Nosebleeds are characterized by drops of blood in the nostrils. It is a common complaint that happens in an emergency. It can be frightening to both the patient and the attendant. This condition is very common in kids. There are numerous possible factors that can trigger this condition. These factors may be local or infections. Local causes of nosebleeds include injuries and trauma. This condition is normally experienced in emergencies such as road accidents. It can also come as a result of continuous nose picking. In children, many nosebleeds cases are as a result of frequent nose picking. Infectious causes on the other hand can either be severe or viral.

If you have some foreign bodies in the septum of your nose, then you are likely to experience the problem of nose bleeding. Growth in nose is normally caused by polyps and tumors which are either benign or spiteful in nature. Although nosebleeds are not serious, sometimes they can turn fatal if they are not given the necessary attention. There have been many cases of deaths as a result of nose bleeding where patients lose too much blood through their nose and collapse. It is thus important to know what causes nosebleeds and how to handle them. This passage seeks to provide you with all the necessary details you wish to know about nosebleeds.

What Are The Causes Of Nosebleeds?

For starters, there are plenteous causes of nosebleeds. These causes are either as a result of infections or emergencies. The most common cause of nosebleeds is hypertension. This problem mainly occurs in adults where the patient’s blood pressure goes up excessively until they start to nose bleed. This condition is also common in pregnant mothers and people who suffer heart problems regularly. You should therefore ensure that your blood pressure remains at normal levels. You should also avoid engaging in activities that push your blood pressure up. Another major cause of nosebleeds is typhoid. Patients suffering from this infection normally experience increased blood pressure which may easily result to nose bleeding. Victims of anemia and fever are also likely to experience this problem. It is also important to note that sometimes the cause of nosebleeds may not be clear. In such cases, you are supposed to seek your doctor’s attention so that he or she can run the necessary tests to ascertain the cause. Many victims of serious road accidents are likely to develop this problem especially if the head was hit. Children and adults who nose pick frequently are also at risk of developing nosebleeds.

Technically speaking, the nose has a lot of blood vessels. It is also notable that the nose is located in a very vulnerable position since it sticks out on the person’s face. In the event that a person experiences a trauma to the head or parts of the face that are near the nose, it might cause injuries to the nausea, and hence bleeding. Sometimes the bleeding is profuse and may require immediate attention from a qualified medical doctor. Some nosebleeds are also as a result of cracked nasal membranes. When the membranes are dried up they tend to crack and if the blood vessels will get injured in the process, then you are likely to experience nosebleeds. This condition is very common during dry climates and winter months when air is somewhat dry or warm. When people keep their house heaters on for so long during winter seasons, the air inside the house becomes dry and that can really affect the breathing system of the occupants including their noses. When nose membranes dry up they will crack injuring blood vessels which in turn triggers nosebleeds.

You may also experience nosebleeds if you take, for so long, medications that are known to hamper blood clotting. Such medicines include pain relief medicines such as Asprin and other anti-inflammatory medicines. In such cases, even the slightest injury to the nose can cause serious nose bleeding. Research has also revealed that cases of nosebleeds are very common during cold seasons since the respiratory system is more vulnerable to infections. The fluctuating temperatures and humidity are likely to cause respiratory infections such as common cold which force the patient to nose pick frequently and hence nosebleeds. Furthermore, changes of atmosphere, that is, from cold to warm or vice versa is a major cause of nosebleeds especially since they cause dryness in the nose which causes the membrane to crack. Alcohol and substance abuse is also a major cause of nose bleeds.

What Are The Symptoms Of Nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds have obvious signs that everybody can notice. Every victim of nosebleeds experiences blood loss through the nostrils. However, your medical doctor may conduct a careful medical analysis to ascertain the real cause of the problem. Your doctor should check your blood pressure, liver complications, anticoagulant consumption, trauma to the nose, and any traces of nosebleeds in your family. It is also important for the doctor to conduct blood test to determine coagulation parameters. Measurements of blood pressure are also important to check if the condition is being triggered by hypertension. It is also imperative to go for X-rays of the head to check if there are any injuries. Remember, if you have developed the problem of nosebleeds after a car accident, chances are that you have suffered serious head injuries. This is a serious situation that requires immediate medical attention from a qualified doctor. Failure to treat head injuries can cause the brain to come into contact with the brain which can lead to serious medical problems or even death.

Home Remedies For Nosebleeds

The good thing about many cases of nosebleeds is that they can be improved without the help of a doctor. This is even important because most of these cases happen suddenly and normally there is no time to get a doctor. However, if you are going treat your nosebleeds by yourself, you have to follow the following steps. Failure to follow this procedure may worsen the situation and end up causing death. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies and herbal remedies yourself!  Here are some of the home remedies that you can try.

  • Try This- Hold the soft parts of your nose together using your thumb and index fingers.  Press the parts firmly towards your face- making sure that the soft parts of your nose are completely compressed against the face. Then make sure that your head is leaning forward slightly. You should never lean your head backward because you will be forcing the blood to get back to your sinuses and the gullet which can in turn cause blockage or inhaling of the blood.  Keep holding the nose for not less than five minutes. You can also repeat the exercise if the nosebleeds have not yet stopped.   Make sure to sit down immediately and quietly, ensuring that the head is kept slightly above the point of your heart. It is very dangerous to lay flat or keep the head stuck between the legs.
  • Cold Cloth- Place a cold piece of cloth on your nose or cheeks.
  • Onion- You can also stop nosebleeds by smelling freshly cut pieces of onion. Onion produces fumes that are known to act as thickening agents. They will therefore stop the bleeding immediately.
  • Cotton dipped in vinegar- A piece of cotton dipped in vinegar can also work miracles by minimizing the amount of blood flowing out.
  • Cayenne-take cayenne or cayenne powder to stop nosebleeds instantly.
  • white oak bark-it is proven to be one of the most effective treatment for nosebleeds
  • Gold seal-take gold seal regularly when nosebleeds occur to effectively treat nosebleeds.
  • Cayenne pepper- drink 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne in a glass of warm water. It helps to stop nosebleeds within a very short time.
  • Pure amber-place pure amber on top of your nose when nosebleeds occur. It stops bleeding instantly.
  • Vinegar- it is very effective in getting a bloody nose under full control. Use pure distilled white vinegar. Pour on a piece of cloth and wash the temples, nose and neck with it to stop nosebleeds. You can also mix 2teaspoons of vinegar with a glass of water and drink it.
  • Citrus fruits-eat at least one or two citrus fruits. Citrus is rich in bioflavonoid and helps to treat and prevent nosebleeds.
  • A wet towel-wet your towel and place on your forehead or head. It is very effective in treating nosebleeds. It stops bleeding instantly. Do not lie down or put your back with the towel. This is to prevent swallowing of blood.
  • Green leafy vegetables and broccoli- they are rich in nutrients that help to prevent nosebleeds. Eat fresh vegetables regularly. You can take chlorophyll regularly because it acts a preventive measure against nosebleeds.
  • Use brown paper-use the paper from a brown paper bag and place it under the gum and your upper lip. It is one of the most effective remedy to stop nosebleeds within no time.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetable juices-make juice from fresh vegetables and fruits. They help in supplying essential nutrients to the body to prevent underlying ailments. Note that nosebleeds can be a sign of a disease that can be prevented at its early stages.

Diet For Nosebleeds

Some people tend to believe that there is no possible diet that can treat the problem of nose bleeding mainly because most cases of nose bleeding are as a result of trauma to the nose. However, the truth is that there are various types of diets that people with the problem of nosebleeds should take. For instance, you should always ensure that your food is rich in iron since it contains essential components such as hemoglobin which is an important part of the red blood cells. Other diet changes that you should make include the following;

  • Avoid taking foods that are rich in salicylates. This component is mostly found in foods such as coffee, fruits, grapes and more. But since these foods are also important to the body, you should take them in moderation especially if you have a problem of nosebleeds.
  • Always try your best to keep your blood pressure at the appropriate levels since hypertension is one of the major causes of nosebleeds.
  • Ensure that the air in your house is clean and moist by using purified water in a humidifier.
  • Make sure that your diet is full of vitamin C since it helps in the creation of collagen which is an essential part of the body tissue.
  • Quit smoking immediately and always keep your nostrils moist.

Prevention Of Nosebleeds

There are a couple of preventive measures that you should always consider whenever you are dealing with nosebleeds. For instance,

  • Avoid strong nose-blowing because it might injure the blood vessels in your nose
  • Never put objects or finger in the nose to take out crusts
  • Keep your head elevated with a pillow when sleeping
  • Always apply moisturizing ointments in your nose such as oil in order to keep the membrane moist
  • Limit the use of medications such as Asprin because they prevent blood clotting
  • Avoid using substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, and other hard drugs.