The term pimple is synonymous with the words zits, and spots. A pimple is basically defined as an inflammation of the skin that comes on account of the pores of the skin being clouded with bacteria. To understand how this dynamic takes place, a lesson in how the skin works is important. Here goes. At the base of the hair follicle there is a gland -sebaceous gland. This gland secretes sebum oil that is used to oil the skin. It is important to note that the skin periodically sheds off dead layers. It is during this period of skin shedding that things go awry for individuals who are afflicted by acne. And this is why – when the skin is being shed off, the sebum glues together these dead cells. A blanket of dead cells then covers the pores of the skin; when sebum is secreted it is basically trapped under the blanket of dead cells and the effect of this is that a bacterium builds up in the pore of the skin. The manifestation of this is seen by way of skin inflammations that cloud the surface of the skin. These inflammations are mostly on the surface of the skin but could also be found on the back of an individual as well as the chest of an individual.   

What Are The Causes Of Pimples?

There is a great debate on what exactly is responsible for the outbreak of pimples upon the skin surface of an individual. While the jury is still out on some of the contentious elements that are thought to occasion pimples, the medical community has settled on the following issues as some of the things that most likely cause pimples: 

  • Pore blockage: This is the first suspect with regard to the presence of pimples on an individual’s skin. Pore blockage tends to be mostly pronounced during individual’s adolescence years. This is on account of the fact that on account of increasing amounts of testosterone, you have a situation where sebum production is increased. The chain of events that follow has been explained at the outset of the article. This, pore blockage, is the greatest cause of pimples. The long and short of it is this – when sebum is trapped within the pore of the skin, it cultivates bacteria. This bacteria might initially be harmless but when it begins reproducing and feeding off the sebum, an immune response is activated and this lead to the inflammation of the skin. 
  • Heredity: This is the second cause of what can kick start the outset of an acne attack. It has been observed that in families where acne is prevalent, this strain (gene) tends to be passed on amongst successive generations. These are the two culprits that are responsible for acne. There have been other reasons that have been attributed to the outbreak of acne – diet, contact with an individual afflicted with acne, and hygiene. All this however lacks any credibility whatsoever. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Pimples?

Because this is primarily a physical condition, the symptoms of these conditions manifest themselves in a physical way. The following signs and symptoms are the dead give away that an individual is having a case of acne. Here goes:

  • Blackheads – As the name suggests these are skin inflammations that are black in color. This coloration is as a result of sebum and bacteria beneath the surface of the skin being exposed to air. Most people labor under the impression that black heads come as a result of dirt, but nothing could be further from the truth.
  • Cysts – This is the second dead give away that an individual has a case of acne. Cysts are of course manifested by sacs that are filled with pus. If the cysts are abnormally large then a visit to the dermatologist might be necessary. A biopsy might have to be done to ascertain what type of cyst has afflicted the individual. In a worst case scenario it could be cancerous whilst in the best case it could simply be a malignant in nature, in which case it might necessitate a surgical intervention.
  • Whiteheads – These are rather small inflammations  that remain under the skin
  • Pustules – This is a technical term used to refer to pimples that are full of pus. Their base is usually red in color whilst their crest is filled with pus. Incidentally, this is the most common type of symptom that an individual has a pimple.    

Home Remedies For Pimples

There are a few remedies that are applied to deal with the nuisance that zits can be. Some of these remedies might sound like some old wives house tales, whilst some might have an educated casing about them. Whatever remedy is given here however has had some degree of success in so far as managing acne is concerned. Here goes: Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies and herbal remedies yourself!  Here are some of the home remedies that you can try.

  • Hands Off- Ensure that you keep your hands away from pimples. This means no bursting them; no rubbing them, no hand activity whatsoever. The reason that is given for this is that the incidence of the spread of bacteria tends to be rather high when your fingers walk all over the face (sic). The lesson here is simple, keep your fingers down.
  • Oil Free Makeup- If you are doing make up, ensure that you mask your face with oil free makeup. The reasons for this are rather obvious. You essentially militate against the formation of a blanket that covers the pores.
  • Oil Massage- You could also go the route of oil massages. These have been found to stimulate the flow of blood on the surface of the skin plus they expel dirt from the body system.
  • Wash Your Face- You also need to regularly wash your face.  Scientists recommend that you do this some 2-3 times a day. You have to walk a delicate balance though ensuring that in no way do you scar your face. Along this vein ensure that the soap you use is not corrosive on the surface of your skin. Go for medicated soaps, or even home made solution such as orange peel powders.  
  • Lemon juice- A mixture of lemon and rosewater is known to deal with pimples more effectively than over the counter creams. You are supposed to apply the solution on the infected areas and stay for about an hour before washing it away. Follow this procedure for four weeks to eliminate the bacteria completely. There are no notable side effects of using lemon juice. This remedy is also effective in eliminating harmful bacteria from the skin. 
  • Lemon and groundnut Oil Mixture- A combination of lemon juice and groundnut oil can help you keep your skin free of bacteria that causes pimples. Alternatively, you can mix your lemon juice with sandalwood powder. Apply the solution on the affected part and leave it for a moment before taking a bath. Repeat this procedure for a week or two for more effective results.
  • Honey- Research has proven that honey can be an effective remedy for pimples. You can either drink it or apply it on your skin. Apply a tablespoonful of honey on your skin especially the affected areas and let it stay overnight. It is also important to mixture your honey with teaspoonful of cinnamon particles. This mixture helps in encouraging natural cure of the skin. But if you need to have more effective results you have to repeat this procedure for several weeks.
  • Garlic- If you are facing the problem of pimples you can just rub garlic on your skin and the problem will varnish in a matter of days. The only problem with this remedy is that it is smelly. If you cannot stand the smell of the garlic solution, you can take it orally. Make a habit of using garlic once in a while because it is effective in curing a host of other infections. It is also a perfect preventive measure for stomach problems.
  • Baby Powder- First is the use of baby powder to dry out pimples and get rid of them. 
  • Tooth Paste- The application of tooth paste on the affected surface has been known to considerably reduce the size of the zit. The magic behind this is yet to be understood.
  • Lime Juice- The application of fresh minted lime juice prior to going to bed has been known to work miracles in so far as the management of pimples is concerned.

Diet For Pimples

Whenever you are dealing with any medical condition, there is always a strong element of diet that comes into the picture. The scenario is no different when you are dealing with matter pimples. The dietary intervention that you need to fall back on looks something like this:

  • Water – Yes, water. This is on account of the fact that water is used to flush out toxins from the body system. Ideally you are supposed to consume some eight glasses of water daily. The consumption of water ensures that waste is excreted largely via the kidneys as opposed to the skin. The relief provided to the skin when the kidneys are overworking is rather obvious.
  • Junk food – The answer is an emphatic no when it comes to matters junk food. Junk food does more damage to the body than good. The reason why junk food is an anathema to an individual experiencing a case of acne is that they essentially deprive the system of the much needed nutrients that the skin needs to be nourished. Junk food lacks vital minerals like Zinc, and also minerals such as Vitamin A, needed to build keratin - the outer protein of the skin.  

Prevention Of Pimples

 There are a few ways that you can forestall the outbreak of an acne attack, they are as follows:

  • Ex foliation – Refers to scrubbing off the top layer of the skin -dead skin. This erodes the blanket of dead cells and the result is that the pores of the skin remain open.
  • Proper diet – ensure that you consume some eight glasses of water daily to ensure that waste is flushed via the kidney and that the skin is not overworked by flushing out dirt.  Follow this procedure and you are certain that pimples will either be non existent or hardly register on the surface of your skin.