What Is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a medical condition which affects bones in the body and is characterized by low mineral density in bones. It can also be characterized by a value that is below the bone mass mean peak and patients suffering from this condition are known to have a standard deviation of 2.5 below the required mean value. While many people claim it affects women who are in postmenopausal stage, this is not always the case. This is because there are 3 different types of Osteoporosis and only one of these affects women in this category and it is known as primary type 1 or postmenopausal Osteoporosis.

The second type is known as senile or primary Type 2 Osteoporosis and it affects a ration of 2:1 for female and male. In most cases, it is experienced by individuals over 75 years of age. Finally, there is secondary Osteoporosis which affects both sexes. This last type of often as a result of the prolonged use of certain medication or it can be as a result of another ailment. Osteoporosis does not cause any pain by itself and while this is the case, the patient’s bones become brittle and they can break easily as a result of a fall or any other type of injury. It is only when this happens that it is possible to feel the pain and this is as a result of the injuries and fractures. Note that injuries sustained as a result of Osteoporosis are not easy to treat.

What Are The Causes Of Osteoporosis?

There are a couple of factors known to cause Osteoporosis. Some of the risk factors include the following.

  • Gender: While this is not a major cause for developing Osteoporosis, research has proven that compared to men, women are more susceptible to it. This is because of menopause which changes hormonal balance thus affecting the structure of the bones.
  • Family history: In cases where there is a history of the disease in family, it can be passed from one generation to another.
  • Broken bones history: If an individual has bone injuries history, there is also the strong possibility they might suffer from this condition and this is especially true around the areas where the injuries were noted.
  • Individuals with body weight that is low are also at risk of suffering from this condition and especially women who weigh not more than one hundred and thirty pounds. Individuals who are obese are also at a risk of getting Osteoporosis. The best thing is to ensure you have an ideal weight.
  • Smoking is also another major Osteoporosis cause since it deprives the bones of calcium.
  • Poor diet: Diets that are deficient in vitamin C, calcium and protein can also be another major cause of Osteoporosis. This is because these nutrients are essential for the purpose of strengthening the bones and without these, they become vulnerable and weak.

What Are The Symptoms Of Osteoporosis?

While there are no specific Osteoporosis symptoms, the disease can be easily indentified because of the complications that accompany it. In most cases though, diagnosing it is difficult because the signs are unspecific and vague. Despite this fact, there are certain symptoms you need to be on the lookout for and these include the following.

  • The risk of falling is great. As individual ages, they become weak and when this is combined with Osteoporosis the risk of falling or wrist, hip and spine injuries also becomes high. In this case, the risk is higher when they lift objects that are considerably heavy.
  • Those suffering from weak bone structure are also at a high risk of suffering from balance disorder. In this case, the individual finds it difficult to maintain proper balance when carrying out simple exercises such as climbing the stairs or going down and walking. This imbalance is as a result of the bones unreliability to support the body and any movements made.
  • Frequent fractures are also another common symptom of Osteoporosis. Because the bone structure is already weak, it becomes easy to sustain fractures and this is especially true on the wrist and hip areas.

Home Remedies For Osteoporosis

The best way to deal with Osteoporosis is to resort to home remedies. These are inexpensive and they do not have any side effects. By following the home remedies which are simple yet effective, you can enjoy numerous health benefits. Some of the most common remedies that have withstood the test of time include the following. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies and herbal remedies yourself!  

  • Brussel Sprouts- Brussels sprouts are rich in vitamins K and vital for the maintenance of a solid bone structure.
  • Try Eating These- Eating plenty of beans, pineapples, nuts, spinach and whole wheat is also advisable and this is because they are rich in manganese and as such, capable of treating and strengthening your bones.
  • Sesame Seeds- Every morning, you should munch sesame seeds as this is a great remedy for patients suffering from Osteoporosis.
  • Dairy Products- Make sure that you have sufficient intake of dairy products and milk everyday. Milk is rich in calcium and other dairy products are rich in vitamin D which is also essential for the purpose of strengthening your bones.
  • Exercise- You should exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday. You can take up jogging 3 times a week or walking. This home remedy ensures that your mineral bone density is intensified and also reduces the possibility of falling because it strengthens your muscle groups including the legs and back.
  • Water Walking- Water walking is another important remedy and in this case, you are supposed to walk in water that is chest deep for 30 minutes. It is beneficial because it takes away the body weight and relieves stress from the bones and joints.
  • Soy- By increasing your intake of Soy products, you can also regain your health at a quicker pace. In this case, it is advisable to take products that have high soy isoflavones as this helps with the balancing of estrogen levels.
  • Chaste Berries- Chaste berries are known to have vitexicarpin and vitricin which aid in keeping the hormone level at an ideal equilibrium. Therefore, it is recommended you take 250mg of the aromatic plant for two to three weeks everyday in order to enjoy the benefits it has to offer.
  • Almond Milk- Almond milk is rich in calcium and you should also take this regularly as a remedy. In this case, you can soak the almonds in water that is lukewarm, mix when with cow milk or soya and drink it.
  • Boron- Foods that are boron rich are also considered an ideal remedy for patients suffering from Osteoporosis. Boron can be found in pears, grapes and apples. You can also eat honey, legumes and buts in order to avoid some of the problems that are triggered by Osteoporosis.
  • Honey- Everyday, you should take at least 1 tsp of honey as a remedy for Osteoporosis. This is because it contains some of the essential nutrients which are needed for the purpose of strengthening your bones.
  • Dandelion tea-it is special tea prepared from dandelion leaves. Drink the tea twice day for a long as you can. It helps to treat the disease.
  • Calcium- calcium is very important for your bones. Soak almonds in warm water. Blend them with milk preferably, cow or goat milk. Soya milk can also be used and drink the mixture to treat osteoporosis. It helps in building strong bones and in increasing bone density.
  • Vitamin D-eat foods rich in vitamin D and phosphorus. They include dairy products, fruits, broccoli, vegetables and dairy products. They cure osteoporosis and prevent loss of bone density.
  • Apples, grapes, nuts, pears, seeds and honey- It is essential to include these fruits in your daily diet. They are very effective in treatment of the disease.
  • Whole wheat, beans, pineapples and spinach-they are great sources of manganese, a great element that helps in increasing bone density.
  • Sprouts-they are great sources of vitamin K and helps in building strong bones.
  • Balanced meal and plenty of water-eat well balanced meal to enhance treatment of the disease. Plenty of water will help to eliminate toxins that can cause the disease.
  • Sunlight-get plenty of sunlight each day. It helps to build strong bones and is a natural source of vitamin

Diet For Osteoporosis

 An individual suffering from Osteoporosis should adhere to a healthy diet in order to control it and enjoy better health. In this case, the diet should include fresh vegetables and fruits. Apart from this, it should also have fresh bread, yoghurt, potatoes, low fat cheese, fish that is rich in omega-3 like mackerel, herring and sardines and small servings of lean meat. The following is a sample of an ideal diet for an individual suffering from Osteoporosis.  

  • Breakfast: An ideal breakfast should include oatmeal cup, fat free milk cup and 5 chopped and dried apricots, orange juice and chopped nuts.  When selecting orange juice, make sure that it is calcium fortified.
  • Lunch: For lunch, you should use ¼ cup sliced oranges, ¼ cup grapes, 4 grapes of cherry tomatoes, 1 tsp of sesame seeds and 2 mixed salad leaves cup to make a salad.
  • For dinner, it is advisable to boneless chicken slice mixed with some milk and pasta.

By adhering to this diet it becomes considerably easy to get Osteoporosis under control.

Prevention Of Osteoporosis

While this is a common problem that affects people as they advance in age and especially women, it can be prevented. One way of doing this is ensuring that your calcium needs are met at all times and this cab be obtained with ease from milk, cheese, dairy products and other sources of food. Calcium alone cannot help keep the disease at bay because you also need to have a healthy vitamin D dose and you can get this from sunshine. The following can also come in handy in ensuring that you keep Osteoporosis at bay.

  • Exercise regularly for the purpose of conditioning and strengthening your bone structure. Once your bones are well conditioned, you will not be susceptible to weakening or fractures.
  • You should avoid smoking because this is a major cause of Osteoporosis. It deprives the bones of essential calcium thus making your bones weaker.
  • You should maintain a posture that is healthy. Very few people pay attention to this aspect and as such, it is easy to see people stooping in office chairs and this posture is dangerous because in the long run, it makes your bones weak.