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Lady’s Mantle

Lady's mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris)


Lady's mantle is a perennial plant that has been used as herb in many parts of the world for a long time. It bears yellowish-green flowers that make the garden where it is growing very attractive. These flowers are small but very numerous, its soft-looking foliage usually has bluish cast. Due to the scalloped leaves of this plant, it is named after the cloak of the Virgin Mary. It is native in Northern Europe where it is very common in the gardens. It has species that can grow up to 24 inches. In most cases, you will find this plant growing during the late spring till the early fall. Its roots and leaves are edible. Cattle and sheep relish roots and leaves of this herb. It is usually harvested during the midsummer for use due to its wound and bruises healing properties.


Medicinal Uses

There are many medicinal uses of the lady's mantle. Since medieval times, this plant has been used as a herb in treating a wide range of medical conditions. Among the medical conditions that have been treated using this herb include diarrhea, stomach ailments, muscle contractions, diabetes and retention of excessive water in the body. It is also used in relieving throat and mouth inflammation.


Women have also used this herb in relieving pain during menstruation. It has also been proven effective in the relieving pain associated with menopause symptoms. As an external medication, lady's mantle is used in treating rashes, ulcers, wounds and also stopping superficial bleeding. It is also used in the bath water to alleviate problems of the lower abdomen. Studies carried on this herb have proved that it is effective in relieving pain associated with these conditions. For instance, it has sedative and salicylic acid which facilitate alleviation of painful menstruation and cramps. It also has styptic and astringent properties. Its binding and drying character also makes it an effective traditional herb for scrapes, burns and cuts. However, there is no conclusive scientific evidence of the effectiveness of this herb as a conventional treatment.


Dosage and Administration

There are many factors that determine the appropriate dosage of the lady's mantle. These include health, age and other medical conditions of the user. Currently, there is not sufficient information regarding the appropriate dosage for this herb. Nevertheless, despite being natural herbs are not always safe. Therefore, having information about appropriate dosage is very important. Make sure that you have followed the prescription provided on the label of the product that you purchase. You can also consult a pharmacist or health care professional before using this herb.


However, although there is no specific dosage recommended for this herb, majority of the herbalists who prescribe this traditional medication recommends that one use five to ten grams of lady's mantle on daily basis.  Similar amount should also be applied on wounds on daily basis. Although there is no significant toxicological research done on this herb, its uses have proven that it is effective and safe when used in low dosage. Some herbalists recommend that one use two teaspoons of lady's mantle in a cup of boiled water. Two to four milliliters of this decoction should be taken thrice per day in treating, cramps, menstrual bleeding, wounds and facilitating blood clotting.


Parts Used

The parts of lady's mantle that are used in making decoction include fruits and the flower. Floral part that is enclosed in a calyx contains small yellow-green clustered flowers that are used in making treatment. Root, stem and the leaves are also used in making medicine.



There are many benefits associated with the use of lady's mantle. Being a natural treatment, this herb has little or no negative effects when used properly. It also grows naturally in many parts of Europe. This makes it easily accessible and readily available. It also has astringent taste and its odorless making it a suitable medication for many people. Preparing this herb is also easy. You just need to gather fresh lady's mantle and dry them during the flowering season. It can also be produced through cultivation when required for commercial purposes. 


Side Effects

High dosage of lady's mantle can cause liver damage. It can also react with other medications. Therefore, consult your doctor before using this herb especially if you are already on other medications.






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