What Is Neuritis?

Neuritis is a condition of the nervous system and it comes in two main types: optic and peripheral. Optic neuritis is also known as retrobulbar neuritis and it is normally caused by bacteria or virus. As the name suggests, optic neuritis affects the optic nerve making it hard for it to continue functioning properly. This is a serious condition that can easily cause blindness. Optic neuritis affects two major organs of the optic nerve namely, the myelin sheath and the axons. Once you are infected by the harmful bacteria or virus, your axons begin to swell and the nerve becomes ineffective. You will also start to experience pain whenever you try to move your eye.

Peripheral neuritis which is also called the peripheral neuropathy affects the nerves in the peripheral nervous structure. Just like its optic neuritis counterpart, peripheral neuritis can be as a result of an infection. However, this disease cannot be caused by a viral or bacteria infection. Rather, it is normally triggered by problems such as diabetes, alcoholism, nutritional deficiencies, Aids, and more. You can also develop this condition when you spend a lot of time seated in one place. Once you have been infected with this disease you will begin to experience numbness and imbalances in your gait. It is important to learn all the important details about this condition so that you can easily avoid it.

What Are The Causes Of Neuritis?

As mentioned earlier, there are two major types of neuritis: optic and peripheral. These are serious conditions that can cause permanent deformity such as blindness. You should therefore seek your doctor’s attention once you suspect that you have any of these conditions. But what really causes neuritis? Well, there are several factors that are known to trigger this condition. The first and most common cause of neuritis is the chronic acidosis. This is the presence of too much acid in the blood. Remember that your body fluids ought to be alkaline and in the event that there is too much acidic waste material in the body tissues mainly due to a defective diet, you experience the problem of acidosis. It is has also been medically proven that bad lifestyle and excess work can reduce the tenor of your nervous system. This in turn causes either of the two types of neuritis.

Neuritis problem can also be caused by a diversity of nutritional deficits and metabolic interruptions including defective calcium metabolism, shortage of nutrients such as vitamins B12, B1, and B6. Lack of pantothenic acid along with B2 is also a major cause of the disease. General toxaemia is also another possible cause of neuritis. Apart from these causes there are other common and almost inevitable factors that can trigger neuritis. For example,

  • A blow,
  • Bad bruise or penetrating injury,
  • Too much pressure on the nerve trunk,
  • Bone dislocations and fractures,
  • Violent muscle activity and over-extension of joints,
  • Certain infections including TB, diphtheria, leprosy, diabetes, poisoning with lead, alcohol, mercury, and so on.

You should therefore prevent yourself from acquiring this condition by ensuring that none of these causes finds an opportunity to get into your body.

What Are The Symptoms Of Neuritis?

Unlike other serious health conditions, neuritis presents numerous symptoms and it is very easy for your doctor to determine whether you have the disease. The following are some of the common symptoms of neuritis:

  • Tingling in various body parts is a major sign that you could be having neuritis. This symptom causes serious sensation in organs where there are nerves. The symptom also occurs occasionally and makes the patient feel uncomfortable. However, sometimes it can be severe and recurrent.
  • A neuritis patient can also experience burning especially if they are suffering from facial neuritis. Sometime this burning may intensify and make the patient feel as if the affected area is literally on fire. This sensation becomes even worse when the patient makes certain movements.
  • Neuritis also causes the patient to experience numbness especially due to damaged nerves. Numbness can also occur when the swollen axons deter the nerve from performing their functions effectively and thus make it hard for the impulses to maneuver properly. However, this numbness may affect one part of the nerve or spread around the whole nerve. This condition may occur permanently or temporarily.
  • Stabbing pain is also a common symptom in neuritis patients including those suffering from optic neuritis. In extreme cases, special prescription medications are recommended in order to relieve pain and or reduce the inflammation.
  • Neuritis is also known to cause complete loss of sensation. This is especially the case when the symptoms occur more frequently. This condition is a bit serious because it can easily become permanent. Numbness on the other hand comes and goes and it can easily be improved. One of the major causes of complete loss of sensation is ulna nerve inflammation. You should therefore try your best to ensure that the problem is treated immediately.
  • Neuritis can also come with regular sensation of needles. In fact, this is one of the common symptoms of brachial neuritis. The feeling is much more similar to when your extremities sleep and wake up.  
  • It is also likely that you will experience loss of muscular tone when you are suffering from neuritis. This condition comes when the faulty nerve prevents the muscles surrounding it from being toned. This in turn weakens the muscles and they may even start to lose important tissues. If you do not seek immediate medical attention, your muscles will lack enough nerve stimulation and render them ineffective.
  • Neuritis is also likely to make the patient feel dizzy. In fact, dizziness and vertigo are the major symptoms of vestibular neuritis. This condition normally happens when the vestibular nerve is damaged. The role of vestibular nerve is to connect the ear to the brain, and if it is damaged then the patient is likely to experience serious problems.
  • Last but not least, neuritis patients are likely to experience paralysis, which quite severe. This condition is commonly seen in patients suffering from Bell’s palsy which normally causes facial paralysis.

Home Remedies For Neuritis

Neuritis is the inflammation of nerves. This condition comes as a result of accumulation of different toxins in your body. These toxins may come from bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle. Neuritis causes serious sensation and burning around the affected areas and in the extreme cases it can cause severe pain. The good thing is that there are numerous home remedies that you can use to counter this problem. For starters, the main cause of neuritis is the increased levels of acid in the blood and other important body fluids. Your blood should always remain alkaline but due to an unhealthy lifestyle the levels of acid are likely to go up. When these levels go up, they begin to damage your nerves, which in turn cause neuritis. Most people cannot manage to maintain a proper eating routine and therefore they end up taking everything that they come across. The following are some of the important home remedies that you should go for whenever you are treating neuritis. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies and herbal remedies yourself!  

  • Eat Right- Try your best to maintain a proper eating routine and also avoid eating foods that are likely to increase acid in your blood. You should also stay away from alcohol and other substances since these chemicals are a possible cause of high levels of acid in the blood.
  • Soya bean milk-this is one of the most effective and safest treatments for neuritis. Take soya bean milk and mix with a teaspoon of honey. Take the drink every night. It helps to tone the nerves system because it is rich in vitamin B and has high concentration of lecithin.
  • Barley brew-it is also an effective remedy for neuritis. Prepare the brew using pearled barley grain and quarter cup of boiling water. Mix with half glass of buttermilk and half cup of lime juice.
  • Carrot and carrot juice- carrot is a rich anti oxidant, it is rich in essential nutrients and treats neuritis effectively. Cook carrots with stews, eat raw carrots or make carrot juice to treat the disease.
  • Spinach- spinach has been proven to effectively treat neuritis. The vegetable is rich in nutrients that the body might have lacked causing the disease. Drink half a liter of spinach juice daily. You can also eat spinach in plenty or even mix carrot and spinach juice to effectively treat neuritis.
  • Orange flowers- get distilled water from orange flowers. It makes refreshing and stimulating drinks. Take 2 to 3 glasses a day to effectively treat the disease.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin B- when the body lacks vitamin B, chances are high that you will contract neuritis. Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12. They help to relief extreme pain, numbness and weakness. They are effective and offer great results within an hour. Ensure all your meals are rich in vitamin B sources for quick and effective treatment of the disease.
  • Yogurt, cheese, apples and pineapple juices also help in the treatment of the disease.   
  • Beetroot fruit and juice-crate beetroot fruit and add to your food or fruit salad. Make beetroot juice and take 2 to 3 glasses a day.  

With these home remedies, your neuritis condition is likely to go away in a couple of weeks but if it persists, it is important to seek doctor’s intervention immediately. Some extreme cases of neuritis may require surgery.

Diet For Neuritis

Some people rely on painkillers to relief pain caused by neuritis. The problem with this is that it only suppresses the problem instead of curing it. If you let your neuritis to continue for so long, chances are that it will cause permanent deformities. That is why you have to look for the best cure immediately.  The good news is that this condition can be improved through special diets. For example:

  • Make sure to take foods that are rich in vitamin D,
  • Eating soya beans and honey can help improve neuritis condition,
  • You should also drink a mixture of water and barley regularly,
  • Carrot juice is also important for curing neuritis,
  • Orange flowers are another effective remedy for neuritis.

Prevention Of Neuritis

It is very easy to prevent neuritis especially if you have no history of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and diabetes. The easiest way to prevent your body from acquiring neuritis condition is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Always try your best to stay away from the common triggers for neuritis. The following are some of the effective preventive measures that you should always put in place:

  • Eat healthy foods,
  • Exercise regularly,
  • Have enough rest and do not overwork yourself,
  • Avoid chemicals such as alcohol since they are known to increase the levels of acid in the blood.

You must also avoid injuries if possible especially during sports and work. You can achieve this by wearing protective clothing.