What Is Sinusitis?

There are times that one would wake up in the morning and notice some swelling around their eyes.  This could also be accompanied by feelings of being stuffy and severe headaches. Most probably, one is suffering from sinusitis. Sinusitis is the medical term used to refer to the inflammation and swelling of the sinuses, which are the air spaces that are located on the face and around the nose. This is mainly caused by a variety of infections that have also been held responsible for causing swelling and irritation of the sinusitis. This disease has been linked with an interference with the way one voice sounds. It is attributed to a virus that causes the infection of the sinusitis. Although this disease is painful and irritating at times, doctors and other health specialists have noted that, it is less severe as compared to other types of diseases that have been attacking man since time immemorial. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that it deserves to be given less medical attention, than other types of diseases. In fact, doctors have maintained that, upon noting its first symptoms, one should seek medical attention. Failure to this will lead to more problems, thanks to the irritation that will be responsible for making one feel uncomfortable all the time.


What Are The Causes Of Sinusitis?

There are a number of causes that have been linked to this condition.  All these causes are held responsible for affecting the sinuses in negative ways. Among these causes that have for long been attributed to sinusitis includes

  • Cold and allergies- cold and allergies have been termed as one of the causes of sinusitis. This is due to the fact that, they lead to the blockage of sinuses. It is due to this continued blockage of sinuses that forces them to swell thus causing sinusitis.
  • Presence of small hair-At times, there can be presence of some small hairs inside the sinuses. This in return causes the blockage of mucus that is in the sinuses. In return, this will prompt the sinuses to start swelling gradually, thus causing sinusitis.
  • Infections-There are infections that have been deemed to play a role in the swelling of the sinuses. These infections also lead to over secretion of mucus, which is contained in the sinuses. In addition, these infections cause one to experience irritations that could cause discomfort.
  • Weakened Immune System- Doctors and other health specialist have pointed out that, sinusitis is prevalent among the people who have a weak immune system. Such people include those that are suffering from HIV or those that could be undergoing some chemotherapy. Consequently, sinusitis is more likely to attack such people, as opposed to those that have a strong immune system.
  • Drug abuse-Drug abuse has also been termed as among the causes of sinusitis. Smoking for instance has been linked to causing the swelling of the sinuses. Therefore, those that are accustomed to drug abuse are more likely to get sinusitis as opposed to their counterparts who have refrained from abusing drugs.
  • Stagnation of mucus-Doctors has also linked the continued stagnation of mucus, as one of the causes of sinusitis. This is due to the fact that, stagnated mucus provides a conducive environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive. These bacteria and viruses in return cause a number of infections that are responsible for causing sinusitis. In some extreme cases, the continued stagnation of mucus can cause the growth of fungus inside the sinuses. This in return can lead to more chronic sinusitis, which causes one to experience more pain and irritations. 
  • Interfered Air Flow -When sufficient amount of air fails to get to the sinuses, there is a high probability that one will suffer from sinusitis. Besides, it can lead to bacteria and viruses that are linked to the cause of sinusitis.
  • Change in Temperature- Change in temperature is the other cause of sinusitis. To some people, sudden change of weather pattern can cause the sinuses to swell immediately. Change in temperatures due to weather change can also make sinusitis to become more severe and irritating.
  • Inflammation of Air Cavity-Sinusitis can also result from the continued inflammation of the air cavities that are located at the nose passages. This is mostly caused by a number on infections, thanks to the presence of bacteria and viruses that are prevalent inside these air cavities. The continued inflammation of these air cavities can lead to the development of chronic sinusitis, which is characterized by a lot of irritations that makes one to be uncomfortable.
  • Headaches-Severe headaches have also been attributed to sinusitis. This is due to the fact that, severe headaches can at times cause the swelling of sinuses, thus leading to sinusitis.

Apart from these causes there are other causes that are attributed to sinusitis. Doctors and other health specialist have further noted that, anything that causes the swelling of sinuses is considered a possible cause of sinusitis.

What Are The Symptoms Of Sinusitis?

Just like other diseases that are common in many parts of the world, sinusitis too has its own symptoms. Among these symptoms of sinusitis includes.

  • Headaches- One of the symptom of sinusitis is whereby one experiences headaches more frequently. This headache becomes more severe, whenever one leans forward. This is due to the additional pressure that is exerted on the sinuses.
  • Cough-Coughing has also been termed as the other cause of sinusitis. However, doctors have maintained that one should refrain from concluding that there is suffering from sinusitis whenever they are experiencing some cough. This partly due to the fact that, there are many diseases that are characterized by coughing. Among them includes influenza and whooping cough.
  • Nasal Stuffiness-Nasal stuffiness is also among the symptoms that are linked to sinusitis. This is due to the fact that, when the sinuses swell, they might cause the nasal cavity to swell as well. This in return causes one to experience nasal stuffiness.
  • Nasal Drainage-Nasal drainage is the other symptom that is linked to sinusitis. When one experience severe nasal drainage, there are high chances that they are suffering from sinusitis.
  • Irritations- Experiencing endless irritations is the other symptom of sinusitis. This irritation is more common in the face and around the nose. This is due to the fact that, it is where sinuses are located.

Home Remedies For Sinusitis

There are a number of home remedies that have for long been used to counter sinusitis. Among these remedies to sinusitis includes. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies and herbal remedies yourself!  Here are some of the home remedies that you can try.

  • Using Ointments- There is a number of ointments that can be used to treat sinusitis. They are applied on specific facial areas where the sinuses are located. They help in eliminating the swelling of the sinuses, thus helping in eliminating sinusitis.
  • Using warm water-Warm water can also be used as a remedy for sinusitis. One is required to clean facial areas, where the sinuses are located with warm water. This will be effective in reducing the swelling of the sinuses. In return, it will enhance circulation of air in the sinuses, thus preventing one from sinusitis.
  • Eating Honey – There is unique type of honey that has for long been used to heal sinusitis. Among these types of honey that have been revered for their ability to eliminate sinusitis includes manuka honey. Those who are suffering from sinusitis are urged to consume two table spoons of manuka honey. Having done this, the sinusitis is bound to disappear completely.
  • Herbs – There are special types of home made herbs that have for long been used for treating sinusitis. One should therefore seek the services of a herbalist who is well conversant with these herbs.
  • Dairy Products- Before attempting to use herbal medicines to treat sinusitis, remove all dairy products from your diet. Ice cream, milk, yogurt and cheese increase the production of mucus which impedes the clearance of sinusitis.
  • Licorice- Licorice was traditionally used in the treatment of inflammation as it boosts the body immune system. In recent times, licorice capsules have been made. You can buy the right capsules after consultation and stick to the medication.
  • Eucalyptus- Eucalyptus has antiseptic and stinging properties which help to soothe sore throat. This explains why it is also used in toothpastes and mouth washes.  The use of eucalyptus will help reduce the swollen lymph nodes and sinus passages. Eucalyptus is available in tea and as lozenges for the throat.
  • Bugleweed- Bugleweed is the other herb that is not only ideal for treating sinusitis but also the ideal herbal remedy for treating thyroid symptoms. In addition, it has the ability to reduce the pain that is caused by sinusitis. It is revered for having the least side effects as compared to other types of herbal remedies that are used for countering sinusitis and thyroid diseases.
  • Lemon Balm- Lemon is known to contain substances that can fight off bacteria and viruses. To help relive from sinus problems, it is crucial that lemon balm is drank as tea or gargled.
  • Peppermint- Peppermint is anti-inflammatory which means it helps get rid of excess mucus from the nasal cavity. Peppermint tea is drunk or steeps the tea.
  • Echinacea- This is the other popular herb, which has been revered for its effectiveness in countering thyroid and specifically sinus problems .It has a number of properties that gives it the ability to curb inflammation, which is the major cause of sinusitis. It also has the ability to boost the body's immune, therefore helping those that are suffering from sinusitis recover quickly. It also has the ability of curing nearly every type of sinusitis.

Diet For Sinusitis

There are some special diets that are recommended for those that are suffering from sinusitis. Among them includes foods that have plenty of vitamin C. These types of foods include a variety of fruits such as oranges and grapes. People who are suffering from sinusitis are urged to include pepper in their daily meal. This is partly due to the fact that pepper contains chemicals that have the ability to break the excess mucus that is in the sinuses. Raw organic vegetables have also been recommended for those that are suffering from sinusitis.

Prevention Of Sinusitis

There are a number of ways that one can make use of and prevent themselves from getting sinusitis. For those that are suffering from sinusitis due to certain allergies, they are urged to avoid anything that could trigger their allergies. One should also refrain from abusing drugs, which has been termed as a major cause of sinusitis. Doctors have also maintained that, one should avoid coming into contact with people who are suffering from different respiratory diseases. This is due to the fact that, these respiratory diseases can be spread from person to person. Besides, these respiratory diseases are deemed responsible for causing sinusitis. Apart from these preventive measures, one should seek medical attention whenever they notice early symptoms of sinusitis. This way, one will be able to prevent sinusitis from becoming painful thus causing discomfort.