What Is Jaundice?

First off, this term Jaundice is an origin of a French word 'Jaune' which simply means yellow. It is a liver disorder or condition, which affects the skin leaving some yellow pigment. It highly results from hyperbilirubnemia which apparently is a critical condition wherein bilirubin levels increases in one's blood. In a body system that operates normally, bilirubin is usually produced by red blood cells which are eventually absorbed by the spleen. Bilirubin should then combine with substances of glucuronide and the end result after breaking down of this substance is feces. If your system happens to fall for any external or internal interruption, hyperbilirubinemia automatically shows through the skin turning yellowish. The eye happens to be the first victim of this condition wherein it causes conjuctiva yellowing the white parts of one's eye. Scleral icterus is the word for this condition.

There are three basic categories of this disorder;

  • Pre-heptic is highly caused by other possible disorders that are likely to affect the normal rates of hemolysis e.g glucose deficiency, genetic diseases and also malaria.
  • Post -heptic is the second category of this condition which usually occurs if bile in the body is malfunction and can no longer dispose feces.
  • Hepatic is the last in this category whose major cause is excessive consumption of alcohol. There are other causes including hepatotoxicity, hepatitis, gilbert's syndrome and also crigler-Naijar syndrome.

What Are The Causes Of Jaundice?

  • As discussed earlier destruction or any kind of mishaps that will interrupt with normal operations of the system will lead to this condition. So we could say that obstruction by gallstones in bile is a major cause.
  •  This disorder first affects the liver. Any inflammation that occurs within the liver e.g. hepatitis which is highly caused by virus will automatically pave way for jaundice.
  • Hemolytic anemia creates a very conducive environment for the outcome of this disease.
  • If one is suffering from any of these diseases, there is a high chance of them attracting jaundice; malaria, tuberculosis and yellow fever.

What Are The Symptoms Of Jaundice?

  • Extreme fever is a clear indication that one could be suffering from this dangerous disease.
  • The patient will reveal very weak attitude towards every thing they do and will tend to rest anytime they get a chance to.
  • Having a headache is what many people will consider normal especially if one had a long day or something of that sort. Take some time to confirm that the headache you are having is not a sign of jaundice.
  • Most diseases will have the patient loosing their appetite regularly and jaundice s not an exemption. Do not assume a sign of this kind for the sake of quick recovery.
  • You are likely to constipate at times for different reasons. If you do the necessary to drive this condition away and nothing seems to work, you are probably at the first phase of jaundice.
  • You will experience very dull pains from the liver if this is the condition you are suffering or about to suffer from.
  • Nausea cannot be left out. The patient might vomit from time to time and showing very weak signs as the disease takes over the normal systems.
  • A very visible sign that can easily direct one to guessing the presence of jaundice is discoloration of their skin, lounge and eyes. Urine might also turn dark yellow.
  • Finally the persons suffering might be subjected to intense itching which is highly caused by obstructive jaundice.

Jaundice Home Remedies

Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies and herbal remedies yourself!  Here are some of the home remedies that you can try.

  • Vitamins- Take meals rich in vitamin A and C like fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is highly responsible for healing body tissues that are damaged when one suffers from jaundice. If you are not sure of the exact foods to buy or consume, always seek doctor's advice.
  • Disciplined Diet- Recommendations and dietary precautions should be followed with optimum discipline if one is looking forward to a proper and swift recovery.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures- For your skin to have a quick recovery, avoid basking in the sun for long hours or otherwise exposing it to fire when trying to get warm. This gives your bilirubin ample time to get back to its normal status leaving your skin tone very natural.
  • Avoid Strenuous Activities- Activities that would require so much of your energy e.g. sex, stress, anger and even state of tension should be highly avoided. These activities are said to aggravate the pitta dosha which is highly responsible for most of the liver disorders.
  • Take Regular Meals- Take regular meals to for your digestive system does not adapt so easily to that irregular schedule that most people put it on. This irregular digestion will eventually affect your liver and the end result is jaundice. You do not want to be your own poison do you?
  • Consider a Siesta- Indulging in very tasking activities especially after taking meals puts you on a very dangerous path since the blood that is needed for your digestive system is diverted. This is why there exist 'lunch hour' for you to eat and rest for about 30 minutes. This does not mean that you should only look out during your lunch meal but it is assumed that many are prone to vigorous activities during the day.
  • Take a Walk- You are responsible for what you consume, so you are in a better position of controlling your digestive system. Most people sit back feeling satisfied and sleepy after having dinner. This may be caused by the long hours of working or the general activities one is involved in during the day. Instead of relaxing after dinner, just take a slow walk, possibly 15 minutes to boost your digestion.  
  • Celandine: Used to treat jaundice, inflammation, and congestion of the liver. All parts of this herb are used in the treatment of this condition.
  • Jiggery with Radish leaves: The leaves when pounded produce a juice that is filtered through cloth. When this juice is mixed with the jiggery and is taken daily (in half a liter doses) what it does is that, it ensures that total healing might actually be possible within 8 to 10 days.
  • Barely water: Barely water is made by boiling a cup of barely in three cups of water. The resulting solution, after it has been left to simmer for some three hours is in many instances praised for giving stunning results in the treatment of jaundice.
  • Snake Gourd Leaves: The treatment of jaundice can be addressed by pounding snake gourd leaves in boiling water- 250ml of water and 15gm of dried leaves. The resultant mixture (that is given in decoctions of between 30 to 60 ml daily) can be taken with a decotion of coriander seed in 500ml of boiled water. These are just some of the herbal remedies that are used to tackle jaundice.
  • Honey Dipped Pineapple: Refrigerate pineapple overnight, which has been dipped in honey. It is a great liver booster. Do this for about fifteen days and you will realize better functioning of your liver.
  • Try This- Mixture of pineapple juice, crystal sugar 3grams and 2grams of turmeric powder taken twice daily is a great way to remedy the jaundice.
  • Sugarcane Juice: If u drink fresh juice made out of sugarcane for about 3 weeks then your liver will get great stimulation. When the liver is stimulated, your energy levels get boosted hence making you more active, have a better appetite.

If symptoms persist you should be quick to seek medical advice. The liver being a vital organ should be treated with extreme profession.

Diet For Jaundice

Experts insist that jaundice patients should take plenty of potatoes, vegetables, fruits and soup. Medical practitioners continue to say that foods like potatoes work perfectly with the body when taken for dinner. One could have them boiled or baked. Whether infected with jaundice or not, every one should see to it that they eat fruits after every meal. For the sake of this disease though, fruits should be taken in plenty during the day.

Some may be wondering if a special diet for this disease could possibly cure this disease. Well, to be precise, no it cannot. What a healthy diet does for you or the affected person is slowing down any bad effects that could boost the existence of this disease. Keeping your body armed with the necessary tools by taking the right meal will ensure that you stay on the safe side of this disease. Apart from securing you from this disease a healthy diet gives you all the reasons to smile again for you get immune to a number of many diseases.

Prevention Of Jaundice

Wise sage will be hard saying that prevention is actually the perfect remedy one could consider. If prevention came first in this discussion, chances are it would be over by now. But since most people learn through experience or their mistakes, we had to outline the dangers first.

Colostrum is renowned to create a transfer factor in one's body which helps in building up body immunity. Immunity built in this way stands a greater chance of preventing more than disease in your body. This type of immunity works under the fact that a cell can easily transfer immunity information to another cell. Cells are a wonderful element in our body that have a unique ability to make or rather teach one's immune system how to recognize any harmful viruses and bacteria. Mammals are known to produce colostrum during pregnancy for their infants. It is very rich in carbohydrate and has low quantity of fat.

 Other preventive measures that are expected to consider if they do not want to fall a victim is avoiding some of the discussed causes. The liver is prone to damage anytime you indulge in excess consumption of alcohol. If you have to drink (of which is no concrete reason nowhere in this world) control the level of alcohol you consume. Your liver is the most essential organ when we think of the origin of jaundice in your body; take care of it. Balanced diet with no excess vitamins, mineral or nutrients will do you justice. Be the first to get sick or die from taking plenty of water since it has never happened; water is life you can only prove this through experience. The exercises discussed earlier will bring the best out of your health if well done. Make sure that you are attending regular medical check ups for your doctor to predict any potential threatening disorder in your system