What Are The Causes Of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are discolored scarring that tend to appear on the skin and can be caused by various things. Some of them include the following:

  • Hormonal body change is one of the major causes of stretch marks and it tends to be more frequent compared to other causes. Hormonal changes can result when one has some imbalances in the body and this can in turn result to formation of the discolored scars on the body.
  •  Weight gain is another cause of this condition which can either be as a result of pregnancy or other medical conditions. When one gains weight, the skin tends to stretch and this can in turn result to this condition.
  • Dehydration which means that when the skin is dehydrated, it will be less elastic and this can in turn result to appearance of stretch marks that are inevitable.
  • Following a poor diet that does not contain all the essential foods is another major cause of stretch marks. As such, it is important to ensure that you stick to a balanced diet containing all the nutrients required to keep your skin supple and to provide you with the collagen.
  • Repetitive Exercises: There are those people who engage themselves in repetitive body building through exercises. As this happens, stretch marks are causes since muscles are got at a fast rate.

What Are The Symptoms Of Stretch Marks?

There are some symptoms that you need to watch out for which will make you identify that indeed you have stretch marks. It is important to note that the symptoms are painless although to some people, they may cause major embarrassments especially if they occur in places that are conspicuous.  Here are some of the symptoms.

  • One major symptom that is very noticeable is having some pinkish or even light brown marks on the skin.  This will greatly depend on an individual’s complexion and will become less noticeable as time goes by.
  • Purplish red stripes that are most evident on the stomach, hips, rear and on thighs. This mostly happens to those people who tend to lose or gain a considerable amount of weight over time.
  • Stretched skin having some scarring which might be blue or faded gray and might disappear over time even though not completely.

Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

Even though there are no ways that you can permanently remove stretch marks, there are some remedies that one can use to prevent and treat them. There are a plethora of remedies around today that can be used for curing this condition including natural remedies, medical remedies, herbal remedies as well as home remedies. All the remedies are perfect in curing this condition but the best ones are home remedies. This is because they are convenient, affordable and effective especially for those people under tight budgets. Read on to learn some of the best home remedies that can be used as remedy to this condition. Remember, you should always consult with your physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and before trying to incorporate these home remedies yourself!  

  • Grape Fruit: All you need to do is to visit your kitchen, take a grape fruit and remove its seeds. Remove some extract from it then drink it and this will in turn help in production of collagen resulting to an elastic skin.
  • Olive Oil: This is readily available in most kitchens and even in the supermarkets. All you are required to do is to massage the oil where the stretch marks are and this will in turn act as a remedy.
  • Drinking Water: Water is readily available in most homes and as such, it is imperative to drink at least 8 glasses of water on daily basis as this will keep the stretched skin elastic.
  • Exercise: This is yet another important home remedy that plays a major role in curing stretch marks.  The reason behind doing exercises at home is that, it will help in toning your muscles and this will in turn make them strong resulting to prevention of stretch marks.
  • Butter: The other remedy is applying butter e.g. cocoa butter on the stretch marks as much as you can.  However, it is important to use the directions provided on the label so as to achieve the best results. Butter is considered to be a good home remedy for stretch marks especially if used in the right way.
  • Homemade Recipe: There is a perfect homemade recipe that you can use as a remedy in ridding of stretch marks. Al you need to do is to take one spoon of carrier oil, 5 drops of chamomile and 7 drops of lavender. Mix the three perfectly until you get a solution then use it to apply gently on the stretch marks.
  • Balanced Diet: This is an important home remedy that you need to follow so that you can achieve the best results when it comes to ridding of stretch marks. It is highly advisable for you to make sure that your diet is inclusive of plenty proteins and foods that are rich in both vitamin C and E.  This is because they play a major role in ensuring that your tissue growth has been promoted as required.
  • Regular Massage: This is a simply home remedy that you can do anytime of the day. All you need to do is to carry out regular massages mostly 2 times a day on the skin especially around the belly. The main objective of doing this is that, it will help to increase circulation in the belly and this will in turn help in curing the stretch marks to make them less noticeable.
  • Coffee Beans + Lotion:  Here, you will be required to grind the coffee beans and then mix them gently with the same amount to lotion to form a mixture. Use the mixture to rub on the affected skin for about one minute then wipe it off using a warm damp cloth.  The aim of doing this is to help in exfoliation which will make the stretch marks appear smooth without the discoloration.
  • Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera pulp is the most recommended herbal remedy for stretch marks. This is due to the fact that, enzymes that are contained in aloe Vera pulp have the ability of promoting the healing of the damaged skin tissues, that are  the main cause of stretch marks. In addition, aloe Vera has the ability of enhancing the health of the skin and keeping it hydrated.
  • Olive oil- Olive oil which comes from olive tree and which is used in the kitchen is the other herbal remedy for stretch marks. It is also one of the most ideal ways of healing and preventing stretch marks. While using olive oil to counter stretch marks, one ought to moisturize the affected parts of the skin with the olive oil for a number of days. After a while, the stretch marks will start disappearing.
  • Passion Fruit Extract- Passion fruit extract has also for long been used as an ideal remedy for stretch marks. Passion fruit unlike other types of remedies for stretch marks have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and prompt the healing of stretch marks. In addition, they have the ability of improving the skin and making it soft.
  • Apricot Scrub- This is also an ideal herb for providing herbal remedy for stretch marks. It exfoliates the dead skin tissues that are present in the stretch marks. It is also effective in toning and firming up the skin, which leads to the stretch lines disappearing completely.
  • Lavender Oil- Lavender oil, which is extracted from lavender tree, is the other ideal herbal remedy for stretch marks.  When applied thrice a day to areas that have been affected by stretch marks, lavender oil  can lead to the growth of new skin cells and tissues, This in return make the stretch marks  to fade away easily. It also helps in removing the marks that are left behind by stretch marks.

Diet For Stretch Marks

Just like any other medical condition, stretch marks require one to have a balanced diet to help in curing them.  There are some foods that should not be absent from your diet if you want to achieve the best results when it comes to ridding of the stretch marks. Here are some of the foods.

  • Supplements: It is important to ensure that your diet has ample supplements that are a high in zinc. Zinc is a perfect supplement for skin and including it in your diet will help in getting rid of the noticeable stretch marks.  The other supplement is silica e.g. brown rice, green leafy vegetables etc. should be included in your diet. This is because it will help in the production of collagen which is the supporting fiber required by the skin to remain elastic.
  • Essential Fatty Acids: Your diet should contain foods that are rich in essential fatty acids such as fish oils, vegetables and vegetable oils among others. This is important as they will play a major role in making cell walls.
  • Proteins: Your diet should include proteins such as beans, meat which are important 4tin helping in the growth of skin tissues. This will in turn help in curbing the stretch marks making them less noticeable to the public.  

Prevention Of Stretch Marks

There are some things that you can carry out which will play a major role in helping you ward off the embarrassing marks. The most important thing here though, it to ensure that your skin stays moisturized so that it can easily stretch in an even manner in case it does.  Here are some of the best prevention methods to use to curb the unsightly marks.

  • When taking a bath, ensure that you have added vitamin E oil to it. This is important as it will work wonders in keeping your skin smoother and more so moisturized throughout the day.
  • Use any skin firming lotion to apply on the skin or the region that you know may get stretched such as the hips, thighs and belly among others. It is important to apply the lotion 2 times a day by slathering it gently on the selected skin area.
  • Use skin oil to massage your skin at least once on weekly basis. The main aim of doing this is that, it will help in making your skin elastic and at the same time have ability to stretch in an even way.