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Dragon incense burner: Practical Guide to Choose Burner to Burning Safety

Many of us are big fans of incense for the relaxation and also for the good smells or burning sandalwoods and herbs. Perhaps, incense also reminds some of you of yoga studio with some sweat smell. However, if you are interested in burning incense; you will need a good quality of incense burner for both relax sense and also safety. Choosing incense burner is not that difficult as there are plenty of styles offered in the market. However, you cannot just choose any burner without considering the quality as well as the safety side. Here are some practical guides to help you choose good quality burner as well as how to burn incense safely.

What to consider when choosing incense burner?

When burning incense, you can never ignore practical and comfortable burner. Both combinations add the harmony and also symbolism to the activity as well as deliver the effect of the incense well. In order to add more balance to the house, many people choose incense burner that adapts the principles of feng shui. The colors and materials of the incense burner should be the main consideration of the feng shui principles. For example, if you need to add metal in order to create harmony in a certain area; then you need to choose incense burner which made of metal. In another hand, if you want to balance other elements in the house by adding the lack elements; you can choose the incense burner which is colored in the desired elements.

Also, to keep in mind that another important point to remember when choosing incense burner is the shape. Incense burner which largely available in the market is in different forms and also imitating various objects such as dragon incense burner. Thus, you can choose the burner shape according to symbolism as well as the meaning of it. For example, lotus shapes incense burner which symbolizes good fortune and wisdom.

 How to safely burn incense?

Some people boast that burning incense leads to respiratory problems. Well, sadly to say that it is true that burning incense can cause respiratory problems such as asthma, dermatitis, and even respiratory cancers. However, it does not mean that you should stop burning incense. With the right way to burn incense, there should be nothing to worry about.

Choose organic and natural incense – similar to other manufacturers, there is also some incense which is made from synthetic fragrance and other materials. For the best result, make sure that the incense is made from all natural and organic material.

Proper ventilation – no matter how great the incense burner that you have; it is important to remember that when you burn incense; it will be released in the air. For the sake of respiratory health, make sure that no room filled with smoke. Open the ventilation regularly for the air exchange. This will help you stay healthy and the house also smells great.

Burning location – for the additional safety; it is important to place the incense burner on heat-resistant surface just in case that the burner will get hot. In addition, avoid burning incense inside the closets or with things hanging above the burner to prevent fire hazards.

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