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Peppermint (Mentha piperita)


Peppermint is a special herb that was originally found in Europe. However, after numerous medical studies aimed at discovering some of the medical benefits of the herb, many countries have began to cultivate it for commercial purposes. For instance, the herb is being cultivated all over North America. This herb has been found to be highly effective in treating various medical complications. Its plant grows to 3 ft tall. It normally blooms from July to August. The herb sprouts tiny flowers and fatal spikes. Dark green and fragrant leaves appear opposite the white flowers. Peppermint grows naturally in moist and temperate areas. Some of its varieties originated from South Africa, Australia and South America.

Medicinal Uses

Peppermint is an accepted flavor for gums, tea, and toothpastes. Also, if you experience stomach problems such as indigestion, you can use this herb. It is very effective in soothing the stomach. Due to its calming effect, peppermint is normally used to treat problems such as headaches, anxiety, skin exasperations, nausea, menstrual cramps, flatulence, and more. Many medical professionals recommend peppermint for chest problems such as common cold. This has seen many drug manufacturers using this herb to manufacture various medicines for chest problems.

In medical facilities, peppermint is normally used to wash test tubes since it has the ability to kill harmful organisms such as bacteria, virus, fungi, and more. This shows that the herb contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. A couple of studies have revealed that peppermint can be used for irritable bowel condition. Peppermint calms muscles in the digestive system allowing for smooth and enhanced flow of food. It also allows the bile to flow accurately to facilitate proper food digestion. Consequently, there is quick passage of food in the stomach. However, you should never use peppermint to treat your indigestion problem if it is caused by gastro esophageal. It is therefore important to take a thorough medical test to ascertain the cause of indigestion before you use the herb.

Peppermint is also effective in treating bloating especially since it has the ability to relax muscles and allow painful gas in the digestive system to pass. If you have the irritable bowel condition, you should consider using this herb. Peppermint is effective in giving a soothing and calming effect. It is therefore appropriate for treating skin irritations that come from hives, poison oak, poison ivy, and more. Tension headaches can also be treated using peppermint. The herb is applied to a patient’s forehead or temples to relieve pain. This process should be repeated for a couple of times for more effective results. People with common cold and flu should also consider using this herb. Peppermint contains menthol which serves as a decongestant. Since menthol reduces mucus, it can be used as an expectorant. So if you have thick phlegm or are suffering from a serious cough, you can improve your condition with this herb. It has the ability to soothe and calm sore throats and improve dry coughs also.

Dosage and Administration

This herb can be taken in various forms. For instance, it is now available at your local chemist in capsule form. These capsules are also coated with peppermint oil to allow them go through the digestive system easily. You can also prepare peppermint tincture using oil extracted from the herb and its leaf extract. This mixture can be added to an alcohol formula. Other homeopathic concoctions are also effective in treating the aforementioned diseases. Some companies that produce skin products are using this herb to manufacture various creams and gels. These products should contain – to 16 percent menthol.

Parts Used

The most important parts of peppermint are its leaves and stem. These parts contain high levels of menthol which is effective in treating various medical conditions. Menthol is also important for food flavor, and fragrance.


Peppermint has properties that help people relieve stress and depression. It is therefore effective in overcoming various anxiety disorders. This herb can be used by people suffering from urinary tract ailments. Another notable benefit of peppermint is its cooling and soothing effect.

Side Effects

Peppermint is an effecting remedy for various complications but it can trigger serious side effects if not used properly. You should thus take the herb with extra care. Always seek help from a qualified medical doctor.  


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