There is no human being immune to snoring. It is a common condition, which you do not really have to be worried about. In any case, snoring is a physical issue, and it is quite normal to snore occasionally. Therefore, there is no need to be embarrassed about it. What you should know is even if your problem persists regardless of what you do, you still have it in you to improve your condition. The first thing you have to do is to find the root cause of your problem before you can take action to stop.

What is Snoring?

Snoring is usually the sound that you produce when you cannot move air freely with your nose and mouth when in your sleep. This is because the air waves in your throat have been narrowed either from sleeping in the wrong position or posture. It can also be from abnormalities of the soft tissues in your throat.  There is no danger in snoring if it happens occasionally. However, if it persists and happens on a frequent basis, then it should be a cause for concern. It is possible for snoring to affect the way you sleep and even affect your relationship with other family members.

There is no use for alarm if you snore occasionally. However, it becomes a problem when your partner cannot sleep because of it, or if you have problem sleeping due to the condition. In this case, you will have to find the cause of the problem and find an effective way to make it stop.

What Are The Causes Of Snoring?

There are no two individuals who snore in the same way. Furthermore, most people snore for different reasons. This is why it is best for you to establish what it is exactly that is causing your problem. Only then will you be in a better position to get an effective remedy for yourself. Your snoring problem could be caused by any one of the following:

  • You have too much tissue in their throat and nasal passage.
  • The position of your tongue prevents you from breathing smoothly.
  • There are abnormalities in the soft tissues in your throat.
  • Age – Once you reach middle age it is easy for your throat to become narrower and the muscles in your throat to decrease causing snoring.
  • Your body built – Men are more likely to snore than women because they have a much narrower air passage.
  • You have a narrow air passage caused by the wrong sleeping posture.
  • It can be hereditary, especially there is a case of a narrow throat, cleft plate and enlarged adenoid in your family.
  • Being overweight – Being out of shape results in fatty tissues and a poor muscle tone that often leads to snoring.
  • Alcohol, smoking and medication – These may lead to muscle relaxation, which leads to snoring.

There is a possibility for you to have more than one of these conditions. In any case, it is only after you have correctly pinpointed the major reason for your snoring that you can find the perfect solution for it. This may entail having your partner monitor your snoring habits when you sleep. You can also keep a snoring diary to monitor your condition. With the diary, it will be possible to observe your snoring patterns. The patterns will make it easy for you to establish why you are snoring and whether there are certain factors that make your condition worse. This way, you can know how to go about stopping the problem. However, the fact that there are very many different reasons for snoring you may have to experiment with several solutions before you can finally find the answer to your condition.

What Are The Symptoms Of Snoring?

The best way for you to know that you snore is if your partner starts complaining about it.  If it is an occasional snore, then your partner will not mention it again. It only becomes a problem if you realize your relationship is in strains because of your snoring. If your condition keeps your partner awake at night, then it is time for you to seek a solution to it.

There are other signs that you can use to establish if you snore:

  • Your snoring is loud and heavy.
  • You stop breathing, gasp or choke in your sleep.
  • You have trouble sleeping or poor sleep because you cannot breathe well.
  • You are fatigued during the daytime although you had plenty of time to sleep at night.
  • You are constantly irritable due to lack of enough sleep.
  • You fall asleep at the most inappropriate times.
  • You have increased health problems.

It is easy to dismiss any of these symptoms and think that your problem will go away by itself. Although this is possible, especially if your condition is brought about by poor sleeping posture, at other times your snoring could be a warning if a more  serious health problem. This is why once you have established the cause of your snoring you should continue to monitor your condition to ensure it is remedied.

It is also possible to know the cause of your snoring by observing how you snore. If you:

  • Snore with your mouth closed, this could mean there is a problem with your tongue.
  • Snore with your mouth open, this may be a condition related to tissues in your throat.
  • Snore as you sleep on your back, this could be a mild snoring problem.
  • Snore in all your sleeping positions could be a sign your problem is severe and you need medical attention.

If the condition persists, then it is probably time to consult a doctor. The medical practitioner will evaluate your problem and make the correct diagnosis. This may involve you taking with you a home-based sleep test with a portable monitor. You may also have to stay overnight at the clinic. This way, the doctor will better diagnose if it is merely a sleep-related problem, or it is a sleeping disorder like sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a very serious life-threatening condition.  It is a condition where you have an obstructed breathing causing you to keep waking up in your sleep to breathe again. The symptoms to this problem are mostly the same with any snoring condition. However, it is accompanied by extreme fatigue and sleepiness even during the day. If you suspect that you have this type of snoring condition is best you seek medical attention.

Home Remedies For Snoring

If you have sleep apnea, then the only remedy will be to seek medical attention. For the less serious snoring problems you can easily have home remedies that can work effectively. There are very many of these home-based solutions you can use. However, since there are no two individuals who snore the same way, the remedy that works for you may not work on another person. It is for this reason why it is important to try out as any remedies as you can to find the most effective solutions. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies and herbal remedies yourself!  Here are some of the home remedies that you can try.

  • Clear your nasal passage before you sleep - You can do this with home remedies like taking lemon tea or with a neti pot.
  • Keep the air in your bedroom moist - Have a humidifier in our bedroom, especially if you have a cold as dry air may only irritate your nose and throat.
  • Reposition your sleeping posture – Elevate your head a few inches when your sleep to free your nasal system and to encourage your tongue and jaw muscles to move forward.
  • Use special pillows – There are unique pillows designed to ensure you do not have crimped neck muscles to prevent you from snoring.
  • Avoid heavy meals and caffeine before going to bed – Dairy products and soymilk should also be avoided two hours before going to bed.
  • Always sleep on your side – Sleeping on your back can only make your tongue and soft tissues to block your airway.
  • Eucalyptus, Peppermint- Eucalyptus or peppermint can be effective remedies for snoring. You just need to add a few drops to you humidifier and vaporizer and you will definitely enjoy your sleep. Alternatively, you can leave the vaporizer running for a short duration so that, this herb can circulate into the room’s air.
  • Majoram Oil- Marjoram oil can also help those with snoring problems. You just need to open a bottle containing this herbal oil by your side as you sleep. Or before you sleep so that the herb can circulate in the room.
  • Ginger- Ginger is another essential herb that you can get and take care of snoring problem. You just need to add honey to ginger and drink the mixture. This mixture is very effective as it will coat your throat and help relieve mucus from you throat. Hence, you airways will be free and open before you sleep.
  • Try These- Herbs like fenugreek and Echinachea are imperative as the act as decongestant hence, they open up your airways making it had for you to snore loudly.
  • Lavender- The other tested and proven herbal remedy for snoring is lavender. It is a great herb that you need to take a number of times a day and you will prevent snoring and the many effects it causes.
  • Thyme- Thyme is another great herbal remedy for snoring. It is an aromatic herb that acts as a great medication for respiratory problems that are also related to snoring.
  • Valerian- Valerian is an herbaceous plant that has pink or whitish flowers that gives off a great odor and it is essential for curing snoring as it helps one enjoy a relaxing and peaceful sleep.
  • Try These- Lastly, other herbal remedies that you can try are mastic, Scotch pine, sage thyme, peppermint, lemon and fennel and clove oil among others. These herbal remedies are readily available in herbal stores and you just need to visit the best and seek consultation on the best herb to pick.

Diet For Snoring

When it comes to using diet to stop your snoring problem this will mainly be in the form of changing your lifestyle.

  • Lose weight – Fatty tissues can cause snoring. You only get rid of the fats in your body and the fatty tissues in the back of your throat by losing even a little weight.
  • Take up exercises – One way to lose weight is to exercise you body. As you tone the muscles in the other parts of your body like arm, legs and abs you will also be strengthening the muscles in your throat.
  • Avoid alcohol and certain medications – Alcohol, sleeping pills and sedatives, especially before bedtime often relax your throat muscles and this can interfere with your breathing.
  • Quit smoking – Smokers have a high chance of snoring than individuals who do not smoke. Smoking irritates the membranes in your nose and mouth and blocks the airways.
  • Have a regular sleeping pattern – You can minimize snoring if you establish a routine time and way of going to sleep with your partner.

Prevention Of Snoring

The best way to prevent this problem from ruining your relationship with your partner and family members is to:

  • Find a way for you to sleep better at night by developing a sleeping routine.
  • Make changes to your lifestyle if you think it is causing you not to sleep better.
  • Explore sleep tips to help you sleep as you age.
  • Seek medical attention if your condition does not go away with the home remedies.

Although snoring in most cases is not a serious condition it can become chronic and even cause problems with your partner. It is best to establish the cause of your snoring and get the correct remedy for it. For a severe snoring condition, there are various solutions that you can have to treat the condition. With the many home remedies and medical treatments, you can get there is really no need to feel embarrassed about snoring. However, you should find a lasting solution if your life is to return to normal.