there are some little signs that might point out that one could be having high level of cholesterol. Among them includes gaining of weight, within a short time. Even though it is quite normal for one to gain weight, there is a manner in which one can gain weight and translate to the fact that there might be having high blood cholesterol. If one gains a lot of weight within a short period of time, then there is a possibility that there are having high cholesterol.

The other sign which is deemed as a key symptom of high cholesterol includes feeling tired and exhausted all the time. This is largely because of the fact that excess cholesterol leads to blockage of arteries and other blood vessels. This indeed hinders adequate circulation of blood to  all the body parts., hence making one experience feelings of feeling tired all the time.

High Cholesterol Home Remedies

Amid all the negative implications that high cholesterol has on the health of the people, there are remedies and treatment that can be offered to those that are having high cholesterol.  Key among this remedies is giving those affected a diet that helps in lowering their cholesterol level. There is a lot of food that have recommended for those people that are having a high level of cholesterol. Key among them includes vegetables and fruits.

There is also some types of medications that have long been used to counter high cholesterol level. Among these medications includes satins drugs. They are used for eliminating the cholesterol that leads to the blockage of arteries and other blood vessels that are used in circulating the blood.

The other types of medication that is in store for people who are having high cholesterol are the cholesterol absorption inhibitors. These are drugs that are used for inhibiting the cholesterol from being deposited in the arteries and other blood vessels.

Cholesterol can also be lowered by using the niacin or nicotine acid.  Niacin helps in lowering the level of cholesterol that is being produced in the body. In addition, niacin has also been used to remove the cholesterol that has been deposited in arteries and other blood vessels.

In cases where a person has a lot of cholesterol being deposited on arteries and other blood vessels, surgery can be used for removing this cholesterol. This entails having a surgery that will lead to opening these arteries and removing all the cholesterol that is inside them.

  • Garlic- Garlic is widely known for its antioxidant and curative properties. It contains high organosulphur compounds and the substance is known to treat different types of diseases, lower high blood cholesterol and prevent infections. Organosulphur not only lowers blood cholesterol but it also inhibits inflammation and preventives damage of cells as a result of oxidative process.
  • Artichoke- Artichoke is another herbal remedy for high cholesterol and in this case, it stimulates circulation and production of bile thus ensuring that your high cholesterol problem is solved. Extracts from this herb are known to aid in improvement of liver functions and this ensures that blood cholesterol is lowered. In addition tot his, the herb is also brimming with excellent antioxidants and this ensure that regeneration of cells is improved while at the same time, protecting your body from degenerative diseases.
  • Alfalfa Herb- According to the most recent studies, alfalfa seeds are seen as an essential herbal treatment for high cholesterol. This is because the seeds prevent formation of plaque formation on your arteries. Saponins are found in the plant and these attack low density lipoprotein (LDL) which is the major cause for bad cholesterol. It replaces it with high density lipoprotein (HDL) which is essential for the proper functioning of the body.
  • Grape Seed Extract- This has been noted for the ability to reduce overall cholesterol serum level.
  • Soy- This is another effective herbal remedy for reduction of high cholesterol and especially when it is taken on a day to day basis.
  • Red Yeast Rice- This contains the natural lovastatin form and this comes in controlling cholesterol.
  • Pantothine- This helps by reducing the HDL levels and this in turn ensures that the cholesterol levels are reduced.
  • Royal Jelly- It works through the reduction of cholesterol elevating effects caused by nicotine and this in turn ensures that high cholesterol is lowered.

Diet For High Cholesterol

There are various types of foods that have been recommended for those that are having high cholesterol. Among them includes fruits and vegetables. This is because they have no fats thus been unable to cause the rise in the cholesterol level.

In addition, people who are suffering from high cholesterol are urged to refrain from eating fatty foods. This is simply because of the fact that fatty foods are a major contributor of high cholesterol level in the body. In addition, consumption of fatty foods overtime can cause the arteries and other blood vessels to stop functioning effectively.

Prevention Of High Cholesterol

The good news with high cholesterol is that it is highly preventable as compared to other diseases and conditions that have been attacking man from the time immemorial. Among the prevention measures that have been used to prevent one from getting high cholesterol includes adopting healthier lifestyles. This entails eating a balance diet and exercising regularly. One should also avoid over-consumption of alcohol and other drugs that may lead to getting a high level of cholesterol.

The other way of ensuring that one doesn't suffer from high cholesterol, is to ensure that they seek medical attention so as to be able to know their cholesterol level.  There is a special device that is used for measuring the level of cholesterol in all human beings.

Governments should also ensure that there fully educate people on the need to lower their cholesterol level. This way, people will become more conversant with high cholesterol and its negative implications on their health.