Measles is a common skin infection that is known for causing rash in childhood. However, it also attacks many other parts of the body and can also affect adults. There is a lot that you should know about measles and it is a great idea you research for essential information if you want to get robust information about the condition. There are two types of measles that you should know. Each type is caused by different virus, but they both produce a rash and fever that make them different infections.

The rubeola virus is known to cause red measles also refered to as hard measles. It is very easy to recover from this infection although the rubeola can also cause pnuemonia or simply the inflammation of the brain [encephalitis]. The rubella virus is known to cause German measles, commonly known as three-day measles. It is a more mild disease that the red measles that affects a large number of people. However, it can also lead to birth complications when an infected pregnant woman passes the infection to the unborn born child. Million cases of measles are reported every year worldwide and this is mainly due to the fact that this is a viral infection and there is noty specific cure for the disease. Nevertheless, it is a great idea to visit a doctor when you or child experiences some weird signs in the skin.

What Are The Causes Of Measles?

Measles is mainly caused by a virus called a paramyxovirus. It is easily transmited from one person to another in diny droplets especially when an infected person;

  • Breathes,
  • Coughs or
  • Sneezes.

This virus is contained in millions of droplets that come from the nose or mouth when you sneeze or cough. This virus will be filled in the air that we breathe and you may get the virus if you inhale the infected air. The measles virus is not like the influenze virus that will last for a long duration, this virus is can not survive for long duration on objects such as doorknobs and telephones. However, being an airbone virus, it is very contagious. Hence, these shows that only a small number of people will escape from getting the infections if they share a house with an infected person or touch a surface that has this virus and placing his hands on the mouth.

Once the virus are inside the victims body, they are known to multiply in the back of his or her lungs and throat before their spread to other parts of the body. They mainly attack the skins and the respiratory tract. If you have just contracted the disease, it will take two to four days befdore you experience full blown rashes. If you have never experienced this conditon before and you aree not vacinated, there is likelihood that you will get these contagious infection. Cases of re-infection are not common as a healthy body is a capable building up resistance to the condition preventing it from reoccuring. Hence, it is advisable for every parent to take children for vacination against measles or any other condition.

What Are The Symptoms Of Measles?

To understand the symptoms of measles, you need to look at the signs and symptoms of the two types of measles that is red measles and German measles. The symptoms of red measles or rubeola are known to appear 10 to 14 days after one is infected with the rubeola virus. This is also known as the incubation period and during this period, the virus is always multiplying and the early symptoms are:-

  • Fever,
  • Cough,
  • Red eyes or conjunctivitis,
  • Sore throat,
  • Runny nose and
  • Loss of appetite.
  • After two to four days you are like to experience the red measles rash. And the signs of the red measles rash include the following:
  • The rash will start on the face and spread to thetrunk and then to armns and legs.
  • It is always a small red bump that may look uniformly red.
  • An infected person will also have small grayish sportgs inside the cheeks.
  • The rash does not itch but as it clears up the skin may shed.
  • There are other complications that are likely to occur if you have red measles. A victin of the condition will experience pneumonia, ear infections and inflammation of the brain.
  • It will also occur in people with low immu ne and those with HIV or malnutrition conditions.

If you are suffering from the German measles or Rubella, you are likely to experience milder symptoms than any other type of measles. The incubation period of these measles is usually 10 to two weeks and the common signs and symptoms are-

  • Fatigue,
  • Low-grade fever,
  • Headache,
  • Red eyes,
  • Swollen and tender lymph nodes in the back of the neck,
  • Light red to pink rashes,
  • Painful joints fro adult women and
  • Congenital rubella a condition that occurs when infected and pregnant woman passes the infection to her unborn child.

Home Remedies For Measles

Measles is a high contagious and viral disease that is easily noticed through rashees, feverm sneezing, coughing and swollen and tender lymph nodes. It is very easy to control measles through vacination, it is also advisable to look for the natural cures or remedies that you can employ and get rid of the condition or reduce its effects. You should not think that there are no cures for measles if you have access to some of the highly recommended home remedies in the market or in our stores. There are several natural home remedies that you should invariably go for as the have prooven to be highly effective when it comes to relieving the signs and symptoms of measles. Indeed, herbal and homepathic remedies are known to be gental and suitable when treating measles in children. Here are a few home remedies that you should use to treat measles. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies and herbal remedies yourself!  

  • Try This- Firstly, you can mix bitter gourd leaves with honey and 1/2 teaspoonof the dry turmeric roots powder. You can consume the mix atleast once in a day and with time you will cure measles.
  • Lemon Juice and Water- You also need to drink a glass of water mixed with lemon juice throughout the day and you will reduce the symptoms of measles.
  • Orange Juice- Another effective home remedy for measles is to drink two glasses of orange juice as it will give the body enregy and also help cure the condition.
  • Turmeric and Tamarind- You can make a mixtuer of turmeric and tamarind seeds and take it about three times a day. Basically, about 400 gm of the mixture is essential a day.
  • Neem- Another effective home remedy for measles is to add neem leaves to your bath water and bath with the lukewarm water. This is a great treatment has it will get rid of the itching caused by the rashes.
  • Drink plenty of fluids- You need to drink a lot of fluids to keep your body well hydrated on daily basis. You also need to get enough sleep as your enjoy your drinks. However, you need to keep yiou lights off as you sleep as you will not hurt you infected eyes.
  • Vegetables- You need to consume a lot of vegetables and fruits as they will improve you immune system andhelp the body to fight the disease.
  • Eggplant Seeds- It is advisable to take eggplant seeds as they are also very effective when it comes to curing measles. You can take teaspoon of these seeds three times a day.
  • Juice- If you are lossing appetite, you need to drink a glass of orange or lemon juice throughout the day.
  • Try This- Lastly, it is advisable to sleep on the neem leaves as they have medicinal properties that help in reducing itching and also get rid of the white and red bumps in the skin. However, you need to collect fresh neem leaves to cure measles and its symptosms easily.
  • Powdered licorice- Powdered licorice is also a great consideration when you want to treat measles. You need to give your child ½ teaspoon of the powdered herb and mixed it with honey and you will get relieved from the symptoms of the disease.
  • Echinacea- You can also use Echinacea if you want to treat or prevent the symptoms of measles. It is a great herb that has powerful antiviral properties that makes Echinacea the best herbal remedy for measles. However, you need to make sure that you don’t use the herb continuously as it may lose its effectiveness.
  • Gelsemium- Lastly, you can also use Gelsemium to treat measles. You can use this herb to take care of symptoms like dullness and extreme lethargy. You can always use this herb when the patient experiences extreme symptoms of measles.

Diet For Measles

Many people who have not experienced any of the two types of measles will wonder about the foods to eat on daily basis. However, you need to take care as you take find the right diet, if you or your children are suffering from measles as there are ceratin foods that may make the disease more severe. Here are the foods that you should incorporate in your measles diet.

  • Fruits-You can go for citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, lemons and cantaloupes among others.
  • Eggs
  • Bread and butter
  • White fish
  • Mashed potatoes for children
  • Take plenty of water

Noteworthy, you need to try and avoid fried foods, heavy meat, junky food and salty or sugarly snacks and aerated drinks among others.

Prevention Of Measles

Measles is a contagiuos infection that is easily spread from one person to another. It is characterized by sneezing, coughing and nasal discharge, but it is very easy to preventy the spread of the infection. One of the most common ways of preventing measles is through vaccination that is given at 9 months of age. There are other ways of measles prevention and they include the following:-

  • Isolation of the patient is essential after the rash appears
  • Immediate immunization is vital after 2 days pof exposure and at the beginning of the epidemic.

However, as you get the vaccine, you need to make sure that you visit a qualified doctor and also avoid getting the vaccine if you have severe allergic reactions to vaccines, you are pregnant or you have a weakened immune system.