What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Sexual health happens to be one topic any adult guards with their life. Unfortunately, a very big percentage of men and women suffer from one complication or the other. Treatment has become a big challenge for medical practitioners especially due to the fact that very few victims are willing to let it out. People have simply chosen to suffer in silence and watch relationships crumble when actually these conditions can be treated. One of the most common conditions suffered by men happens to be premature ejaculation. The meager information available on the condition has made many to dismiss its seriousness. But ladies will all agree that the condition needs prompt remedies.

Premature ejaculation, commonly abbreviated as PE, is said to occurs whenever a man releases sperms sooner than expected during a sexual encounter. This could be earlier than they or than the partner expected. If it doesn't occur frequently, then there shouldn't be any cause for alarm. However, if more often than not you ejaculate shortly after intercourse begins or at times even before, to your disappointment or that of your partner, there is plenty of reason to be worried. PE has over the years become a very common complaint laid before relationship therapists. It is estimated that one in about three men suffers from the condition, albeit often in silence. This should change after you discover it is in fact a common and very treatable disorder.

What Are The Causes Of Premature Ejaculation?

Before you attempt to try and remedy any medical condition, it is important to begin by understanding where it originated from in the first case. The case will not be any different when it comes to the condition that gives men sleepless nights, premature ejaculation. Understanding the causes will help you develop a better attitude towards it rather than think you are some kind of weird person. Here are some of the possible causes of this condition:

  • Incorrect learning: Past research has supported the fact that the control and moderation of sexual excitement is a behavior that someone can learn. Men who learn it incorrectly tend to get too excited before intercourse that they ejaculate either before or shortly after starting. On the contrary, the men who can contain their excitement often end up ejaculation at a time that suits them as well as their partner.
  • Neurological condition: This is one of the rare cases reported in a small number of victims. Neurological conditions such as urethritis and infection of one's prostate gland could result to premature ejaculation. The former refers to an inflammation within the urethra, which id the duct responsible for transmitting urine and semen out of the body.
  • Drugs: More and more young men are these days being dram into the trade of drug and substance abuse. This is suspected to play a huge role regarding PE since many cases have been reported in men trying to withdraw from drugs, more so opioids.
  • Psychological factors: One other common cause of premature ejaculation in men has to do with psychology. Anxiety caused by factors such as the fear of getting caught or making a lady pregnant combines with sexual over-stimulation to bring about PE. 

A lot of research is still being conducted to ascertain other causes, and many scientists are hinting that some cases of PE are related to genetics.

What Are The Symptoms Of Premature Ejaculation?

Knowing the causes of premature ejaculation is not going to help you know whether or not you are a victim. This will only happen if you familiarize yourself with the symptoms associated with it. Here are some of the signs that you could be suffering from PE:

  • Ejaculating sooner than you expected. If you regularly release semen earlier than expected during sexual intercourse, you are most likely a victim. This will often prevent full sexual satisfaction, especially on the side of your partner.
  • Emotional upset: You and your sexual partner will often be emotionally upset whenever you ejaculate prematurely. This could create some interpersonal differences that will farther undermine sexual satisfaction.
  • Embarrassment: Men suffering from PE often find sex and embarrassing encounter since they are totally unable to control their ejaculation.

If you have shown a few of such signs, then this is the time to seek medical attention.

Home Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

Learning about the causes as well as symptoms is not going to change the situation. Perhaps the most important part of this read is that which gives you solutions to the problem, rather than just explain the problem. Premature ejaculation is one condition that has given medical practitioners a lot to think about. A number of medications and treatments have so far been developed to help combat the problem. However, some men are still not bold enough to visit a health facility regarding the disorder. In this case, you will be glad to find out that there are many home remedies that are solving the problem already. This section shall take a look at some home remedies for you to try out. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies and herbal remedies yourself!  Here are some of the home remedies that you can try.

  • Stop and Start Technique- The stop and start technique is one of the easiest and most practical remedy for premature ejaculation anyone can try. The approach involves sexually stimulating a man until he discovers that he is about to ejaculate. At this point, the stimulation will be stopped for about half a minute to give him time to calm down. This sequence can then be repeated up to the point where both partners desire ejaculation. Gradually, the man will learn to release semen at the desired time.
  • Local anesthetic- A number of men have decided to solve their PE problems using a local anesthetic gel. This gel is usually applied to the shaft of the penis prior to intercourse. The trick here is to try and damp down the excess sexual stimulation of the penis. Unfortunately, this method could dull the entire sexual encounter. Some intense skin reaction such as itching, soreness and redness could be experienced by the partner. This will be like creating two problems in trying to solve one.
  • Use of Long Love Condoms- To help men last long before an ejaculation, German scientists looked for a literal solution to the problem, 'long love' condoms. These condoms come with a local anesthetic on the inside to ensure no vaginal irritation is caused. Lidocaine and benzocaine are some of the commonly smeared anesthetics. However, the man will still be at risk of developing sensitivity reactions from the condoms. The condoms are now available for purchase but under a wide variety of trade names.
  • Squeeze Technique- This is yet another home remedy for premature ejaculation that will require a lot of help from your sexual partner. Sexual stimulation is done by the partner until the time the man discovers he is just about to ejaculate. Your partner will then squeeze the penis at the boundary between the shaft and the head. This is continued for a number of seconds before sexual stimulation is resumed. When this sequence is repeated, the man will slowly be cultured to ejaculate at a time desired by both sexual partners.
  • Goat milk- Goat milk works very well in treating men with the problem of premature ejaculation. For better result, this milk should be taken with vidari, bala and Ashwagandha. This remedy should be used twice per day. Eventually, men with premature enjaculation starts having normal ijaculation.
  • Ginseng milk- This is another herbal remedy that has worked very well with men with ejaculation problems. Half teaspoonful of ginseng milk should be taken after lunch and also after diner. This remedy has been used by men in various parts of the world indicating positive results. It can be taken with goat milk for better results.
  • Saffron- This herb has worked for many men with ejaculation problems. Many people regard it as a mild aphrodisiac capable of improving libido. It can also be used with milk in treating premature ejaculation. It works effectively when used on regular basis.
  • Almond- This is one of the best herbal remedies for premature ejaculation. It plays a very important role in helping a man increase the time they take before ejaculating. This herb has also been used in curing other sexual problems. It should be taken every morning and evening. To prepare milk from almond, soak the almonds in water for one night. Peel off it skin the following morning and grind them. To realize more effective results, you can add cardamom, ginger and saffron. Mix them in a cup of milk from cows.
  • Garlic- Garlic has also been used for a long time in the treatment of premature ejaculation. A man with premature ejaculation should chew about 3 raw garlic bulbs per day. This is very effective herbal remedy for premature ejaculation.

Diet For Premature Ejaculation

Like any other health disorder, premature ejaculation is closely related to the kind of diet someone subscribes to. Since having sex is pretty much like working out, some of the foods men eat actually affect their performance in bed. Foods such as candy, beer, soda, burgers and junk in general have to avoided if you are to treat this condition. On the other hand, there are foods that lower your chances of suffering from PE. These are:

  • Vitamins C and E: PE could result from the improper flow of blood to the sexual organs during intercourse. This is why you are better off eating lots of vitamins C and E to improve the circulation of blood.
  • Aphrodisiac foods: You could consider incorporating foods that increase your arousal during intercourse, often referred to as aphrodisiac foods. Oysters, raspberries and strawberries are good examples of such foods.
  • Magnesium and calcium: You will also need to take foods that help calm down your nerves such as magnesium, calcium and vitamin B complex. Calming you down will ensure you ejaculate at the right time.

Prevention Of Premature Ejaculation

As a man, you are better off preventing PE rather than trying to treat it. By the time you find a remedy that works, this condition could easily have caused you three relationships. To ensure you keep premature ejaculation out of the way, you will need to:

  • Eat healthy: As stated in the previous section, you have to avoid foods that affect your sexual performance. Also add some aphrodisiac foods to your diet but not in excess.
  • Work out: There are special exercises that have been designed to strengthen men's pelvic floor muscles. Such exercises can be very beneficial in preventing PE simply because they provide you with better ejaculatory control.
  • Medical checkup: Do not wait until you start showing symptoms to visit a doctor. Before you start your active sex life, go for checkup to find out if there's any reason to take preventive medication.

With all these preventive measures, there's should be no reason to suffer premature ejaculation in this day and age.