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Serenoa repens, better known by its common name Saw Palmetto, is one of the priceless plants as far as herbal medication stretches. The herb is native to the pine forests of Southeastern United States and the sandy coastal lands. However, it is now grown in many different parts of the America and Europe due to its numerous medicinal uses and other health benefits. The fan palm plant is known by several names depending on where it is grown, among them sabal fructus, sabal, fructus serenoae and segapalme. You can readily identify the herb with its red-black succulent fruits and white-yellow flowers. However, do not attempt to use this herb before reading through the following review.


Medicinal Uses

There are too many herbs in the market out there for anyone to keep track of their uses. Unfortunately, you can't afford to put your life at risk by trying out a medication you aren't sure of. To help you avoid such confusions, here are the medicinal uses of Saw Palmetto:

  1. Sabal could prove to be a very effective herb for the male reproductive system. Traditionally, tea made from this herb has been used to treat benign enlargement of the male prostate. Furthermore, it is believed to boost sex drive and sperm production in men.
  2. The herb was also popular in treating common urinary tract infections. Excessive night urination and frequent urination that are caused by inflammation of the prostate or bladder have been treated using this herb.
  3. Currently, Saw Palmetto is being studies in detail to verify most of the claims surrounding it. It is commonly used to boost the production of reproductive hormones in men. Females with reproductive organ complications and fertility issues are also exploring the benefits of the herb.
  4. The herb is believed to not only inhibit the conversion testosterone to DHT but also prevent DHT from binging on receptor sites. This is why benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) treatments now revolve around it.


Dosage and Administration

One thing with herbal remedies is that you should never try to copy someone else's dosage, even if your conditions appear similar. This is because only a medical practitioner can gage the dosage that suits the nature and severity of the condition you are suffering from. In any case, the doctor is always free to alter your dosage depending on your physical condition and how you respond to treatment. If you do not have time to prepare the herbal tea or tincture, Saw Palmetto is readily available in capsule/tablet form. They can be taken as prescribed by a reputable manufacturer with the advice of a physician.


Parts Used

It is always important to be sure about the part of a herb that should be used as a herbal remedy. This is to prevent you from using poisonous parts of the correct herb to prepare treatments. Native Americans ate the Saw Palmetto fruit for nourishment but also used it to treat a number of genital and urinary disorders. However, the onset of European settlers resulted in more uses for the fruits being discovered. Today, extracts from these fruits are used in a number of medical fields.



  1. The herb could be an effective anabolic agent due to its effect on muscle growth.
  2. Saw Palmetto prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT, availing more free-floating testosterone to the body. Since the hormone is an anabolic agent, it results in even more muscle growth.
  3. If you are a man suffering from baldness or hair loss, there's some reason to be hopeful. A few clinical trials on the topical and internal effects of Saw Palmetto on hair growth have been positive.


Side Effects

Being a purely natural remedy, Saw Palmetto is generally well tolerated in the human body. No drug interactions and contraindications have been listed yet, meaning it is very safe when normal dosages are taken. Since no deadly interactions have been reported, you can mix it with other herbs such as gotu kola and damiana. Even though normal doses are safe, you should not start taking larger than normal dosages. Pregnant ladies are advised to consult with a qualified medical practitioner before using the herb. Rarely, side effects such as reduced libido, erectile dysfunction and mild nausea have been reported after using Saw Palmetto.

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