What Are The Causes Of Kidney Stones?

Though the main cause is already known, it important we look into other predisposing factors that could also lead to kidney stones;

  • Any case of dehydration is expected to affect the normal level of urine production come what may. Production of urine under the standard level means that no dissolving of the necessary substance can take place. Therefore, the substances will have no option but to coagulate around the area. This gradually increases as enough water lacks in the body and finally kidney stones form.
  • The obstruction that comes about especially in immobilized persons or patients, allows urine to form solids. People who are not prone to movement have impaired urination whi9ch gives way for the clumps to form.
  • Some infections like those brought about by a bacterium that finds its way behind the previous obstruction, cause kidney stones. It is important that one gets a clear understanding of how this comes into being before making any wrong conclusions.
  • We shall also mention the metabolic factors that can lead to formation of kidney stones in the body. Examples of these metabolic factors include gout, excess intake of calcium, vitamin D and also generic defects. Metabolism defects of oxalates are also a major contributor to formation of kidney stones.
  • When uric acid level in the body is higher than the blood level in the body kidney stones are stand a high chance of forming.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hysteria?

  • As discussed earlier, kidney stones have no problem passing out the body via the urethra. It only gets critical when the stones appear like golf like balls and the size can no longer be accommodated in via the urethras. This result to unbearable pain that could be compared to the pain experienced when one is giving life. Typically this pain finds its way to the back via the abdomen to the genital area. The intensity is said to vary while peristaltic contraction appear and disappear in the ureters.
  • Sometimes the patient may suffer very dull pains which mostly prove to be very constant. This pain is usually as a result of kidney stones settling at one's renal pelvic.
  • Nausea is a very clear sign of a patient with kidney stones. The patient will have several very week attitudes towards anything and tend to relax in their activities.
  • A patient with kidney stones vomits from time to t9ime due to the effect that the stones cause in the system
  • Since pain finds its way through the abdomen to the genitals one is expected to experience abdominal distension
  • Fever is a common symptom in most of the diseases and this particular condition here is not an exemption.
  • In most if not all cases of patients with this condition, they are likely to notice traces of blood in urine. The passage of urine might get painful to some point though it is not common of a fact.

Home Remedies For Hysteria

It is actually very possible to deal with this condition at the comfort of your home with only natural requirements that are your disposal. We will go through them in details; Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies and herbal remedies yourself!  Here are some of the home remedies that you can try.

  •   Hydrate- The main cause of kidney stones is dehydration, it is needless to say that this is the first thing one should take care of. Did you know that you could go for more days without food but lack of water in your system could be a threat to your life? Expert’s advice that one should take 8 glasses of the standard size glass a day. This will ensure that every part that needs water in your system is well served. If you find it hard to put up with this on your own, you could play a game with your partner or friend and possibly bet on who can take more water than the other.
  • Distilled Water- Grab distilled water anytime you get the chance to. This is simply because distilled water is more pure and contains all the minerals that will keep the kidney stones away.
  • Citric Acid- IF you watch your health keenly and make close follow ups of health programs you are probably aware that lemon has citric acid in it. Citric acid has been renowned for dissolving any hard materials that come its way. This means that you should add some citric acid to the water you take or even the food you eat. So go ahead and spruce things about with that simple practice.
  • Exercise- Exercising your body will not only keeps you fit but on the greater side it will flush your kidneys keeping them alert always. Take an hour or two after whole days work and get to the gym for a couple of push ups and the rest.
  • Cranberry Juice- To make sure that your urinary tract stays intact, take some cranberry juice regularly and you can be sure those crystals will not have a comfortable environment for their formation.
  • Citrate- Citrate help eliminate calcium salts as well as uric acid that show any potential of building up. To have plenty of this substance in your body, take some time to blend carrots oranges and also grape. Blending these fruits yourself will make sure that you are consuming natural minerals unlike buying juice from the supermarket.
  • Try This- Not many are aware that the more soft drinks they take as snacks could actually dissolve those crystals in the body. This is not automatic since you  are have to ensure that you are following doctor's advice on taking 8 glasses of water a day. This is a very convenient way since you are enjoying the whole process. A recent report shows that this natural cure is capable of passing stones in about two hours.
  • Avoid too much Sugar- Since soft drinks and other home remedies are likely to contain high levels of sugar, take them in a reasonable manner. High levels of sugar put your kidneys at risk of not only the so called stones but other dangerous diseases. Just make sure you are not taking plenty of it or much better avoid it if you can.
  • Flush- Not the toilet you are using of course but your kidney. Your gallbladder and kidney need regular flushing for they do a lot of disposing in the system. It is a very simple exercise that won’t need you to wait for a health program or buy a doctor journal to read the instructions. Simply take a soluble vegetable that contains fiber and you are good to go. The only way your kidney can alert you on its contamination is via the kidney stones, so why wait for the situation to get worse yet you have all it takes to avoid it?
  • Aloe Vera juice- the green thick juice of aloe Vera has been proven in treating various health problems one being kidney stones. Simply extract the thick liquid from aloe Vera leaves.  A glass of aloe Vera juice helps in treating kidney stones.
  • Ginko biloba extract- taking this extract helps by making the stones to pass within 24 hours hence giving you relief from kidney stones.
  • Juniper berries- this is one of herbal treatments that help in breaking up the stones and making them easier to pass out, it is advisable however, to consult a doctor before using these herbs.
  • Lobelia and yam tincture- can help in treating stones. You can add about 15 drops of these herbs in a glass of warm water which relaxes ureters as well as reliving pain caused by kidney stones.
  • Nettles- this herb has long been used as a diuretic. This is because if a person urinates more frequently, the urine will be more diluted and therefore less likely to form kidney stones through crystallization.  When you boil nettle leaves, it will help in solving this problem.
  • Chanca Piedra- it is also known as “stone crasher”. It is one of the best herbal remedy that specialists advise patients to take.
  • Cranberry- the juice of this herb helps in treating kidney stones. Specialists advise people who are suffering from kidney stones to take it since it increases urine production and has helps to pass a few stones. However, if a person is suffering from or has ever had a bladder infection, it is advisable to use this herb.
  • Try This-  You can also try a mixture of Cedar Vinegar Bragg apple mixed with honey and also water that is Luke warm. This is especially helpful in the relief of the pain experienced by those suffering from kidney stones.

Diet For Kidney Stones

Fiber rich foods should be a must have in every meal you take. Most vegetables are quite rich in this ingredient and apart from smoothening your digestion; they will keep the kidney stones away. Spoil yourself with at least a fruit desert after every meal to ensure you are getting the necessary nutrients they contain. Finally it is needless to say that you should accompany your meal with a glass of water or two.

Prevention Of Kidney Stones

The presence of a single kidney stone only means that one is probable to easily constitute more others. Your lifestyle is the key determinant factor of your kidney stones multiplying or reducing to zero. Watch out for the following practices to be on the safe side.

  • Take one bottle of alcohol if you are used to taking two or more.
  • Avoid excess consumption of the vitamins discussed earlier i9.e vitamin C and D.
  • Salt has only one use which making our food tasty. Do not give it another responsibility of building up clumps ion your body; simply reduce its intake.
  • Proteins especially that from animals is a threat to your health and worse they could encourage kidney stone. Keep away from them if you can’t limit.
  • There are a number of foodstuffs that contain calcium which could lay a platform for kidney formation. Limit intake of ice cream, yogurt, chocolate, cheese, black pepper, coffee, vitamin C, tomatoes, apples and also oranges.