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Jock Itch

Jock Itch

Digging deep to scientific terms, jock itch is referred to as Tinea Cruris wherein it is known to affect the groin and upper part of the thighs. This disease is very common in male gender though it could also affect overweight female. With a greater percentage being those who sweat much this disease is in most occasions related with unhygienic practices that most people fail to observe. It is very common among the adult and adolescent men especially athletes.



Causes of Jock Itch

Being a fungi related disease, jock itching is mainly caused by fungus that flourish in warm environment. During summer seasons, it is expected that one will keep sweating all through the day. This is no different with every part of the body including the groin. When fungi get this favorable environment to settle in, one begins feeling itchy immediately. They multiply and the situation gets worse if no action is taken by the affected person.


Jock itching is actually very contagious that it spreads without your knowledge. Cases of sharing clothes especially the inner wears among males boost the presence of this disease anytime these practices are done repeatedly. The idea of men assuming daily bathing could be inviting to fungi since they breed well in such environments.

Other causes include;


  • Wearing of very tight clothes which prevent fresh air from reaching the skin. The skin ends up contaminated with sweat the entire day giving an ample environment for flourishing of fungi.
  • When a person is under any prescription and happens to be taking antibiotics, fungi take the advantage of attacking since one's immune system is weak already.
  • Intimacy with an infected person will also mean that the other partner automatically gets infected with the disease. Jock itching can be that contagious.
  • Some fungal infections that are likely to affect people like athlete foot could also be a leading cause of the disease. Athlete foot ids actually a result of itching from the fungi that attack one's feet as they are subjected to sweating enclosed in shoes the whole day.



Symptoms of Jock Itch

Just like every other disease or disorder, jock itching also has several signs that one could easily predict its existence from. Symptoms could be tangible while in other case they are simply observed by the infected of the affected persons. If you are itching and have probably noticed some of the following symptoms, then think of taking the next step because you are definitely suffering from this disease.


  • An itch is the first step of this condition. If the itch gets persistence then you automatically know that something is wrong somewhere.
  • A burning sensation just around the groin is a clear indication of this disease. Your thighs might also experience this sensation and the appearance of some rash around the area. Cracking migh5t also be experienced at around the anus which keeps one in unbearable discomfort that it is rare for one  to wait for more signs.
  • Discomfort is a major sign that could tell you one is 100% alright. They will keep switching to new position trying to get the most comfortable posture that could favor their current state.



Jock Itch Home remedies

Jock itching is a disease that affect the area around the groin and some patients may just get shy for this reason. Keeping it to yourself will definitely do your more harm than good since the situation gets worse. If you are this type of a person, relax and learn how you could treat this itch on your own. Take sometime to read the following remedies that could get you sorted indoors. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies and herbal remedies yourself!  Here are some of the home remedies that you can try.



  • Maintain Proper Hygiene-After having profound knowledge on the major causes of this disease, it is in borne that a normal person will be more careful on taking showers daily and having the whole body well dried.


  • Keep the Area Dry– Apart from using a towel or whatever one uses for trading themselves there are other means that one could take advantage of to keep the area moist free. Applying a reasonable amount of powder to the area, maintains it dry for the entire day. This automatically reduces the chances of you attracting any fungi. Note that the market is very vcompetitive so shop for such commodities at a trusted outlet to avoid any side effects that may worsen the condition.


  • Shower Regularly– Men make frequent appearances at the gym weather private or public. At the gym one has to sweat through out from the exercises involved. That is alright; but do not get out of the gym and off to bed, take a quick shower just to keep fresh for the sake of giving zero tolerance to this disease.


  • Try This– Application of other natural solution like garlic and even oil from tea tree around the groin could work just perfectly.


  • Wild Oregano – Described as a powerful anti fungal agent, this herb has the reputation of eliminating even the most stubborn of fungal infections in existence. 


  • Garlic – By blending two cloves of garlic in olive oil (1 cup), an individual will then use the resulting solution to be rubbed over the affected area and the end result of this is that the affected area has some respite -in terms of itching and the intensity of the infection.


  • Cornstarch – The rubbing of cornstarch over the affected area over a period of two weeks has been demonstrated to have some degree of success in dealing with matter jock hitch.


  • Aloe Vera – The treatment of this fungal infection might also be addressed by the use of Aloe Vera oil that has been demonstrated to have anti inflammatory properties.


  • Chamomile– drinking of tea made from chamomile twice a day is quite helpful in treating Jock itch thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. You can use the Chamomile in the water you are going to take a bath with.


  • Tea– Applying tea tree to the jock itch thrice daily is also one of the remedies for jock itch. If you have got skin that is sensitive, then you should dilute the tea tree with some vegetable oil drops. Do not ingest the oil made from tea tree.


  • Black Walnut– You can also go out and buy a tincture which contains Black walnut; you can find some from the nearest health food store near you. The tinctures are anti-fungal and they are known to contain other extracts of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nature such as valerian and lavender. But consult your doctor before trying it out.


Before trying out any of the above mentioned herbal remedies, it is best you consult a professional medical doctor.


Please note that not all home remedies react in the same way to every one. Human bodies react very differently to change some have a higher ability to adapt to new environment while others might take a little while. In case one of the home remedies for jock itching does not work for you, be patient enough to try the rest. After all it is all to your advantage.



Diet for Jock Itch

If a person is already infected by this disease, it is important that they check what they eat for some foods and drinks will do nothing but worsen the situation. Any food that contains huge quantities of yeast are a no go zone for the infected. Carbohydrates and high conce4ntrartfion of sugar only rub in the chances of jock itching. There are plenty of very healthy diets one could take without any traces of the mentioned foods. An apple a day keeps the doctor away; this means that fruits should be considered part and parcel of every meal whenever one is able to have them.





Prevention of Jock Itch

Just to serve as a reminder, you had better treat an accident than a disease that you could avoid ages ago. Jock itching could easily keep you away from public from the irritation it cause to your skin making you very uncomfortable. You can save3 yourself from those embarrassing moments that jock itching could land you into. Having had a clear understanding of the causes of this disease from the above discussion, the task of preventing it should not be cause of alarm. There are basics that you cannot afford to forget as an individual who minds their health:


  • Hygiene goes without saying since it is the cause of fungi presence and absence. As discussed earlier, fungi love to settle on contaminated areas full of moist and warmth. If you are not a fun of bathing, you better change you mind and get to love. Personal hygiene is what no one else can do apart from the individual themselves. If you never consider it because no one will be on your case, your break is over if you never want to fall a victim of jock itching.
  • Rubbing alcohol is a way that could keep those potential fungi away forever. Just make sure you are using it in the right way as instructed. A daily application of it at the groin and parts of your thigh that are likely to be affected will do you justice. Experts campaign much for rubbing alcohol cause for one it does not leave an odor like vinegar does. It is easily applied by use of cotton pads or any smooth clothing. Rubbing alcohol does not cure immediately but daily application of it will surely give you magnificent results. We could confidently apply the slow but sure slogan in this method of preventing jock itching. Even when one is traveling, it is important they consider getting alcohol swabs that are neatly packed into little foils to suit their state. There is the other reason why you should opt for rubbing alcohol as away of preventing jock itching. Adopting this practice for a daily routine will surely keep the doctor away and free you from the unwanted irritation of your groin.
  • Do not share cloths especially the inner wears. This is what we refer to as basics, common sense. Being an extremely contagious disease, you will catch it with no doubt when sharing clothes. After bathing make sure you are putting on clean dry clothes that to prevent any moisture around the groin area.


  • Corn starch added to your bathing water is enough to keep you safe from any symptoms that could result to jock itching. A reasonable amount to dissolve in your bathing water regularly is advisable.
  • The kind of soap or detergent that you use could be the cause of that itch, Ensure that you are using standard products from authorized manufactures. The area around your groin is indeed very sensitive and it is bound to reach to any harsh external effect.


It is always wise to run away from trouble if you can.



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